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58452008-0391KO work descriptions 913
Kodrič-Dačić, E. (ed). Prvi strokovni standardi za javne znanstvene knjižnice na Slovenskem [The first professional standards for public scientific libraries in Slovenia] (Lang.: slo). - Ljubljana, Zveza bibliotekarskih društev Slovenije : Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica, 2007. (Monumenta bibliothecaria ; 1). ISSN 00232424. vol. 51 special issue.

7785KO work descriptions 913
Taber, Anne Marie, Conger, Mary Jane. Relevance recognized: value-added cataloging for departmental and digital collections (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & classification quarterly, 48(2010)6/7, pp. 585-601.

15651KO work descriptions 913
Boydston, Jeanne MK; Leysen, Joan M. . ARL cataloger librarian roles and responsibilities now and in the future (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging and classification quarterly, 52(2014)2, pp. 229-250..

17491KO work descriptions 913
Aganette, Elis?ngela Cristina; Teixeira, Livia Marangon Duffles; Aganette, Karina de Jesus Pinto. A representa??o descritiva nas perspectivas do s?culo XXI um estudo evolutivo dos modelos conceituais [The descriptive representation in the perspectives of the XXI century: an evolutionary study of the conceptual models] (Lang.: por). - In: Encontros Bibli, 22(2017)50, pp. 176-187. Available at http://10.5007/1518-2924.2017v22n50p176

7989KO work descriptions various NBM indexing 913;879
Selden, Karen. Linking globally, coping locally: cataloging Internet resources at the University of Colorado Law Library (Lang.: eng). - In: Law library journal, 102(2010)4, pp. 439-455.

65872009-0707KO work descriptions KO education problems 913;951
Park, Jung-ran, Lu, Caimei, Marion, Linda. Cataloging professionals in the digital environment: a content analysis of job descriptions (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 60(2009)4, pp.844-857.

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