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631997-1-0062computational linguistics 713
Haas, S.W. Natural language processing: toward large-scale, robust systems (Lang.: eng). - In: Annual review of information science and technology Vol.31 1996, p.83-119. Review article

55232008-0066computational linguistics 713
Lee, C., Lee, G. G., Jang, M. Dependency structure language model for topic detection and tracking (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Processing & Management, 43(2007)5, pp.1249-1259.

67042009-0824computational linguistics 713
Wilbur, W., Kim, Won. The ineffectiveness of within-document term frequency in text classification (Lang.: eng). - In: Information retrieval, 12(2009)5, pp. 509-525.

124521996-0257computational linguistics 713
Arsky, Yu.M.. The achievements of VINITI in computational linguistics (Lang.: eng). - In: Int.Forum Inform. & Doc. Vol. 20, No. 4. 1995. p.37-40. The scientists of the All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences have compiled a polythematic grammatical machine dictionary of Russian words of some 200,000 lexical units on the basis of a corpus of 80 million words. They compiled also a dictionary of keywords and word combinations on natural and engineering sciences, including more that 200,000 terms in fifteen subject fields. The article reports on the procedural means to handle these words and terms and also on the principles which guided the development of the phraseological translation systems. According to these principles two systems of phraseological machine translation of texts were constructed: RETRANS and ERTRANS.

16740computational linguistics 713
Kliche, Fritz; Heid, Ulrich. Ein einfacher und transparenter Zugang zur sprachtechnologischen Arbeit mit Textdaten: Beispiele aus dem Projekt e-Identity [Easy and transparent access to language technological work on text data: Examples from the project e-Identity] (Lang.: ger). - In: Information - Wissenschaft & Praxis, 66(5/6)2015, pp. 345-352.

16846computational linguistics 713
V?zquez-Cano, Esteban; Fombona, Javier; Bernal, C?sar. An?lisis computacional de las caracter?sticas ortotipogr?ficas y paraling??sticas de los tweets period?sticos [Computational analysis of the orthotypographic and paralinguistic characteristics of journalistic tweets] (Lang.: spa). - In: El profesional de la informaci?n (2016)25-4, pp.588-595. Available at http://www.elprofesionaldelainformacion.com/contenidos/2016/jul/08.html

18959computational linguistics 713
Ristoski, P.; Faralli, S.; Ponzetto, S.P.; Paulheim, H.. Large-scale Taxonomy Induction Using Entity and Word Embeddings [arXiv] (Lang.: eng). - In: arXiv ,(2021), pp. 10 pp.. Available at http://arxiv.org/abs/2105.01305

99721995-0471713, 721
Rosner, M.; Johnson, R. (Eds.). Computational linguistics and formal semantics (Lang.: eng). - Cambridge, UK, Cambridge Univ.Press, 1992. pp. XIX,321. ISBN: 052141959X. Collection of papers of a workshop, chaired by the editors, held in Lugano at IDSIA, an institute of the Della Molle Foundation,probably in Sept.1988. Book review by John Nerbonne in Computational Linguistics 20(1994)No.1, p.131-136, 9 refs

18666computational linguistics data indexing social sciences 713;82-6
Kim, Yong Hwan. [Application of Text Mining for Legal Information System: Focusing on Defamation Precedent] (Lang.: kor). - In: JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN SOCIETY FOR LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE, 54(2020)1, pp.02387 - 409.Korean Society for Library and Information Science,

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61792009-0299frequency studies computational linguistics 136;713
Mustafa el Hadi, Widad. Discourse community analysis: sense construction versus non-sense construction (Lang.: eng). In: Culture and identity in knowledge organization [see 2009-0262], pp. 302-306.

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