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765   1998-0141aKO user instruction959
Snowball, R. – Using the clinical question to teach search strategy: fostering transferable conceptual skills in user education by active learning (Lang.: ). - In: Health Library Review 1997(14)3,p. 167-172.

766   1998-0142KO user instruction959
Adams, V.M. – Concepts in end-user training: how to convert end users into effective searchers (Lang.: ). - In: Searcher 1997(5)5,p. 8-20.

977   1998-0353KO user instruction959
Wereszczynska-Cislo, B. – Jezyki informacyjno-wyszukiwawce jako narzedzia pozyskiwania informacji w procesie ksztalcenia akademickiego: Relacja z badan przeprowadzonych w Bibliotece Glownej Politechniki Swietokrzyskiej [Information retrieval languages as tools for gaining information in the proces of the academic education: report of a research project at the Central Librarry of Politechnika Swietokrzyska] (Lang.: pol). - In: Zagadnienia Informacji Naukowej, (1997)2,p.31-46.

1499   1999-0293KO user instruction959
Ciliberti, A., et al. – Empty handed? : a material availability study and transaction log analysis verification (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Academic Librarianship , 24(1998)4,p.282-289.

1500   1999-0294KO user instruction959
Bosman, F. – Teaching access in a university library : library instruction in the near future (Lang.: eng). - In: European Research Libraries Cooperation , 7(1997(3/4,p.490-502. »» Emphazises that access should be offered not taught and that library instruction should concentrate on learning to evaluate information critically

1501   1999-0295KO user instruction959
Whitmire, E. – Development of critical thinking skills : an analysis of academic library experiences and other measures (Lang.: eng). - In: College & Research Libraries 59(1998)3,p.266-273.

1717   1999-0512KO user instruction959
Mercado, H. – Library instruction and online database searching (Lang.: eng). - In: Reference Services Review, 27(1999)3, p.259-265.

1718   1999-0513KO user instruction959
Withers, R., Sharpe, J.F. – Incorporating Internet resources into bibliographic instruction (Lang.: eng). - In: College & Research Libraries News, 60(1999)2, p.75-77.

1719   1999-0514KO user instruction959
Rader, H.B. – Educating students for the information age : the role of the librarian (Lang.: eng). - In: Reference Services Review, 25(1997)2, p.47-52.

2640   2001-0298KO user instruction959
Halttunen, K., Sormunen, E. – Learning information retrieval through an educational game : is gaming sufficient for learning? (Lang.: eng). - In: Education for Information, 18(2000)4,p.289-311.

2808   2001-0466KO user instruction959
Cuenca, A.M.B., [et al.]. – Capacitacao no uso das bases Medline e Lilacs : avaliacao de conteudo, estrutura e metodologia [Training in the use of the Medline and Lilacs databases: evaluation of content, structure and methodology] (Lang.: por). - In: Ciencia da Informacao, 28(1999)3, p.338-344.

2971   2001-0629KO user instruction959
Kemp, B. – Training materials for advanced information skills in engineering : a web-based approach (Lang.: eng). - In: New Review of of Information Networking, (1999)5, p.139-146.

3469   2003-0144KO user instruction959
Gómez, J.A., Benito, F. – De la formación de usuarios a la alfabetización informacional : propuestas para enseñar las habilidades de información [From users' training to informational alphabetisation: a proposal for teaching information abilities]] (Lang.: spa). - In: Scire, 7(2001)2, p.53-83.

7588   KO user instruction959
Xiao Li et al. – Learning with Click Graph for query intent classification (Lang.: eng). - In: ACM transactions on information systems, 28(2010)3, pp. 12:1-12:20.

