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    Knowledge organization. 42. Issue 3 and Issue 4 mailed to ISKO members
    Knowledge organization literature. 2015. Issue 1-2
    Visualizations and user interfaces for ontologies and linked data
    ASIS&T Classification Research Workshop. 25
    Tesaurus de termes de recerca / Generalitat de Catalunya
    Classifying video games to best inform their audience
    DFG-Antrag zur Konkordanzen zwischen bibliothekarischen KOS
    Indigenous KO: special issue (CCQ)
    Indigenization of KO at the Xwi7xwa Library (UBC cIRcle)
    The VIRGO classification system for young women with infarction (Circulation)
    A universal framework for music information classification and retrieval (JDoc)
    Information and intrigue: from index cards to Dewey decimals to Alger Hiss

Coming KO events       (by country   2014 '13 '12 '11 '10 '09 '08 '07)

2015-10-07    London   KO in learning and teaching
2015-10-07/09    Mons KnoweScape Conference. 3
2015-10-07/10    Palisades International Conference on Knowledge Capture. 8
2015-10-08    Florence Il nome delle cose: il linguaggio come punto di incontro tra archivi, biblioteca e musei
2015-10-19/23    Melbourne ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management. 24
2015-10-21    Rome Le utopie di Paul Otlet e l'Italia
2015-10-23/24    Bologna Italian Information Architecture Summit. 2015
2015-10-29/30    Lisbon UDC Seminar. 2015: Classification and authority control
2015-11-02/03    Washington Taxonomy Boot Camp. 2015
2015-11-02/06    Larnaca Shapes 3.0: The shape of things
2015-11-04/06    Granada Terminology and artificial intelligence. 2015
2015-11-05/06    Strasbourg   French ISKO Conference. 10
2015-11-06    Cremona   Elementi di Classificazione Colon
2015-11-06    London   Tony Kent Strix Annual Lecture. 2015: ST Dumais
2015-11-06/10    Saint Louis ASIS&T Annual Meeting. 2015
2015-11-07    Saint Louis ASIST. Classification research workshop. 2015
2015-11-13/14    Hammamet   Maghreb ISKO International Symposium. 5
2015-11-19/20    Murcia   Spanish-Portuguese ISKO Conference. 2
2015-11-23/24    Darmstadt   Begriffsanalyse, Klassifikation, Ontologien: die ICC auf dem Prüfstand
2015-11-23/25    Hamburg Semantic Web in Libraries. 2015
2015-11-23/27    Bangkok Signal image technology & Internet-based systems. 11
2015-11-26/27    Paris Geographic information retrieval. 9
2015-11-27/29    Poznań Language and Technology Conference. 7
2015-12-03    Luxembourg Terminologie et normes
2015-12-09    Seoul Asian NKOS Workshop. 1 (ICADL)
2015-12-09/11    Hyderabad Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration. 3
2015-12-14/16    Nîmes Fouille de grands graphes. 6
2015-12-20/21    Phuket Information science and management engineering. 2015
2016-01-12/13    Loughborough Data and information management. 2
2016-04-14/16    Cosenza   AssITerm. 26: Terminologia e KO nella conservazione della memoria digitale
2016-05-04/08    Atlanta Information Architecture Summit. 2016
2016-06-27/29    Uppsala COLIS: Conceptions of library and information science. 9
2016-09-13/15    Rio de Janeiro   International ISKO Conference. 14
2016-10-14/18    Copenhagen ASIS&T Annual Meeting. 2016


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