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    Knowledge organization. 44. Issue 1 mailed to ISKO members
    Knowledge organization literature. 2016. Issue 4
    CaMMS forum (ALA): Problematic terminology or gaps in established vocabularies
    IFLA 2016 Classification & Indexing Satellite Meeting
    UNESCO Thesaurus with VocBench and Skosmos
    Avoiding mistakes in taxonomy hierarchical relationships (AT)
    The hidden politics of collection management
    Classification along the color line: excavating racism in the stacks (JCLIS)
    Diderot et Otlet: deux contributions majeures à la KO (AIDAinfo)
    Engaging an author in a critical reading of subject headings (JCLIS)
    Measuring the usefulness of KOSs in IR applications (Knowescape)
    The notion of relevance in information science

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2017-02-22/24    Sofia Knowescape Conference. 4
2017-03-02    Milwaukee Classifying phenomena (KOrg)
2017-03-13/15    Berlin International Symposium of Information Science. 15
2017-03-14    London   Making KO work: integrating taxonomies into technology
2017-03-22/25    Wuhan iConference. 2017: Global collaboration across the information community
2017-03-29/31    Marseille CORIA: recherche d'information et applications. 2017
2017-04-03/07    Marrakech Cognitive computing
2017-04-06/07    Milan AssITerm. 27: Il nome del prodotto: marchi, termini e professioni
2017-04-08/13    Aberdeen European Conference on Information Retrieval. 39
2017-04-27    Lindigö Deweydag
2017-05-10/11    Göttingen Subject Indexing & Information Technology Workshop. 1
2017-05-11/12    Al-Hoceima   Maghreb ISKO Symposium. 6: KO in digital humanities
2017-05-15/16    Warsaw Information science in the age of change. 4
2017-05-22    Bologna   Italian ISKO Meeting. 8
2017-05-22/24    Marco Island Semantic, logics, information extraction and AI (FLAIRS)
2017-05-28/06-01    Portorož European Semantic Web Conference. 14
2017-06-06/09    Chambéry TOTh: Terminology & ontology: theories and applications. 11
2017-06-12/16    Rennes International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis. 14
2017-06-12/16    Gothenburg  International Society for Information Studies Summit. 2017
2017-06-15/16    Champaign   North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization. 6
2017-06-26/27    Porto Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies. 2017
2017-06-28/29    Venice Linked open data in libraries, archives and museums summit. 2017
2017-07-11/12    Paris   French ISKO Conference. 11: Hommage aux pionniers francophones
2017-08-11/13    Montreal Wikimania. 2017
2017-08-19/25    Wrocław IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 83
2017-09-00    Recife   Brazilian ISKO Conference. 4
2017-09-11/12    London   UK ISKO Conference. 5: KO, what's the story?
2017-09-14/15    London UDC Seminar. 2017: Faceted classification today
2017-09-17/21    Thessaloniki Theory and practice of digital libraries. 21
2017-10-02/04    Zaragoza Ibersid: Encuentros internacionales sobre sistemas de información y documentación. 22
2017-10-23/25    Chennai   KO for information management: revisiting Ranganathan
2017-11-00    Coimbra   Spanish-Portuguese ISKO Conference. 3
2018-07-09/11    Porto   International ISKO Conference. 15
2018-08-00    Kuala Lumpur IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 84
2019-06-00    Ljubljana COLIS: Conceptions of library and information science. 10


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