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  • constitution of West African chapter has been approved by ISKO Executive Board

Recently published       (older)

    Knowledge organization. 44. Issue 4 mailed to ISKO members
    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and KOS (ISKO Encyclopedia of KO)
    Knowledge organization literature. 2017. Issue 2
    Optimizing subject access to legal resources (WLIC)
    German-Polish ISKO Conferences 2011-2015
    Library Bibliographic Classification (BBK) as LOD
    IFLA Metadata Newsletter. 2017. 1
    Subjects in authority records (ALA)
    Classification along the color line: excavating racism in the stacks (JCLIS)
    Relations in KOS: is it possible to couple a common nature with different roles? (JDoc)
    Library classifications and the marking and marginalization of books about people with disabilities (LQ)
    Classifying economics: a history of the JEL codes (JEL)
    Classifying musical performance: the application of classification theories to concert programmes

Coming KO events       (ISKO onlyby country2016 '15 '14 '13 '12 '11 '10 '09 '08 '07)

2017-07-22/23    Calgary Language Creation Conference. 7
2017-07-24/25    Prague Bio-Ontologies (ISMB. 2017)
2017-08-11/13    Montreal Wikimania. 2017
2017-08-16/17    Copenhagen Social epistemology as theoretical foundation for information science
2017-08-19/25    Wrocław IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 83
2017-09-04/06    Lima Annual International Symposium on Information Management and Big Data. 4
2017-09-11/12    London   UK ISKO Conference. 5: KO, what's the story?
2017-09-14/15    London UDC Seminar. 2017: Faceted classification today
2017-09-17/21    Thessaloniki Theory and practice of digital libraries. 21
2017-09-19/21    Recife   Brazilian ISKO Conference. 4
2017-09-19/22    Montpellier International Workshop on Computational Semantics. 12
2017-09-21    Thessaloniki European NKOS Workshop. 17 (TPDL)
2017-09-24/27    Nicosia International Workshop on Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage. 2
2017-09-25/30    Tbilisi CIDOC. 2017: Documentaion: past, present, future...
2017-10-01/04    Amsterdam ACM International Conference on the Theory of Information Retrieval. 3
2017-10-02/04    Zaragoza Ibersid: Encuentros internacionales sobre sistemas de información y documentación. 22
2017-10-17/18    London Taxonomy Boot Camp London. 2017
2017-10-20    London   Annual Tony Kent Strix Lecture. 3
2017-10-21/25    Vienna International Semantic Web Conference. 16
2017-10-23/25    Chennai   KO for information management: revisiting Ranganathan
2017-10-26/29    Washington DC. 2017: International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications
2017-10-27/11-01    Washington Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology. 80
2017-10-28    Washington NKOS Workshop at DC-2017
2017-11-23/24    Coimbra   Spanish-Portuguese ISKO Conference. 3
2017-11-28/12-01    Tallinn Metadata and Semantics Research Conference. 11
2017-11-29    London   Search Solutions. 2017
2017-12-04/06    Hamburg Semantic Web in libraries. 2017
2018-01-10/12    Strasbourg Nommer l'humain: descriptions, catégorisations, enjeux
2018-01-31/02-02    Laguna Hills IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing. 12
2018-04-26/27    Bern European DDC Users Group annual meeting. 2018
2018-05-07/12    Miyazaki Language resources and evaluation. 11
2018-07-09/11    Porto   International ISKO Conference. 15
2018-08-00    Kuala Lumpur IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 84
2018-08-28/31    Bertinoro Design of experimental search & information retrieval systems. 2018
2019-00-00    Montpellier   French ISKO Conference. 12
2019-06-00    Ljubljana COLIS: Conceptions of library and information science. 10


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