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1   1997-1-0001universal KOS41
Sukiasyan, E.R. – Proekt 'Universal'nye klassifikatsionnye sistemy' realizuetsya v Rossii [Contribution of Russia to the 'Universal Classification Systems' Project] (Lang.: rus). - In: Nauchnye-tekhnicheskie biblioteki Vol.8 1996, p.35-41. After the Krimea-95 conference a comprehensive guide to universal classification systems was compiled under auspices of the International society for knowledge information

4722   2006-33-4-0325universal KOS41
Hudon, M. – Le passage au XXIe siècle des grandes classifications documentaire [The transition of large documentary classifications to tyhe 21st century] (Lang.: fre). - In: Documentation et Bibliothèques, 52(2006)2, p.85-97.

9482   universal KOS41
Favier, Laurence; El Hadi, Widad Mustafa. – From text to image: the concept of universality in the knowledge organization system designed by Paul Otlet and the International Institute of Bibliography (Lang.: eng). - In: Categories, contexts and relations in knowledge organization (06.12-08-6/9).

17308   universal KOS41
Foskett, Douglas J.. – Systems Theory and its Relevance to Documentary Classification (Lang.: eng). - In: KO, 44(2017)2, pp. 129-134. – Available at http://www.ergon-verlag.de/isko_ko/downloads/ko_44_2017_2_d.pdf

17713   universal KOS41
Mokhtar, Umi Asma; Yusof, Zawiyah M.. – Classification: the understudied concept (Lang.: eng). - In: International Journal of Information Management, 35(2015)2, pp. 176-182.New York, USA, ScienceDirect , 2015. – pp. 6. – Available at http://https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0268401214001224

17844   universal KOS41
Vital, Luciane Paula; de Medeiros, Graziela Martins; Brascher Marisa. – Classificaçăo e descriçăo arquivística como atividades de organizaçăo e representaçăo da informaçăo e do conhecimento (Lang.: prt). - In: Brazilian Journal of Information Science: Research Trends, 11(2017)4.Marilia, BR, Graduate Program in Information Science - UNESP, 2017. – pp. 7. – Available at http://http://www2.marilia.unesp.br/revistas/index.php/bjis/article/view/7507 ISSN: 19811640

10445   1994-1154universal KOSeducation41-de-56
4. Pädagogik: (D). Erg. d. 5. Aufl. von 1987 [Education. Supplement to the 5th ed. of 1987"] (Lang.: ger). - Regensburg, DE, Universitätsbibliothek, 1993. – pp. 49.

2679   2001-0337universal KOSInternet gateways41;752.3
Broughton, V., Lane, H. – Classification schemes revisited : applications to Web indexing and searching (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Internet Cataloguing, 2(2000)3/4, p.143-155.

866   1998-0242universal KOSapplied KO problems41;81
Satija, M.P. – Book review of Shearer, J., Thomas, A.R. (Eds.): Cataloguing and classification: trends, transformation, teaching and training. New York; London: Haworth Press, 1997. - 210 p. - ISBN 0789003392 (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 25(1998)1/2,p.49. Book also publ. as Cataloging and Classification Quarterly 24(1997)1/2

10089   1995-0225-b41.08
Canonne,A.. – Vocabulaire élémentaire des classifications [Elementary vocabulary of classification systems] (Lang.: fre). - Liège, BE, Ed. du CEFAL, 1993. – pp. 112. – ISBN: 2871300291. After his death, the students of A.Canonne collected his notes on classification systems and published them under the above title. Some 100 notes on the main classification systems are presented here.

557   1997-4-0558library KOS411
Frâncu, V. – Utilizarea resurselor şi ideea de schimbare [The use of resources and the idea of change] (Lang.: rom). - In: Buletin asociaţia bibliotecarilor din învaţămănt – România 8 (1997)2. p.25-30.

675   1998-0052library KOS411
Pocock, H. – Classification schemes: developments and survival (Lang.: ). - In: Cataloguing Australia 1997(23)1/2,p. 10-16.

1814   2000-0090library KOS411
Marsh, E. – Improving communication and classification in the next century (Lang.: eng). - In: OCLC Newsletter, (1998)232,p.29-31. Summary of a paper given by I.C. McIlwaine

2226   2000-0502library KOS411
Dhyani, P. – Library classification in computer age (Lang.: eng). - In: DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology, 19(1999)3,p.5-14.

3219   2002-0240library KOS411
Rafferty, P. – The representation of knowledge in library classification schemes (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 28(2001)4, p. 180-191.

