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8514terminological databanks 776
Hlava, M. Developing an eclectic terminology registry (Lang.: eng). - In: Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 37(2011)4, pp. 19-22.

104551994-1071terminological databanks 776
Schmitz,K.-D.; Budin, G.; Galinski, Ch.. Gesellschaft für Terminologie u.Wissenstransfer Empfehlungen für Planung und Einrichtung von Terminologiedatenbanken [Recommendations for Planning and Establishing Terminological Databases] (Lang.: ger). - Saarbrücken, DE, Univ.Saarland, 1994. pp. 54. This first "GTW-Report" is the result of Working Group 2 of the Society for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer (the organizer also of the TKE Conferences on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering - TKE'87, TKE'90, TKE'93) and is meant to help all those concerned with planning and establishing terminology databases. The booklet (A5) has 6 chapters: 1. Introduction (including a historical survey, types of databases, users and their requests, definitions). 2. Datamodeling for terminology databases (the entry, data categories, relationships, the terminological record, etc.). 3. Phases in planning and establishing terminol.databases. 4. Elaboration and acquisition of terminol.data. 5. Organization and administration of a terminological database. 6.Summary

108031990-2-308terminological databanks 776
Machová, S.; Minihofér, O. Development of a multilingual term databank (Lang.: cze). - In: Vyber.inf.organ.a vypoc.techn.Vol.22.No.2.1989.p.225-235.

112911990-2-307terminological databanks 776
Sotiropoulos, M.Th. Conceptual-mathematical models as a bridge from the general theory of terminology to informatics (Lang.: eng). - In: Terminol.et Traduction.No.3.1989.p.135-148.

124731996-0288terminological databanks 776
Galinski, Ch.. Terminology: Databases for standardized terminology (Lang.: eng). - In: ISO Bull. Vol. 27, No. 1. 1996. p.3. A terminology database refers to a terminology management system and terminological data, while a terminology data bank, refers to the same but includes an organization structure as well. This briefing demonstrates the advantages of a proper applicationof terminology and terminological data.

127831996-1244terminological databanks 776
Alvarez, O.; BVianchi, E., Molinas, C.. Down syndrome terminological data bank (Lang.: eng). - In: IITF Journal. Vol. 7, No. 1. 1996. p.3-20.

127851996-1247terminological databanks 776
Sola, V.. SISTERM: terminological management program based on the relational model (Lang.: eng). - In: IITF Journal. Vol. 6, No. 2. 1995. p.31-55.

130791990-1-347terminological databanks 776
Steinmetz, R. Elektronisches Lexikon auf Personalcomputer [Electronic dictionary on a PC] (Lang.: ger). - In: Nachr.Dok.Vol.40.No.6.1989.p.378-381.

132951996-0289terminological databanks 776
Göpferich, S.. Von der Terminographie zur Textographie: Computergfestützte Verwaltung textsortenspezifischer Textversatzstücke [From Terminography to textography: Computer-supported administration of text-type-specific information] (Lang.: ger). - In: Fachsprache. Vol. 17, No. 1-2. 1995. p.17-32. The paper presents two different types of computer-based retrieval systems for text-type specific information ranging from phrases to whole standardized passages. The first part describes the structure of a full-text database for text prototypes, the second part, ways of storing text-type specific phrases and passages in a combined terminological and textographic database. The program used to illustrate this second kind of retrieval system is the terminology system CATS, which the Terminology Centre atthe Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies of the University of Mainz in Germersheim uses for its FASTERM database.

134841996-0287terminological databanks 776
Babik, W.. Model files and terminological databanks (Lang.: pol). - In: Zagadnienia Inform.Naukowej, No. 1-2. 1994. p.81-85.

135381990-1-345terminological databanks 776
Artamonov, G.T.; Antopol'skij, A.B. Guidelines for design and operation of a term databank in an information network (Lang.: rus). - In: 2 Vses.konf.po sozdaniyu Mash.fonda rus.yaz.: Dokl.1987.p.41-51.Moskva, SU,

136631990-2-306terminological databanks 776
Irazazabal, A.de; Alvárez, S., Zarco, J. EURODICAUTOM - the Commission of the European Communities term datavbank (Lang.: spa). - In: Rev.esp.doc.cient.Vol.12.No.1.1989.p.11-12.

