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General bylaws for regional chapters are available from the About page.


  • president: Thiago Henrique Bragato Barros (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)
  • vice-president: Deise Maria Antônio Sabbag (University of São Paulo)
  • secretary: Natália Bolfarini Tognoli (Sâo Paulo State University)
  • treasurer: Gilberto Gomes Cândido (Federal University of Pará)
  • auditors: Vânia Mara Alves Lima (University of Sâo Paulo), Zaira Regina Zafalon (Federal University of Sâo Carlos), Johanna W. Smit (University of Sâo Paulo)
  • email: iskobrazil@gmail.com
  • website: www.isko-brasil.org.br
  • events

Previous president: José Augusto Guimarães (2009-2011), Vera Dodebei (2012-2016), José Augusto Chaves Guimarães (2016-2017)

Canada + United States

Previous presidents: Kathryn La Barre (2009-2013), Hur-li Lee (2013-2017), Laura Ridenour (2017-2019).

China, People's Republic

Previous contact persons: Dongmei Bao and Wei Fan (-2019)


  • president: Widad Mustafa el Hadi (University of Lille 3)
  • vice-president: Mohamed Hassoun (ENSSIB, Lyon)
  • secretary: Laurence Favier (University of Lille 3)
  • treasurer: Emmanuelle Chevry-Pebayle (University of Strasbourg)
  • email: admin@isko-france.asso.fr
  • website: www.isko-france.asso.fr/
  • events

Previous presidents: Widad Mustafa El Hadi (1996-2001), Jean-Paul Metzger (2001-2005), Stéphane Chaudiron (2005-2009), Fidelia Ibekwe-San Juan (2009-2011), Amos David (2011-2015)

Germany + Austria + Switzerland

  • chair: Ernesto De Luca (Georg Eckert Institute, Braunschweig)
  • vice-chair: Ivo Keller (Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences)
  • treasurer: Lena-Luise Stahn (Free University of Berlin)
  • co-opted: Christian Wartena, Peter Ohly
  • email: deluca@gei.de
  • website: www.isko-de.org/
  • events

Previous chairs: Peter Ohly (1998-2009), Karsten Weber (2009-2013), Christian Wartena (2013-2019)


  • president: A. Neelameghan (Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science)
  • contact: K. S. Raghavan (PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore)
  • email: ksragav@hotmail.com


  • chairperson: Rahmatollah Fattahi (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)
  • vice-chair: Mortaza Kokabi (Shadid Chamran University)
  • secretary: Ebrahim Emrani (Iranian Research Institute for Information and Technology)
  • program Officer: Mahdi Taheri (Islamic Culture and Science Academy)
  • treasurer: Abdolrasooul Khosravi (Khalij Fars University)
  • website: www.iskoiran.org


  • contact persons: Carlo Bianchini (University of Pavia), Claudio Gnoli (University of Pavia)
  • social media editor: Emanuela Casson (University of Padua)
  • email: segreteria@iskoi.org
  • website: www.iskoi.org
  • events

Previous contact person: Giliola Negrini (1990s-2003)

Low Countries (Belgium, Netherland and Luxembourg)

  • chair: Steven Laporte (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
  • vice chair: Sadia Vancauwenbergh (Hasselt University, Belgium)
  • secretary: Ronald Siebes (Data Archiving and Network Services - DANS KNAW, Netherlands)
  • treasurer: Gerard Coen (Data Archiving and Network Services - DANS KNAW, Netherlands)
  • email: chair@isko-lc.org, info@isko-lc.org
  • website: http://www.isko-lc.org
  • events

Maghreb (Tunisia + Algeria + Morocco)

  • chairperson: Sahbi Sidhom (University of Lorraine & LORIA Lab., France)
  • vice-president (Tunisia): Amira Kaddour (ENSTAB University of Carthage, Tunisia)
  • vice-president (Algeria): Abdelkrim Meziane (CERIST, Algeria)
  • vice-president (Morocco): Anass el Haddadi (ENSA Al-Hoceima, Morocco)
  • secretary & treasurer: Sahbi Sidhom (by interim)
  • email: sahbi.sidhom@loria.fr
  • website: www.isko-maghreb.org
  • events

Previous chairperson: Slah Hellara (2010-2011).



  • president: Patrick Lambe (Straits Knowledge)
  • vice president: Maish Nichani
  • treasurer: Lim Kwang Kok
  • secretary: Ng Wai Kong
  • contact: Patrick Lambe
  • email: iskosg@gmail.com
  • website: www.iskosg.org
  • events


  • president: to be appointed
  • vice president: Carmen Agustín Lacruz (University of Zaragoza, Spain)
  • secretary: Ana Lúcia Terra (Politécnico do Porto, Portugal)
  • treasurer: Jesús Gascón Garcia (University of Barcelona, Spain)
  • email: anaterra@iscap.ipp.pt
  • website: www.iskoiberico.org
  • events

Previous presidents: Emilia Currás, María López-Huertas, Rosa San Segundo Manuel (-2015), Isidoro Gil Leiva (2015-2019).

United Kingdom

Previous chairpersons: Vanda Broughton (-2011), Stella Dextre Clarke (2011-2015), Judi Vernau (2015-2017).

West Africa

  • president: Victor Odumuyiwa (University of Lagos, Nigeria)
  • vice-president: Emmanuel Dada (University of Jos, Nigeria)
  • secretary: Fleur Nadine Ndjock (University of Yaoundé 2, Cameroon)
  • treasurer: Chika Yinka-Banjo (University of Lagos, Nigeria)
  • email: president@isko-wa.net, secretary@isko-wa.net
  • website: isko-wa.net

Previous presidents: Olufade Williams Onifade (2017-2019).

other local contacts


Interested people and members from other countries should directly refer to the international Secretariat


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