3220   2002-0241library KOS411
Sa'ari, C.Z. – Classification of sciences : a comparative study of Ihya'ulum al-din and al=Risalah al-laduniyyah (Lang.: eng). - In: Intellectual Discourse, 7(1999)1, p. 53-77.

11801   1994-0929library KOS411
Kamsin, E.. – An analysis of a frequently cited but never before implemented classification system (Lang.: eng). - In: Collection Management. 17(1993)3,p.33-42.

12262   1995-0804library KOS411
Chung, Y.-K. – Charateristics of references in international classification systems literature (Lang.: eng). - In: Libr.Quart. Vol. 65. No. 2. 1995. p.200-215. The purpose of the study was 1) to describe the characteristics of the international literature on classification systems published during the period 1981-90, 2) to examine the international communication patterns in the literature, and 3) to compare the. results of this study with the results of other similar studies. 5302 references in 68 monographs and 352 periodical articles indexed by the Classification Literature section of the periodical International Classification were analyzed. References were a. nalyzed as to format, subject, language, geographic origin of publication, date of publication and authorship. The findings are presented. (Author, abbr.)

13631   1995-0226-blibrary KOS411
Grishin, A.V.; Ushakova, A.M.. – Suggestions on library classification (Lang.: rus). - In: Nauch.techn.bibl.. (1994)5, p.3-22. Anew concept of library systematization is considered taking into account collection structure, certain scope of readers, service organization, readers, departmental position of libraries and their role in the national library system.

16093   library KOS411
Borie, Juliya; MacDonald, Kate, Sze, Elisa. – Asserting Catalogers’ Place in the “Value of Libraries” Conversation (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 53(2015)3-4, pp. 303-313.

17763   library KOS411
Satija, M.P.; Martínez-Ávila, Daniel. – Features, functions and components of a library classification system in the LIS tradition for the e-environment (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice, 3(2015)4, pp. 62-77.Daejeon, Korea, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, 2015. – pp. 15. – Available at http://http://www.jistap.org

18545   library KOS411
Umlauf, Konrad. – Klassifikationen in Ă–ffentlichen Bibliotheken [Classifications in public libraries] (Lang.: ger). - In: 18260.– pp. 165-206. – Available at http://doi.org/10.1515/9783110299250-006

558   1997-4-0559library KOSintegrated thesauripreconditions for construction411;216;231
Patrulea, V. – Clasificarea Zecimală Universală - Tezaur de descriptori [Universal Decimal Classification - thesaurus of descriptors] (Lang.: rom). - In: Buletin asociaţia bibliotecarilor din învaţămănt – România 8 (1997)2. p.33-37.

559   1997-4-0560library KOSintegrated thesauripreconditions for construction411;216;231
Lazăr, M. – O posibilă evoluţie indexării tematice spre tezaurele specializate [A possible evolution of thematical indexing toward specialized thesauri] (Lang.: rom). - In: Buletin asociaţia bibliotecarilor din învaţămănt – România 8 (1997)2. p.38-42.

3763   2004-0290library KOSUDCDDC411;42;43
The future of classification / ed. by R. Marcella and A. Maltby (Lang.: eng). - Abingdon (UK), Ashgate, 2000. – pp. 160. – ISBN: 0566079925. * Content: R. Marcella, A. Maltby: Introduction; E. Hunter: Do we still need classification?; A. Maltby, R. Marcella: Organizing knowledge; the need for system and unity; J. Warner: Can classification yield an evaluative principle for information retrieval?; R. Newton: Information technology and new directions; A. MacLennan: Classification and the Internet; A.C. Foskett: The future of facetted classification; J.S. Mitchell: The Dewey Decimal Classification in the twenty-first century; I.C. McIlwaine: UDC in the twenty-first century; L.M. Chan, T.L. Hodges: The Library of Congress Classification; M.P. Satija: Sources for the investigating the development of bibliographic classification

8476   library KOSconceptologysystems theory411;651/4
McTavish, Jill R., Neal, Diane Rasmussen, Wathen, C. Nadine. – Is what you see what you get? Medical subject headings and their organizing work in the violence against women research literature (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge organization, 38(2011)5,381-397.

3559   2004-0086library KOSspecial KOSsociology411;661
Furner, J., Dunbar, A.W. – The treatment of topics relating to people of mixed race in bibliographic classification schemes : a critical race-theoretic approach (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization and the Global Information Society. Proceedings of the 8th International ISKO Conference [see 2004-0004], 115-120.

