ISKO logo This is the official website for ISKO – the premier international scholarly society devoted to the theory and practice of knowledge organization, bringing together professionals from different disciplines such as information science, philosophy, linguistics, and computer science, as well as special domains such as health informatics. ISKO's world-wide reach is supported through its regional Chapters.

ISKO hosts an international conference in even-numbered years. It last met in Aalborg, Denmark, in July of 2022 and will meet again in 2024 in Wuhan, China. Proceedings of international conferences are listed here. In odd-numbered years most of ISKO's regional chapters host conferences; many of these are multilingual.

ISKO publishes the journal Knowledge Organization eight times a year. ISKO also is publishing an online encyclopedia of knowledge organization. We provide a database of KO literature and link to a repository of KO documents, to BARTOC KO registry and to other organizations of interest to KO scholars.

Recently published       (older)

    Knowledge organization. 50. Issue 4 now available to ISKO members (volumes >3 years old OA)
    Description and LCSH (ISKO Encyclopedia of KO)
    Advances in conceptual modeling
    North American Symposium on KO. 2023
    Wessex Classification and Indexes LGBTQ+ review
    Doug Lenat dies at 72 (NYT)
    Knowledge graphs and taxonomies (AI)
    Aggregating distributed KOSs (EL)
    The classification scheme of the BookTube community (EQ)
    Linear listing order and hierarchical classification (EJT)
    Scurvy and the ontology of natural kinds (PS)
    Power of position: classification and the biodiversity sciences

Coming KO events       (ISKO only — by year/country)

 2023-12-05/07    Pensacola International Conference on Knowledge Capture. 12
 2024-01-04    online Ranganathan lectures. 2023: Classification in the wider philosophical perspective
 2024-01-29/02-02    Amsterdam International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling. 30
 2024-03-20    London Bite-sized Taxonomy Bootcamp
 2024-03-20/22    Wuhan   International ISKO Conference. 18
 2024-03-20/22    Wuhan NKOS Workshop. 2024
 2024-05-06/10    New York Knowledge Graph Conference. 2024
 2024-05-20/25    Turin LREC-CoLing: Joint International Conference on Computational Linguistics. 2024
 2024-05-26/30    Heraklion Extended Semantic Web Conference. 2024
 2024-06-18/24    Bergen International Workshop on Description Logics. 37
 2024-06-19    London Bite-sized Taxonomy Bootcamp
 2024-06-27/28    Granada Multilingual digital terminology today. 2024
 2024-08-19/23    Dubai IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 89
 2024-08-26/29    Aalborg Information seeking in context. 2024
 2024-09-16/18    Amsterdam Semantics: international conference on semantic systems. 20
 2024-10-09    London Bite-sized Taxonomy Bootcamp


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