108001990-1034776 cs
Machova, S.; Minihofer, O. Terminology information and management (Lang.: cze). - In: Casopis.Vol.33.No.3.1991.p.73-76.

108051993-1034776 cs
Machova, S.; Minihofer, O.. Terminology information and management (Lang.: cze). - In: Casopis. Vol. 33. No. 3. p.73-76.

123291995-0894776, 925.77
Nykänen, O. TEPA - The Finnish Term Bank for Technical Terminology (Lang.: eng). - In: Infoterm Newsletter. No. 76. 1995. p.8.

11281998-0504terminological databanks semantics problems 776;721
Vossen, P. Introduction to EuroWordNet (Lang.: eng). - In: Computers and the Humanities, 32(1998)1,p.73-89.

16301999-0424terminological databanks semantics problems 776;721
Alonge, A., Calzolari, N., Vossen, P., Bloksma, L., Castellon, I., Marti, M.A., Peters, W. The linguistic design of the EuroWordNet database (Lang.: eng). - In: Computers and the Humanities, 32(1998)1, p.91-115.

16311999-0425terminological databanks semantics problems 776;721
Rodriguez, H., Climent, S., Vossen, P., Bloksma, L., Peters, W., Alonge, A., Bertagna, F., Roventini, A. The top-down strategy for building EuroWordNet : vocabulary coverage, base concept and top ontology (Lang.: eng). - In: Computers and the Humanities, 32(1998)1, p.117-152.

16321999-0426terminological databanks semantics problems compatibility objectives 776;721;281
Vossen, P., Bloksma, L., Alonge, A., Marinai, E., Peters, C., Castellon, I., Marti, M.A., Rigau, G. Compatibility in interpretation of relations in EuroWordNet (Lang.: eng). - In: Computers and the Humanities, 32(1998)1, p.153-184.

Schmitz, K.-D.. Guidelines for the design and implementation of terminological data banks (Lang.: ). -

Ohnsorge, D.. The technical project of the terminological data base on the theory of information retrieval languages (Lang.: pol). - In: Zag.Inf.NaukVol. 58 No. 1. 1991. p.73-90.

Sosinska-Kalata, B.. The terminological data base on the theory of information retrieval languages (Lang.: pol). - In: Zag.Inf.Nauk.Vol. 58 No. 1. 1991. p.41-71.

Nuopponen, A.. Terminologies online: from term banks to the World Wide Web (Lang.: eng). - In: IITF Journal. Vol. 7, No. 1. 1996. p.21-27.

Grinev, S.V.; Leichik, V.M. Functional and structural-content typology of terminology databanks viewed as factographic automated information systems (Lang.: rus, eng). - In: Nauchno-tekhn.inform.,Ser.2.Vol.22.No.10.1988.p.2-4.

135791990-2-309technology 7768-73
Aleksandrov, L.V.; Bukhalkin, Yu.M., Voznesenskij, V.V. Establishing a knowledge bank in an engineering field (Lang.: rus). - In: Nauchno-tekhn.inform.,Ser.1.No.6.1989.p.16-17.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

1731997-2-0172linguistics for descriptors terminological databanks 234;776
W. Babik. Generowanie Jezyk¢w informacyjno-wyszukiwawczych ze s/lownik¢w terminologicznych [Generating information retrieval languages from terminological dictionaries] (Lang.: pol). Krakau, Jagol University, 1996. pp. 179.

15931999-0387semantic networks terminological databanks 725;776
Fellbaum, C. A semantic network of English : the mother of all WordNets (Lang.: eng). In: Computers and the Humanities, 32(1998)1, p.209-220.

2571997-2-0256search engines terminological databanks 757;776
Harding, W.T., Redmond, R.T. Compilers and knowledge dictionaries for expert systems : Inference engines of the future (Lang.: eng). In: Expert systems with applications 10(1996)1. p.91-98.

16371999-0431/0432multilingual IR terminological databanks 797;776
Gonzalo, J., Verdejo, F., Peters, C., Calzolari, N. Applying EuroWordNet to cross-language text retrieval (Lang.: eng). In: Computers and the Humanities, 32(1998)1, p.185-207.

16381999-0433multilingual IR terminological databanks 797;776
Peters, W., Vossen, P., Diez-Orzas, P., Adriaens, G. Cross-linguistic alignment of WordNets with an inter-lingual-index (Lang.: eng). In: Computers and the Humanities, 32(1998)1, p.221-251.

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