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30102002-0035KOS comparative analysis 295
Alexander, A., Meehleib, T. The Thesaurus for Graphic Materials : its history, use and future (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 31(2001)3/4, p.189-212.

8448KOS comparative analysis 295
López Piñeiro, Carla, Giménez Toledo, Elea. Knowledge classification: a problem for scientific assessment in Spain? (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge organization, 38(2011)5, pp. 367-380.

9615KOS comparative analysis 295
Li, Binghui. [Classification of books on project management] (Lang.: chi). - In: Library development, (2012)1, pp. 43-46, 49.

104691995-0166KOS comparative analysis 295
Tonta, Y.. LCSH and PRECIS in library and information science. a comparative study (Lang.: eng). - In: Occ.Papers. No.194.Champaign, IL, Univ.of IL, GSLIS, 1992. pp. 68.

115201993-0627KOS comparative analysis 295
Greenberg, J.. Intellectual control of visual archives. A comparison between the Art and Architecture Thesaurus and the Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials (Lang.: eng). - In: Catalog.& Classif.Quart.Vol. 16 No. 1. 1993. p.85-117.

122371995-0772KOS comparative analysis 295
Mandal, A. A comparative study of POPSI-Table with fundamental categories and phase relations in Colon Classification (Lang.: eng). - In: Herald of Libr.Sci. Vol. 34. No. 1-2. 1995. p.56-59. The study revealed that in both cases, the concept of Basic Class/Discipline must be indicated whether the Basic Class is explicit or implicit in the title under consideration. It also revealed that Entity of POPSI may equate with Personality/Matter Mate. rial/Matter Property of CC7. Action of POPSI may correlate with Energy/Matter Property of CC7 and Property of POPSI with Matter Property of CC7

122381995-0773KOS comparative analysis 295
Weinberg, B.H. Library classification and information retrieval thesauri: Comparison and contrast (Lang.: eng). - In: Cat.& Classif.Quart. Vol. 19. No. 3/4. 1995. p.23-44.

134051990-1-100KOS comparative analysis 295
Kazuaki, K.; Sumiko, M., Keiko, H., Inagaki, K.et al. A comparative evaluation of thesauri.Representation possibilities for a system of general concepts (Lang.: jap). - In: Joho-no kagaku to gijutsu.Vol.38.No.10.1988.p.565-572.

16397KOS comparative analysis 295
Rodriguez, Sonia Maria Troitiño . Comparative Study Of Record Structures At Similar Institutions: Diplomatics Analysis Of Postmortem Inventories (Lang.: por). - In: Informação: além das nuvens, expandindo as fronteiras da Ciência da Informação: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Encontro Nacional de Pesquisa em Ciência da Informação, (2014), pp. 935-954.

16439KOS comparative analysis 295
Jeong-Hyen Kim. [A Comparative Analysis of Cataloging Records Related to Korea in the Major Asia-Pacific University Libraries] (Lang.: kor). - In: Journal of Korean Library and Information Science Society, 46(2015)3, pp. 301-323. Available at http://www.dbpia.co.kr/Article/NODE06523545

17897KOS comparative analysis 295
Lee, Deborah. Consumption, criticism and wirkung: reception-infused analysis of classification schemes (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization,42(2015)7, pp. 508-521.Würzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2015. pp. 14. ISSN: 09437444; 3 Diagrams, 1 Chart

17929KOS comparative analysis 295
Terra, Ana Lúcia; Fujita, Mariângela Spotti Lopes; Agustín Lacruz, Maria del Carmen . Indexing Policies in Brazilian and Portuguese School Libraries: A Comparative Analysis (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 43(2016)4, pp. 279-284.Würzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2016. pp. 6. ISSN: 09437444

18366KOS comparative analysis UDC Bliss Cl. 295;042;045
Smiraglia, Richard P.; Szostak, Rick . Converting UDC to BCC: comparative approaches to interdisciplinarity (Lang.: eng). - In: Advances in Knowledge Organization, 16(2018), pp. 530-538.

15387KOS comparative analysis new technology 295;177
Rrokné Palik, Mária. Google vs ETO. Információkeresés a weben és a könyvtári katalógusban [Google vs. Universal Decimal Classification. Information search on the web and in library catalogues] (Lang.: hun). - In: Tudományos Műszaki Tájékoztatás, 60(2013)6. Available at http://tmt.omikk.bme.hu/show_news.html?id=5858&issue_id=549

9614KOS comparative analysis history of KO in countries 295;199
Bao, Xiulin; Wu, Wen-na. [Development situation and performance assessment of Chinese Thesaurus (1980-2009)] (Lang.: chi). - In: Library tribune, 32(2012)4, pp. 101-106.

8271998-0203KOS comparative analysis comparison of universal systems 295;417
Dahlberg, I. Classification structure principles : Investigations, experiences, conclusions (Lang.: eng). - In: Structures and Relations in Knowledge Organization : Proceedings of the 5th International ISKO Conference 25-29 August 1998 Lille, France. Würzburg : Ergon Verlag, 1998, p.80-88. Comparison of the main classification systems, based on the Information Coding Classification (ICC)

9819KOS comparative analysis conceptology systems theory 295;62/4
Hariri, Nadjla; Kazerani, Maryam; Moghaddam-Kiya, Reza. Evaluation of Persian thesauri of basic sciences based on ANSI / NISO 39.19-2005 standard (Lang.: eng). - In: Malaysian journal of library & information Science, 18(2013)1, pp. 55-65.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

15148classification problems KOS comparative analysis 172;295
Olson, Hope; Beak, Jihee; Choi, Inkyung. Le naturel est artificial: l’héritage de la scientia scientiarum (Lang.: fre). In: Hermès: une revue de l’Institut des sciences de la communication du CNRS (ISCC) 66(2013). Available at http://hdl.handle.net/2042/51551

18380systems reconciliation KOS comparative analysis 286;295
Gnoli, Claudio; Ledl, Andreas; Park, Ziyoung; Trzmielewski, Marcin. Phenomenon-based vs. disciplinary classification: possibilities for evaluating and for mapping (Lang.: eng). In: Advances in Knowledge Organization, 16(2018), pp. 653-661.

8801998-0256general classifications KOS for patents KOS comparative analysis 482;487;295
Meo-Evoli, L., Negrini, G., Farnesi, T. ICC and ICS : comparison and relations between two systems based on different principles (Lang.: eng). In: Structures and Relations in Knowledge Organization : Proceedings of the 5th International ISKO Conference 25-29 August 1998 Lille, France. Würzburg : Ergon Verlag, 1998, p.229-237.

15627tagging KOS comparative analysis 835;295
Jia, Junzhi; Li, Ting. Tushu biaoqian yu shumujilu de duibi fenxi (Lang.: chi). In: Information studies: theory and application, 36(2013)11, pp. 123-128.

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