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13412   1990-2-138KOS evaluation in298
Kishida, K.; Mushakoji, S., Matsuyama, N., Higuchi, K.et al. – A comparative evaluation of thesauri: performance of 'presentation of a body of knowledge' (Lang.: jap). - In: Joho no Kagaku to Gijutsu.Vol.38.No.10.1988.p.565-572.

17255   KOS evaluation in298
Hu, Xiao; Choi, Kahyun; Downie, J. Stephen. – A framework for evaluating multimodal music mood classification (Lang.: eng). - In: JASIST, 68(2017)2, pp. 273-285.

17563   KOS evaluation in298
Gama, Janyluce Rezende; Rodrigues, Georgete Medleg. – O vocabulário controlado do Governo Eletrônico: contribuições e limites na implementação da Lei de Acesso à Informação no Brasil [Controlled Vocabulary of Electronic Government: contribution and limits in implementing the Access to Information Act in Brazil] (Lang.: por). - In: Em Questão 24(2018)1, pp. 12-40. – Available at http://seer.ufrgs.br/index.php/EmQuestao/article/view/70989/44440

18095   KOS evaluation in298
Harbeck, Matthias. – Der EVIFA-Relaunch: Von der virtuellen Fachbibliothek zum One-Stop-Shop für die ethnologischen Fächer [The EVIFA relaunch: From virtual specialized library to a one-stop shop for the ethnological subjects] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliotheksdienst, 52(2018)3/4, pp. 208–224. – Available at http://doi.org/10.1515/bd-2018-0028

18096   KOS evaluation in298
Schardelmann, Tim; Otto, Wolfgang. – POLLUX – von der Bedarfsanalyse zur technischen Umsetzung [POLLUX [specialized information service for political science] – from requirement analysis to technical realisation] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliotheksdienst, 52(2018)3/4, pp. 225–234. – Available at http://doi.org/10.1515/bd-2018-0029

1244   1999-0039KOS evaluation inbiological sciences298-4
Prasek, M.A. – BIOSIS Previews : the power of codes (Lang.: eng). - In: Medical Reference Services Quarterly , 17(1998)2,p.43-49.

10710   1996-0191conceptologysystems theory298-51/4
Toews, L.. – An evaluation methodology for clinical vocabularies and evaluation of the Read Codes (Lang.: eng). - In: Olson, H.A.; Ward, D.B. (Eds.) Connectedness: Information, Systems, People. Proc.CAIS/ACSI 95. 23rd Ann.Conf. Canadian Assoc.Inform.Sci., University of Alberta, SLIS.1995. p.71-0.Edmonton, Alberta, School of Libr.& Inform.Stud.,University,

11521   1993-0628conceptologysystems theory298-51/4
Richwine, P.W.. – A study of MeSH and UMLS for subject searching in an online catalog (Lang.: eng). - In: Bull.Med.Libr.Assoc.Vol. 81 No. 2. 1993. p.229-33.

13657   1996-0192conceptologysystems theory298-51/4
Vavrova, W.. – The MeSH thesaurus use within the Rapid Library system - its practical use for the purposes of subject cataloguing (Lang.: slo). - In: Kniznice a Informacie. Vol. 27, No. 7. 1995. p.297-306. The Slovak Medical Library decided to load the Slovak translation of the MeSH thesaurus onto the Rapid Library automation package which had been implemented in 1993. The thesaurus contains 16 800 descriptors with relevant classification codes and Slovakequivalents. An authority file for automated subject cataloguing has been set up in cooperation with COSMOTRON, a software company which provided support for the installation of the electronic version of the thesaurus.

9616   conceptologysystems theorycomparison of classifications298-51/4;292
Gu, Ying. – [A performance evaluation on medicine and health class of Chinese Library Classification (5th edition): compared with medicine and health class of Chinese Library Classification (4th edition)] (Lang.: chi). - In: Library journal, 31(2012)8, pp. 33-36.

4444   2006-33-2-0048KOS evaluation ineducationspecial KOSeducation298-56;656
Naumis Peña, C. – Evaluation of educational thesauri (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization for a Global Learning Society [see 2006-33-2-0003], p.271-277.

11522   1993-0629KOS evaluation in298-668
Beatty, S.. – ESP at ADFA after five years (Lang.: eng). - In: Catalog.AustraliaVol. 17 No. 3/4. 1991. p.65-92.

12059   1995-0381KOS evaluation inliterature298-92, 398-92
Beghtol, C. – Domain analysis, literary warrant, and consensus: the case of fiction studies (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Amer.Soc.Inform.Sci. Vol. 46. No. 1. 1995. p.30-44. Reports research that descriptor subfields used in MLA Bibliography online to quantify literary warrant in the domain of scholarly work about fiction (i.e. about fiction studies). Uses Hulme's concept of literary warrant and Kernan's description of the i. nteractive processes of literature and literary scholarship to justify quantifing existing subject indexing in existing bibliographic records as a 1st step in the domain analysis of a field. Certain of the MLA Bibliography online's descriptor subfields a. nd certain of the descriptor terms within those subfields occurred more often than wouzld occur by change. The techniques used in the research might be extended to domain analysis of other fields. (Author, abbr.)



Further items on this class as a particular theme

15545thesauriKOS evaluation inbiology214;298-41
Mayor, Charlie; Robinson, Lyn. – Ontological realism, concepts and classification in molecular biology development and application of the gene ontology (Lang.: eng). – In: Journal of documentation, 70(2014)1, pp. 173-193..

15546thesauriKOS evaluation inbiology214;298-41
Mayor, Charlie; Robinson, Lyn. – Ontological realism and classification: structures and concepts in the gene ontology (Lang.: eng). – In: Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 65(2014)4, pp. 686-697..

51902007-0423various NBM indexingKOS evaluation in879;298
Abels, S., Hahn, A. – Reclassification of electronic product catalogs: the "Apricot" approach and its evaluation results (Lang.: eng). – In: Informing Science, 9(2006), p.31-47.

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