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    Knowledge organization. 45. Issue 3 mailed to ISKO members
    Knowledge pyramid, Web archive and Indexing (ISKO Encyclopedia of KO)
    LOD professional development workshop (ISKO UK)
    European DDC Users Group Meeting. 2018
    Regensburger Verbundklassifikation as RDF
    Entwicklung von Konkordanzen für die Allgemeine Systematik öffentlicher Bibliotheken...
    The terminologist today and tomorrow: An interview with R. Maslias
    Content-based quality estimation for automatic subject indexing ... (arXiv)
    Theor[e]tical approaches in developments of library classification systems (NASTInfo)
    [KO and cultural heritage in the perspective of semantic Web: special issue] (JLIS)
    KO and the semantic Web: a review of a conference and a special journal issue (DHQ)
    Step by Step Classification: a formula based classification

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2018-06-20/21    Lille MUSSI. 2018: Médiations des savoirs: la mémoire dans la construction documentaire
2018-06-23    New Orleans Dewey Update Breakfast (ALA. 2018)
2018-06-26    London   Semantic enhancement, discovery and the ISKO digital strategy
2018-07-02/06    Nancy Journées francophones d'ingénierie des connaissances. 29
2018-07-08/12    Ann Arbor ACM. SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval. 2018
2018-07-09/12    Porto   International ISKO Conference. 15
2018-07-18/22    Cape Town Wikimania. 2018
2018-07-24/27    Bogotá Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation. 25
2018-08-07/09    Bangalore 125th Anniversary of SR Ranganathan: Exploring the horizons of LIS
2018-08-11/12    Sofia Formal grammar. 23
2018-08-24/30    Kuala Lumpur IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 84
2018-08-24/30    Kuala Lumpur WLIC. 84. Subject Analysis and Access Session: Transforming libraries via automatic indexing
2018-08-28/31    Bertinoro Design of experimental search & information retrieval systems. 2018
2018-09-10/13    Vienna Semantics. 2018
2018-09-10/13    Porto DC. 2018: Open knowledge
2018-09-10/13    Porto Theory and practice of digital libraries. 22
2018-09-13    Porto European NKOS Workshop. 18 (TPDL-DCMI)
2018-09-13/14    Stockholm Stranded encyclopedias: enciclopedic dreams and practices c. 1600-2000
2018-09-17/21    Cape Town Formal ontology in information systems. 10
2018-09-25/28    Grenoble Lexicologie, terminologie, traduction. 13: Lexique(s) et genre(s) textuel(s)
2018-09-27/28    The Hague   Research information systems and classification: revisiting the NARCIS classification
2018-09-29/10-05    Heraklion CIDOC Conference of the International Council of Museums. 26
2018-10-01/03    Zaragoza IberSID: encuentros internacionales sobre sistemas de información y documentación. 23
2018-10-16/17    London Taxonomy Boot Camp London. 2018
2018-10-23/26    Limassol International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research. 12
2018-10-26/27    Genova Summit italiano di architettura dell'informazione. 12: Everyday IA
2018-11-10/14    Vancouver Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology. 81
2018-11-25/26    Béjaïa   Maghreb ISKO Symposium. 6: KO in the perspective of digital humanities
2018-12-10/12    Turin Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics. 1
2019-00-00    Montpellier   French ISKO Conference. 12
2019-01-30/02-01    Newport Beach IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing. 13
2019-04-00    Florence   Italian ISKO Meeting. 9
2019-04-00    Stockholm European DDC Users Group Meeting. 2019
2019-05-00    Warsaw   Nauka o informacji w okresie zmian [Information science in the period of changes]
2019-06-16/19    Ljubljana COLIS: Conceptions of library and information science. 10
2019-08-00    Athens IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 85
2019-09-00    Zakopane   Polish Forum for Scientific and Technical Information. 14


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