8956   KO user instruction959
Jiménez López, Angels. – El ejercicio de la docencia virtual en la educación universitaria: consideraciones prácticas basadas en la experiencia de una signatura para la formación de competencias infomacionales [E-learning in higher education: practical considerations drawn from a course on information skills development] (Lang.: spa). - In: Scire: representación y organización del conocimento, 17(2011)2, pp. 49-62. Abstract in English

8957   KO user instruction959
Pinto Molina, María. – Los portales educativos como instrumentos innovadores para la formación en competencias informacionales de los estudiantes universitarios [Educational portals as innovative tools for teaching information skills to higher education students] (Lang.: spa). - In: Scire: representación y organización del conocimento, 17(2011)2, pp. 15-26. Abstract in English

12944   1993-0408959, 982
Kolmayer, E.. – Bases de données grand public et organisation des connaissances [General databases and organization of knowledge] (Lang.: fre). - In: Bull.Bibl.FranceVol. 37 No. 6. 1992. p.8-13.

3160   2002-0182KO user instructionsearch engines959;757
Peereboom, M. – Speuren naar kwaliteit met Internet Detective [Looking for quality information using the Internet Detective] (Lang.: dut). - In: Informatie Professional, 4(2000)9, p.27-29.

4065   2005-32-1-0141KO user instructiononline systems ininformation sciences959;758-82
Yakel, E. – Information literacy for primary sources : creating a new paradigm for archival researcher education (Lang.: eng). - In: OCLC Systems and Services, 20(2004)2, p.61-64.

7040   KO user instruction959;934(040)
Oberhauser, Otto, Labner, Josef. – Entwurf und Implementierung einer neuen Multi-Klassifikations-Normdatei für den Österreichischen Bibliothekenverbund [Design and implementation of a new multi-classification authority file for the Austrian Library Network] (Lang.: ger). - In: B.I.T.online - Zeitschrift für Bibliothek, Information und Technologie, 9 (2006)4, pp. 293-302. – Available at http://eprints.rclis.org/8308/

7090   959(040)
Stumpf, Gerhard. – RSWK-Anwendung und SWD-Redaktionsverfahren im Bibliotheksverbund Bayern [The Application of RSWK [German Subject Headings Rules] and the The Application of RSWK [German Subject Headings Rules] and the Bavarian Library Network] (Lang.: eng). - In: Mitteilungen der Vereinigung Österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen & Bibliothekare, 60(2007)4, pp.41-45.

7312   959*276
Kühn, Armin. – SWD im SWB: Schlagwortnormdatei im Südwestdeutschen Bibliotheksverbund [The SWD [German Subject Headings Authority File] in the Southwest German Library Network] (Lang.: ger). - In: Mitteilungen der Vereinigung Österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen & Bibliothekare. 61(2008)3, pp.44-49.



Further items on this class as a particular theme

7166mappingmultilingual IRDDC285;797;959(276);43
Hubrich, Jessica. – Multilinguale Wissensorganisation im Zeitalter der Globalisierung: das Projekt CrissCross [Multilingual knowledge organization in the globalized era: the CrissCross project] (Lang.: ger). – In: Wissensspeicher in digitalen Räumen (, pp. 81-90.

7165mappingDDCmultilingual IR285;959(276);43;797
Hubrich, Jessica. – CrissCross: SWD-DDC Mapping [CrissCross: Mapping SWD [German Subject Headings Authority File] and DDC] (Lang.: ger). – In: Mitteilungen der Vereinigung Österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen & Bibliothekare, 61(2008)3, pp. 50-58.

11161998-0492search enginesKO user instruction757;959
Klein, M.S., Ross, F. – End-user searching : impetus for an expanding information management and technology role for the hospital librarian (Lang.: eng). – In: Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, 85(1997)3,p.260-268.

7721998-0148information useKO user instruction981;959
Berkowitz, R.E. – Education for the 21st century: the Big Six Skills approach to information literacy (Lang.: ). – In: Ohio Media Spectrum 1997(49)2,p. 30-34.

33262002-0347use of subject catalogsKO user instruction986;959
Obermeier, F. – Schlagwortsuche in einem lokalen OPAC am Beispiel de Universitätsbibliothek Eichstatt [Subject heading search in a local OPAC as exemplified by the University Library of Eichstatt] (Lang.: ger). – In: Bibliotheksforum Bayern, 27(1999)3, p. 296-319.

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