15962   library KOSsemantic networks411;725
Hanke, Mirko. – Bibliothekarische Klassifikationssysteme im semantischen Web: Zu Chancen und Problemen von Linked-Data-Repräsentationen ausgewählter Klassifikationssysteme [Library classification systems in the Semantic Web: on prospects and problems of linked-data representations of selected classification systems] (Lang.: ger). - In: Perspektive Bibliothek, 3(2014)2, pp. 91-119.

7669   library KOSgrammatical formsrecord structure411;744;945
Li, Nan. – [Indexing characteristics of proper nouns and specific subject headings in CNMARC] (Lang.: chi). - In: Zhonghua Yixue Tushu Qingbao Zazhi/Chinese Journal of Medical Library and Information Science, 19(2010)3, pp. 56-58.

2227   2000-0503library KOSonline systems411;752
Karlsdottir, G. – Leitid og per munud finna… - pjodbokasofn og lyklun a Nordurlondum [Keep on seeking and you will find … - Nordic national libraries and indexing trends] (Lang.: ice). - In: Bokasafnid, (1999)23,p.58-64.

674   1998-0051library KOSKO metadata411;918
Williamson, N.J. – Classification in the Millennium (Lang.: ). - In: Online and CD-ROM Review 1997(21)5,p. 298-301.

1048   1998-0424KOS standards413
Lacruz, M.del C.A. – Encabezamientos de materia en lengua francesa : normativa para su construcción [Subject heading lists in French: relevant standards] (Lang.: spa). - In: Organización del Conociemto en Sistemas de Información y Documentación, 2(1997),p.57-71. Analysis of the French standards that control the structure and characteristrics of subject headings-based alphabetical indexing

3560   2004-0087KOS standards413
Dextre Clark, S.G., GilchristWill, L. – Revision and extension of thesaurus standards (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization and the Global Information Society. Proceedings of the 8th International ISKO Conference [see 2004-0004], 215-220.

3710   2004-0236KOS standards413
Moreiro, J.A., Llorens Morillo, J., Marzel García-Quismondo, M.A., Vianello Osti, M., Morato Lara, J., Beltrán Orenes, P., Sánchez Cuadrado, S. – Aplicacíon del estándar ISO/IEC 13250-1999 a la construcción de un tesauro de verbos: estado del proyecto [Application of standard ISO/IEC 13250-1999 to the construction of a thesaurus of verbs: state of the project] (Lang.: ). - In: Tendencias de investigación en organización del conocimient : IV Cologuio Internacional de Ciencas de la Documentación ; VI Congreso del Capítulo Español de ISKO = Trends in knowledge organization research / J.A. Frías, C. Travieso (Eds.) (Lang.: eng; por; spa). - Salamanca : Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2003. - 821 p. - ISBN: 8478007091 - p.493-501.

5505   2008-0048KOS standards413
ADBS Information Language Group. – Les normes de conception, gestion et maintenance de thesaurus: evolutions recentes et perspectives [Standards for thesaurus design, management and maintenance: recent developments and outlook] (Lang.: fre). - In: Documentaliste - Sciences de l'Information, 44(2007)1, pp.66-75.

5709   2008-0254KOS standards413
Arsenault, C., et al. – Tensions in cataloging: observations on standards and implementation (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Information Ethics, 17(2008)1, p.28-42.

9483   KOS standards413
Clarke, Stella Dextre. – New international thesaurus standard published (Lang.: eng). - In: Catalogue & index, 166(2012), pp. 28-29.

9484   KOS standards413
Clarke, Stella Dextre; Zeng, Marcia Lei. – From ISO 2788 to ISO 25964: the evolution of thesaurus standards towards interoperability and data modeling (Lang.: eng). - In: Information standards quarterly, 24(2012)1, pp. 20-26.

9626   KOS standards413
Clarke, Stella Dextre. – Evolution towards ISO 25964: an international standard with guidelines for thesauri and other types of controlled vocabulary (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Wissenschaft & Praxis, 58(2007)8, pp. 441-444.

9627   KOS standards413
Clarke, Stella Dextre. – ISO 2788 + ISO 5964 + much energy = ISO 25964 (Lang.: eng). - In: ASIS&T bulletin, 35(2008)1. – Available at http://www.asis.org/Bulletin/Oct-08/OctNov08_DextreClarke.html

9628   KOS standards413
Hudon, Michèle. – ISO25964: pour le dĂ©veloppement, la gestion et l’interopĂ©rabilitĂ© des langages documentaires [ISO 25964 : the development, the management and the interoperability of documentary languages] (Lang.: fre). - In: Documentation et bibliothèques, 58(2012)3, pp.130-140.

