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    Knowledge organization. 45. Issue 7 mailed to ISKO members (issues >3 YO OA at Nomos eLibrary)
    Data, Provenance and Work (ISKO Encyclopedia of KO)
    Knowledge organization literature. 2018. Issue 2
    Taxonomy Boot Camp. 2018: AI and taxonomies (AT)
    International Dewey Users Meeting. 2018 [audio]
    KBpedia as open source
    Classifying everything (TaxoDiary)
    Library reclassification for mountain climbers
    Semantic integration across archaeological data and reports in different languages (JIS)
    Une classification séculaire pour indexer les archives orales numériques (CP)
    Thematic search languages in the electronic catalogs of Bulgarian libraries (RG)
    Browsing through bias: LCC and subject headings for African American Studies and LGBTQIA studies (LT)
    Social tagging in a linked data environment

Coming KO events       (ISKO onlyby country2019 '18 '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 '12 '11 '10 '09 '08 '07)

 2018-11-19/20    Cagliari Indicizzazione della fiction e gestione di thesauri
 2018-11-22/23    Donostia EAFT Terminology Summit. 2018
 2018-11-25/26    Béjaïa   Maghreb ISKO Symposium. 6: KO in the perspective of digital humanities
 2018-11-25/29    Guangzhou IEEE Information Theory Workshop. 2018
 2018-11-26/27    Hyderabad KO in academic libraries
 2018-11-28/30    Hanoi Multi-disciplinary International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. 12
 2018-12-06    Marseille Journée d'étude TOTh 2018: Organisations et entreprises: perspectives terminologiques
 2018-12-07/09    Galway European Association for Digital Humanities conference. 1
 2018-12-10/12    Turin Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics. 1
 2018-12-11    Cambridge Jack Mills Lecture. 2018: The classification of music
 2019-01-16/17    Krakow   Bibliographic classifications: DDC, CC and linked data
 2019-01-30/02-01    Newport Beach IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing. 13
 2019-02-08/09    Kolkata Recent trends in KO
 2019-02-25/27    Prague Information visualization theory and applications. 10
 2019-04-00    Florence   Italian ISKO Meeting. 9
 2019-04-00    Stockholm European DDC Users Group Meeting. 2019
 2019-04-23    Saida JERI: National Study Day on Computer Research. 3
 2019-05-00    Warsaw   Nauka o informacji w okresie zmian
 2019-05-06/07    online Ontology Summit. 2019: Explanation. Symposium
 2019-05-20/22    Sarasota Semantic, logics, information extraction and AI
 2019-06-12/14    Toulon Annual Meeting of Documents and Data. 2019
 2019-06-13/14    Philadelphia   North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization. 7
 2019-06-16/19    Ljubljana COLIS: Conceptions of library and information science. 10
 2019-06-20/21    Brussels   Low Countries ISKO Conference. 1: Morsels of knowledge
 2019-06-22/23    Cambridge Language Creation Conference. 8
 2019-06-26/28    Windhoek African Association for Lexicography International Conference. 23
 2019-07-01/04    Marburg International Conference on Conceptual Structures. 24
 2019-07-09/12    Utrecht Digital humanities. 2019: Complexities
 2019-07-11/12    Barcelona   Spanish-Portuguese ISKO Conference. 4
 2019-07-15/16    London   UK ISKO Conference. 6: The human position in an artificial world
 2019-07-21/25    Paris ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval. 42
 2019-08-24/30    Athens IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 85
 2019-09-00    Zakopane   Polish Forum for Scientific and Technical Information. 14
 2019-09-00    Belém   Brazilian ISKO Conference. 5
 2019-10-09/11    Montpellier   French ISKO Conference. 12
 2019-10-15/16    London Taxonomy Boot Camp London. 2019
 2020-07-00/00    Aalborg   International ISKO Conference. 16
 2020-08-00    Auckland IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 86


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