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    Knowledge organization. 41. Issue 4 mailed to ISKO members
    Knowledge organization literature. 2014. Issue 3
    Terminology and knowledge engineering. 2014
    Ontology Summit. 2014
    BabelNet: a very large multilingual encyclopedic dictionary and semantic network
    IFLA Classification & Indexing Section newsletter. 49
    DCMI NKOS Task Group
    Automatic updates of Roget's Thesaurus (JLM)
    Terminology registries for KOSs: functionality, use, and attributes (JASIST)
    Enhancing social tagging with automated keywords from DDC (JDoc)
    On generically dependent entities (AO)
    The elements of knowledge organization

Coming KO events       (by country   2013 '12 '11 '10 '09 '08 '07)

2014-09-17/19    Warsaw International Conference on Natural Language Processing. 9
2014-09-22/25    Rio de Janeiro Formal ontology in information systems. 8
2014-09-25    Amsterdam European Ontology Network Workshop. 1
2014-10-01/03    Zaragoza Ibersid: sistemas de información y documentación. 19
2014-10-06/07    Houston International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies. 5
2014-10-07/08    Freiburg Br. Ontologies and data in life sciences. 6
2014-10-08/11    Austin Dublin Core and metadata application. 2014
2014-10-19/20    Riva del Garda Workshop on Ontology and Semantic Web Patterns. 5
2014-10-19/23    Riva del Garda International Semantic Web Conference. 13
2014-10-31/11-04    Seattle ASIST. 77: Connecting collections, cultures, and communities
2014-11-01    Seattle ASIST. SIG Classification Research Workshop. Universal classification in the 21st century
2014-11-04/05    Washington Taxonomy Boot Camp
2014-11-05    London   KO goes mobile
2014-11-07/08    Bologna Italian Information Architecture Summit. 8
2014-11-09/10    Algiers   Maghreb ISKO International Symposium. 4
2014-11-10/13    Doha ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications. 11
2014-11-16/22    Tuxtla G Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. 13
2014-11-24/28    Linköping EKAW: Knowledge engineering and knowledge management. 19
2014-11-26/28    Karlsruhe Metadata and Semantics Research Conference. 8
2014-12-01/03    Bonn Semantic Web in Libraries. 2014
2014-12-05    Brussels TOTh Workshop. 2014: Multilingual thesaurus and terminology
2014-12-09/10    Berlin Semantic Web Applications and Tools for the Life Sciences. 7
2015-01-05/08    Grand Hyatt Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. 48
2015-01-06/08    Noida Emerging trends and technologies in libraries and information services. 4
2015-02-18/20    Paris Quo vadis, terminologia?
2015-03-27    Oxford Philosophy of information and information processing
2015-05-00    Marília   Brazilian ISKO Conference. 3
2015-05-00    Bologna   Italian ISKO Meeting. 7
2015-06-18/19    Los Angeles   North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization. 5
2015-07-13/14    London   UK ISKO Conference. 4
2015-07-15/19    Mexico City Wikimania. 11
2015-08-15/21    Cape Town IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 81
2015-09-00    Zakopane   Forum of Polish Society for Scientific Information. 13. ISKO PL session
2015-10-00    Strasbourg   French ISKO Conference. 10
2015-10-29/30    Murcia   Spanish-Portuguese ISKO Conference. 2
2015-10-29/30    Lisbon UDC Seminar. 2014: Classification and authority control
2016-00-00    Rio de Janeiro   International ISKO Conference. 14
2016-06-00    Uppsala COLIS: Conceptions of library and information science. 9


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