17837   KOS standards413
Focused issue on extending, mapping and focusing the CIDOC CRM (Lang.: eng). - In: International Journal on Digital Libraries, 18(2016)4, pp. 251-343.Amsterdam, Springer Netherlands, 2017. – pp. 92. – Available at http://https://link.springer.com/journal/799/18/4/page/1 ISSN: 15737519

18554   KOS standards413
Chang, Inho . – [A Study on the Expansion of Fundamental Categories Based on Thesaurus International Standards] (Lang.: kor). - In: Journal of Korean Library and Information Science Society, 50(2019)1, pp. 273-291. – Available at http://http://www.dbpia.co.kr/journal/articleDetail?nodeId=NODE07995820

17660   KOS standardsspecial KOSeconomical sciences413;67
Lykke, Marianne; Eslau, Anna Gjerluf. – Using thesauri in enterprise settings: indexing or query expansion? (Lang.: eng). - In: Aalborg University Research Portal.Aalborg, DK, Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi, 2010. – pp. 10. – Available at http://http://vbn.aau.dk/en/publications/using-thesauri-in-enterprise-settings-indexing-or-query-expansion(9dccb8d1-25e1-4144-b588-abccaec4879c).html – 9788774153184.

1049   1998-0425KOS standardsinternational KO groups413;926
Le rôle de l'IFLA en matière de normilasation [The role of IFLA in standardisation matters] (Lang.: fre). - In: Bulletin d'Informations de l'Association des bibliothécaires Français, (1998)178,p.50-53.

9485   KOS standards413;935(156)
Wang, Jun; Pu, Shuqing. – [A study and design on the standard for the networked knowledge organization system] (Lang.: chi). - In: Journal of library science in China, 38(2012)4, 39-45.

3561   2004-0088library classification414
van der Walt, M.S. – A classification scheme for the organization of electronic documents in small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization and the Global Information Society. Proceedings of the 8th International ISKO Conference [see 2004-0004], 291-296.

4112   2005-32-2-0187library classification414
Cordeiro, M.I., Slavic, A. – Sharing and re-use of classification systems: the need for a common data model (Lang.: eng). - In: Signum, (2004)8, p.19-24. »» Focusses on issues of automation of analytico-synthetic classification systems such as UDC, Bliss Bibliographic Classification and Broad System of Ordering

12877   1990-1-169library classification414
Bethery, A. – Liberté bien ordonnée.: les classifications encyclopédiques revues et corrigées [Well ordered freedom.: the encyclopedic classification systems, revised and corrected] (Lang.: fre). - In: Bull.Bibl.France.Vol.33.No.6.1989.p.450-455.

12878   1990-1-170library classification414
Grolier, E.de. – Taxilogie et classification: un essai de mise au point et quelques notes de prospective [Taxilogy and classification: an attempt at a rectification and some perspective notes] (Lang.: fre). - In: Bull.Bibl.France.Vol.33.No.6.1988.p.468-483.

12879   1990-1-171library classification414
Sansen, J.-R. – L'accès aux documents dans les bibliothèques universitaires (Lang.: fre). - In: Bull.Bibl.France.Vol.33.No.6.1988.p.456-466.

17751   library classification414
Sonnenwald, Diane H. (Ed.). – Theory development in the information sciences (Lang.: eng). - Texas, TX, University of Texas Press, 2016. – pp. 343. – Available at http://https://utpress.utexas.edu/books/sonnenwald-theory-development-information-sciences#tabs-2 – 9781477309063. 6x9, 2 b&w photos, 21 b&w charts/graphs

17838   library classification414
Szostak, Rick. – The simplest approach to subject classification (Lang.: eng). - In: WLIC, 2016 (Satellite meeting - Subject Access: Unlimited Opportunities).2016. – pp. 8.

18260   library classification414
Alex, Heidrun; Bee, Guido; Junger, Ulrike. – Klassifikationen in Bibliotheken : Theorie - Anwendung - Nutzen [Classifications in Libraries: Theory - Application - Benefits] (Lang.: ger). - Berlin, De Gruyter Saur, 2018. – pp. XVII, 278.(Bibliotheks- und Informationspraxis; 53). – Available at http://d-nb.info/1024049205/04 [ToC] – 978-3-11-029904-5.

