Scientific and Technical Advisory Council (STAC)
Observing knowledge organization scholarship and applications

In line with ISKO's mission, the Council is concerned with the scholarship, theory, principles, and applications of the pervasive subject of Knowledge Organization

  • as dealt with in Information Studies, Philosophy, History, the Ontology community, Psychology and Cognitive Science, Linguistics, Computer Science (Data Modeling, AI, ML), Taxonomies (Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Literary Genres, Museum Objects, etc.) and all kinds of data schemas and formats used in databases and the Web
  • applied in, among others,
    • libraries, bibliographic information systems, publishing, the Web, archives, museums,
    • preserving and providing access to cultural heritage across domains and institutional contexts;
    • (digital) humanities, natural language understanding, education, instructional design;
    • process modelling (including business processes, production processes, etc.);
    • information systems, icluding health, finance, legal, government, etc.

Terms of reference

Annual report 2020-2021

 Expanding STAC Membership

The Council has several vacancies and invites expressions of interest for membership in the Council or one of its working groups that are being formed. Expressions of Interest sought now until Oct. 1, 2021 from scholars and innovative practitioners inside and outside ISKO. Term is four-years.

Collective email: scient@isko.org


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