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Items on this class as the base theme

3481997-3-0347KOS maintenance 272
Burchard, M. Centrum Formatow i Kartotek Hasel Wzorcowych [Format and Authority Control Centre] (Lang.: pol). - In: Bibliotekarz (1996)11. p.6-8. On the Polish centralised and standardised subject catalogue

7159KOS maintenance 272
Tennis, Joseph T. Measured time: imposing a temporal metric to classificatory structures (Lang.: eng). - In: Paradigms and conceptual systems in knowledge organization (, pp. 223-228.

8446KOS maintenance 272
Pimentel, David M. Toward a typology of classificatory change (Lang.: eng). - In: Expanding our horizons, evaluating our parameters, [See 06.11-06-16\17], pp. 139-150.

8788KOS maintenance 272
Eman, Jay Ven. When is your taxonomy finished? (Lang.: eng). - In: Information outlook, 15(2011)8, pp. 17-19.

102771993-0623KOS maintenance 272
Chérubin, M.. La maintenance d'un thésaurus [Maintenance of a thesaurus] (Lang.: fre). - Paris, Inst.Etud.Polit, 1991. pp. 126.(Information et Documentation).

10211998-0397KOS maintenance KOS for libraries 272;485
Burchard, M. Zentrale Datenbank der Normdateien der Universitätsbibliotheken [Central database of authority files of university libraries] (Lang.: ger). - In: Forum Musikbibliothek, (1998)1,p.54-58. Central authority files for personal and corporate names, for titles and for the subject headings according to KABA

9250KOS maintenance special KOS agriculture 272;646
Caracciolo, C. et al. Thesaurus maintenance, alignment and publication as linked data: the AGROVOC use case (Lang.: eng). - In: International journal of metadata semantics and ontologies, 7(2012)1, pp. 65-75.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

1711997-2-0170design principles KOS maintenance 232;272
Cheti, A. L'indicizzazione per soggetto negli anni Novanta [Subject heading systems in the 90s] (Lang.: ita). In: Bolletino AIB 36(1996)3.

12821999-0077DDC KOS maintenance 43;272
Martin, G.S. The revision of 350-354 Public administration and 560-590 Life sciences in Edition 21 of the DDC (Lang.: eng). In: Dewey Decimal Classification : Edition 21 and International Perspectives : papers from a workshop at the IFLA Conference Beijing, China, August 29, 1996 / ed. by L.M. Chan and J.S. Mitchell. - Albany: Forest Press, 1997 , p.17-28.

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