18264   library classification414
Deutsches Institut für Normung . – Information und Dokumentation: Bibliotheks- und Archivbau, Indexierung, Umschriften, Digitale Langzeitarchivierung, Codierung [Information and dokumentation: Library and archive building, indexing, transcriptions, digital long-time preservation, coding [collection of standards]] (Lang.: ger). - 4th ed. ed. – Berlin, Beuth, 2018. – pp. XV, 730.(Din-Taschenbuch; 343). – Available at http://www.beuth.de/cmd?level=tpl-langanzeige&websource=vlb&smoid=276791543 – 978-3-410-28050-7.

861   1998-0237library classificationinformation science414;111
Williamson, N. – An interdisciplinary world and discipline based classification (Lang.: eng). - In: Structures and Relations in Knowledge Organization : Proceedings of the 5th International ISKO Conference 25-29 August 1998 Lille, France. Würzburg : Ergon Verlag, 1998, p.116-124.

13192   1994-0930414.179
Lorenz, B.. – Notizen zum Stand klassifikatorischer Arbeit. Ein Diskussionsbeitrag [Notes on the state-of-the-art of classificatory work (in Germany)] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliotheksdienst. 28(1994)6,p.870-877. Comments on the present situation of classification systems in German universal libraries and discusses possibilities towards a uniform system for the purposes of networking. The article concludes with the suggestion to create a Working Group of Experts in Classification.

862   1998-0238new universal KOS415
Beghtol, C. – General classification systems : structural principles for multidisciplinary specification (Lang.: eng). - In: Structures and Relations in Knowledge Organization : Proceedings of the 5th International ISKO Conference 25-29 August 1998 Lille, France. Würzburg : Ergon Verlag, 1998, p.89-96.

863   1998-0239new universal KOS415
Beghtol, C. – Knowledge domains : multidisciplinarity and bibliographic classification systems (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 25(1998)1.2,p.1-12. Multidisciplinary knowledge and the traditional on disciplinary perspectives built general classification systems

7182   new universal KOS415
Kless, Daniel. – Erstellung eines allgemeinen Standards zur Wissensorganisation: Nutzen, Möglichkeiten, Herausforderungen, Wege [Creation of a general standard for knowledge organization: benefits, prospects, challenges, pathways] (Lang.: eng). - In: Wissensspeicher in digitalen Räumen (, pp. 147-153.

12263   1995-0805new universal KOS415
Koh, G.S. – Options in classification available through modern technology (Lang.: eng). - In: Cat. & Classif.Quart. Vol. 19. No. 3/4. 1995. p.195-211. System design options and user searching options are discussed. The problems of electronic union catalogs, including a 'virtual union catalog' in particular are considered and enhancements made possible through classification are explored. The combined. system of subject headings and classification is presented as the model of the integrated subject searching tool which will meet individualized learning styles and user responsive vocabulary. (Author, abbr.)

13157   1993-0686new universal KOS415
Reisser, M.. – Anforderungen an bibliothekarische Klassifikationen bei Verwendung von EDV [Requirements to library classification by using data processing] (Lang.: ger). - In: BibliothekVol. 17 No. 2. 1993. p.137-162.

13357   1993-0244new universal KOS415
Cheti, A.. – Un thesaurus per le biblioteche generali [A thesaurus for general libraries] (Lang.: ita). - In: Boll.AIBVol. 32 No. 1. 1992. p.29-41.

17820   new universal KOSjournals415;051
Barbalet, Suzanne; Cunningham, Nathan. – New tricks? a pilot project using UDC at the UK data archive (Lang.: eng). - In: Catalogue and Index 186(2017).London, UK, CILIP - Cataloguing and Indexing Group, 2017. – Available at http://https://archive.cilip.org.uk/cataloguing-indexing-group/catalogue-index/catalogue-index-issue-186-march-2017

864   1998-0240new universal KOSvarious NBM indexing415;879
McIlwaine, I. – Knowledge classifications, bibliographic classifications and the Internet (Lang.: eng). - In: Structures and Relations in Knowledge Organization : Proceedings of the 5th International ISKO Conference 25-29 August 1998 Lille, France. Würzburg : Ergon Verlag, 1998, p.97-105.

