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  In memoriam A. Neelameghan  

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    Knowledge organization. 41. Issue 4 mailed to ISKO members
    Knowledge organization literature. 2014. Issue 3
    Terminology and knowledge engineering. 2014
    Ontology Summit. 2014
    LC Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music as linked data
    IFLA Classification & Indexing Section newsletter. 49
    DCMI NKOS Task Group
    An ontology of controversial terms at the core of the systems life cycle (IJMSO)
    Are relations in thesauri "context-free, definitional, and true in all possible worlds"? (JASIST)
    Automatic query expansion: a structural linguistic perspective (JASIST)
    Logic, philosophy and computer science: special issue (SLGR)
    Reframing information architecture

Coming KO events       (by country   2013 '12 '11 '10 '09 '08 '07)

2014-09-01    Leipzig   KO and the semantic Web
2014-09-01/04    Valparaiso Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation. 21
2014-09-04/05    Leipzig International Conference on Semantic Systems. 10
2014-09-08/10    Cusco Symposium on Information Management and Big Data. 1
2014-09-08/12    London Theory and practice of digital libraries. 18 + JCDL
2014-09-10/10-22    online Problems in terminological work
2014-09-10/12    Rabat Rencontres de la Société francophone de classification [automatique]. 21
2014-09-11    London Knowledge maps and information retrieval (DL)
2014-09-12    London European NKOS Workshop. 13 (DL)
2014-09-12/13    London European Symposium on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval. 4
2014-09-15/17    Buraidah-Al Qassim ACM MEDES. Computational intelligence
2014-09-15/19    Nancy Machine learning and knowledge discovery in databases. 2014
2014-09-17/19    Warsaw International Conference on Natural Language Processing. 9
2014-09-22/25    Rio de Janeiro Formal ontology in information systems. 8
2014-09-25    Amsterdam European Ontology Network Workshop. 1
2014-10-01/03    Zaragoza Ibersid: sistemas de información y documentación. 19
2014-10-06/07    Houston International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies. 5
2014-10-07/08    Freiburg Br. Ontologies and data in life sciences. 6
2014-10-08/11    Austin Dublin Core and metadata application. 2014
2014-10-19/20    Riva del Garda Workshop on Ontology and Semantic Web Patterns. 5
2014-10-19/23    Riva del Garda International Semantic Web Conference. 13
2014-10-31/11-04    Seattle ASIST. 77: Connecting collections, cultures, and communities
2014-11-01    Seattle ASIST. SIG Classification Research Workshop. Universal classification in the 21st century
2014-11-04/05    Washington Taxonomy Boot Camp
2014-11-07/08    Bologna Italian Information Architecture Summit. 8
2014-11-09/10    Algiers   Maghreb ISKO International Symposium. 4
2014-11-24/28    Linköping EKAW: Knowledge engineering and knowledge management. 19
2014-11-26/28    Karlsruhe Metadata and Semantics Research Conference. 8
2014-12-01/03    Bonn Semantic Web in Libraries. 2014
2014-12-05    Brussels TOTh Workshop. 2014: Multilingual thesaurus and terminology
2015-01-05/08    Grand Hyatt Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. 48
2015-01-06/08    Noida Emerging trends and technologies in libraries and information services. 4
2015-02-18/20    Paris Quo vadis, terminologia?
2015-03-27    Oxford Philosophy of information and information processing
2015-05-00    Marília   Brazilian ISKO Conference. 3
2015-05-00    Bologna   Italian ISKO Meeting. 7
2015-06-18/19    Los Angeles   North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization. 5
2015-07-13/14    London   UK ISKO Conference. 4
2015-07-15/19    Mexico City Wikimania. 11
2015-08-15/21    Cape Town IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 81
2015-09-00    Zakopane   Forum of Polish Society for Scientific Information. 13. ISKO PL session
2015-10-00    Strasbourg   French ISKO Conference. 10
2015-10-29/30    Murcia   Spanish-Portuguese ISKO Conference. 2
2015-10-29/30    Lisbon UDC Seminar. 2014: Classification and authority control
2016-00-00    Rio de Janeiro   International ISKO Conference. 14
2016-06-00    Uppsala COLIS: Conceptions of library and information science. 9


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