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111041990-1-480use of classifications 984
Satija, M.P.; Malhan, I.V. Book review of Dhyani, P.: Classification schemes and Indian libraries.2nd rev.ed., New Delhi: Metropolitan 1989.XI,243p (Lang.: eng). - In: Int.Classif.Vol.16.No.2.1989.p.112-113.

122001995-0686use of classifications 984
Bharati Sen. Classification schemes used by libraries of Bombay: a survey conducted by the BLISc students of SHPT School of Library Science, SNDT University,Bombay (Lang.: eng). - In: SLIS Observer. Vol. 12. No. 1-2. 1995. p.36-.

17480use of classifications 984
Youngjoong Ko. How to use negative class information for Naive Bayes classification (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Processing and Management, 53(2017)6, pp. 1255-1268. Available at http://doi.org/10.1016/j.ipm.2017.07.005

15700use of classifications use of thesauri 984;985
Gil Urdiciain, Blanca; Ríos Hilario, Ana Belén . Tendencias de utilización de sistemas de representación del conocimiento en las bibliotecas públicas y universitarias españolas [Trends in the use of knowledge representation systems in Spanish public and academic libraries] (Lang.: spa). - In: Scire, 19(2013)2, pp. 27-32..

Dipchikova, A.; Totomanova, A. Aspects of the application of UDC in Bulgaria (Lang.: bul). - In: Bibliotekar.Vol.38.No.4.1991.p.7-9.

136491990-1-479984.42 SU
Kristalnyi, B.V.; Borisova, N.D., Veger, M.G., Vladimirova,A.F. The UDC in the national scientific and technical information system (Lang.: rus, eng). - In: Scient.&Techn.Inform.Process.Vol.15.No.6.1988.p.21-26.

Sweeney, R.. The International use of the Dewey Decimal Classification (Lang.: eng). - In: Int.Cat.& Bibliogr. Control. Vol. 24, No. 4. 1995. p.61-64. Summarizes the use of the DDC throughout the world, the translations available, the responses of those responsible for the maintenance of the Classification to the need to internationalize the English-language editions and further activities and relations.

Mitchell, J.; Crook, M.A.. A study of libraries using the Dewey Decimal Classification in the OCLC Online Union Catalog (Lang.: eng). - In: Ann.Rev. OCLC Research. 1994. p.47-50.

BBK and regional catalogs (Lang.: rus). - In: Sov.Bibliogr.No.2.1986.p.22-30.

Mitchell, J. A study of libraries using the Dewey Decimal Classification in the OCLC Online Union Catalog. Preliminary findings (Lang.: eng). - In: Ann.Rev.of OCLC Research. 1994. p.47-50.

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