865   1998-0241comparison of universal systems417
Tomasik-Beck, J. – Analiza porownawcza wybranych jezykow informacyjnych o zakresie uniwersalnyn lub interdyscyplinarnym [Comparative analysis of selected universal and multidisciplinary information retrieval languages] (Lang.: pol). - In: Praktyka i Teoria Informacji Naukowej i Technicnej, (1994)3, p. 10-15.

5710   2008-0255comparison of universal systems417
Holley, R. P. – Subject access tools in English for Canadian topics: Canadian extensions to U.S. subject access tools (Lang.: eng). - In: Library Resources & Technical Services, 52(2008)2, p.29-43.

9486   comparison of universal systems417
Kaplan, Tali Balas; Dolloff, Andrea K.; Giffard, Sue; Still-Schiff, Jennifer. – Are Dewey's days numbered? (Lang.: eng). - In: School library journal, 58(2012)10, pp. 24-28.

9047   universal systems topic418
Dahlberg, Ingetraut. – A systematic new lexicon of all knowledge fields based on the International Coding Classification (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge organization, 39(2012)2, pp. 142-149.

9487   universal systems topic418
Moon, Ji-Hyun. – [A comparative analysis of subject headings related to Korea in the CCT and NDLSH] (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Korean library and information science society, 43(2012)3, pp. 121-141.

17940   universal systems topic418
Gnoli, Claudio. – Classifying phenomena part 1: dimensions (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization,43(2016)6, pp. 403-415.Würzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2016. – pp. 13. ISSN: 09437444; 1 Diagram, 1 Chart

17954   universal systems topic418
Scharnhorst, Andrea; Smiraglia, Richard P.; Guéret, Christophe; Salah, Alkim Almila Akdag. – Knowledge maps of the UDC: uses and use cases (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization,43(2016)8, pp. 641-654.Würzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2016. – pp. 14. ISSN: 09437444; 4 Color Photographs, 3 Diagrams, 5 Graphs

12264   1995-0806conceptologyKO history418-98/9
Gresham, J.L. – The place of religion in the universe of knowledge according to various systems of bibliographic classification (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Religious and Theol.Inform. Vol. 2. No. 1. 1994. p.29-43. Specific schemes considered include: DDC, LCC, Bliss, E.C.Richardson's Classification, J.Pettee's Union Classification, and Ranganathan's Colon Classification

867   1998-0243universal systems topicDDC418;43
Olson, H.A., Ward, D.B. – Charting a journey across knowledge domains : feminism in the Dewey Decimal Classification (Lang.: eng). - In: Structures and Relations in Knowledge Organization : Proceedings of the 5th International ISKO Conference 25-29 August 1998 Lille, France. Würzburg : Ergon Verlag, 1998, p.238-244.

1271   1999-0066universal systems topicDDC418;43
Olson, H.A. – Mapping beyond Dewey's boundaries : constructing classification space for marginalized knowledge domains (Lang.: eng). - In: Library Trends , 47(1998)2,p.233-254.

2680   2001-0338universal systems topicDDCLCSH418;43;448
Olson, H.A. – The power to name : representation in library catalogs (Lang.: eng). - In: Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 26(2001)3, p.639-668.

12265   1995-0807universal systems trends419
Sapiie, J. – Reader-interest classification: the user-friendly schemes (Lang.: eng). - In: Cat. & Classif.Quart. Vol. 19. No. 3/4. 1995. p.143-155.

18546   universal systems trends419
Pfeffer, Magnus; Schöllhorn, Katharina. – Praktische Nutzung von Klassifikationssystemen [Practical use of classification systems] (Lang.: ger). - In: 18260.– pp. 207-234. – Available at http://doi.org/10.1515/9783110299250-007



Further items on this class as a particular theme

16104reviews in special KO fieldsKOS standards026;413
Hearn, Stephen . – A Review of “International Standard ISO 25964-2: Information and Documentation—Thesauri and Interoperability With Other Vocabularies—Part 2: Interoperability With Other Vocabularies” (Lang.: eng). – In: Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 53(2015)1, pp. 112-115.

20352000-0311library KOS07.411;411
Šauperl, A. – Klasifikacija knjiznicnega gradiva : ucbenik za studente in studentke bibliotekarstva [Classification of library materials: a textbook for students of library science] (Lang.: slo). – Ljubljana, Ljubljanav Ljubljani. Filozofska fakulteta. Oddelek za bibliotekarstvo, 2000. – ISBN: 9612270708. »» On Library classifications, especially UDC, and subject headings

42302005-32-4-0305KOS theorylibrary KOSliterature reviews211;411;02
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