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1691997-2-0168preconditions for construction 231
Chen, H. [et al.]. A concept space approach to addressing the vocabulary problems in scientific information retrieval : an experiment on the worm community system (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of the American Society for Information Science 48(1997)1. p.17-31.

1701997-2-0169preconditions for construction 231
Porarinsdottir, P.T. Kerfisbundnar efnisordaskrar : uppbygging og notagildi vid kyklun heimilda [Thesauri : their construction and utility value in indexing] (Lang.: dan). - In: Bokasafnid (1996)20. p.5-12.

42392005-32-4-0314preconditions for construction 231
Currás, E. Ontologías, taxonomía y tesauros : manual de construcción y uso [Ontologies, taxonomies and thesauri: construction manual] (Lang.: eng). - 3 actualiz. y ampl. ed. Gijón, Ed. Trea, 2005. pp. 337. ISBN: 8497041577.

42402005-32-4-0315preconditions for construction 231
Lebrecht, H. Methoden und Probleme der Bilderschliessung [Problems of cataloguing and indexing of images] (Lang.: ger). - In: Köln : Fachhochschule Köln, Fakultät für Informations- und Kommunikationswiss., 2004. 47 p. [electr.].((Kölner Arbeitspapiere zur Bibliotheks- und Informationswissenschaft) ; 42). Available at http://webdoc.sub.gwdg.de/ebook/aw/2004/fh-koeln/band042.pdf

102211993-0128preconditions for construction 231
Trigari, M.. Come costruire un thesaurus [How to construct a thesaurus] (Lang.: ita). - Modena, IT, F.C.Panini Ed., 1992. pp. 193. ISBN: 887686203X.

134501996-0174preconditions for construction 231
Senga, M.. Simple questions from one classifier involved in creating the Odradek like network of library classification (Lang.: jap). - In: Toshokan Zasshi/Libr.Journal. Vol. 89, No. 10. 1995. p.834-835. Compares the difficulties for classifiers of capturing the subject of a particular document with Kafka's indescribable 'Odradek'. Classificationists - those that construct classification systems - must put themselves into the position of appliers of suchsystems - classifiers.

136411990-1-084preconditions for construction 231
Polyakov, O.M. Systematization (Lang.: rus, eng). - In: Nauchno-tekhn.inform.,Ser.2.Vol.22.No.12.1988.p.21-28.

103421993-0127231, 31, 186
Elghoul, M.; Checroun, A.. Méthodologie de conception d'un SIAD pour la gestion documentaire: aide ナ l'indexation, aide ナ la construction du thésaurus, aide ナ la recherche et aide ナ l'apprentissage [DSS designing methodology for documentation management: indexing aid, thesaurus building aid, research aid and machine leraning aid] (Lang.: fre). - Paris, Univ.de Paris 9, 1990. pp. 205. (Th.doct.)

22132000-0489preconditions for construction relationships problems mark-up languages 231;241;357
Umstätter, W. Wissensorganisation mit Hilfe des semiotischen Thesaurus - auf der Basis von SGML bzw. XML [Knowledge organization with the help of the semiotic thesaurus - based on SMGL resp. XML] (Lang.: ger). - In: Globalisierung und Wissensorganisation[see 2000-0457], p.237-249.

44362006-33-2-0040preconditions for construction KO metadata 231;918
Smiraglia, R.P. Empiricism as the basis for metadata categorisation : expanding the case for instantiation with archival documents (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization for a Global Learning Society [see 2006-33-2-0003], p.383-388.

Ibrahim, A. Guidelines for development of S & T Thesaurus in Indian languages (Lang.: eng). - In: Annals of Libr.Lit.Vol.1.1987.p.31-32.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

44232006-33-2-0027KOS typology preconditions for construction 212;231
Tennis, J.T. Function, purpose, predication, and context of information organization frameworks (Lang.: eng). In: Knowledge Organization for a Global Learning Society [see 2006-33-2-0003], p.303-309.

12341999-0029KOS conceptual structures preconditions for construction relationships problems 221;231;241
Byrne, C.C., McCracken, S.A. An adaptive thesaurus empoying semantic distance, relational inheritance and nominal compound interpretation for linguistic support of information retrieval (Lang.: eng). In: Journal of Information Science , 25(1999)2,p.113-131.

5581997-4-0559library KOS integrated thesauri preconditions for construction 411;216;231
Patrulea, V. Clasificarea Zecimală Universală - Tezaur de descriptori [Universal Decimal Classification - thesaurus of descriptors] (Lang.: rom). In: Buletin asociaţia bibliotecarilor din învaţămănt – România 8 (1997)2. p.33-37.

5591997-4-0560library KOS integrated thesauri preconditions for construction 411;216;231
Lazăr, M. O posibilă evoluţie indexării tematice spre tezaurele specializate [A possible evolution of thematical indexing toward specialized thesauri] (Lang.: rom). In: Buletin asociaţia bibliotecarilor din învaţămănt – România 8 (1997)2. p.38-42.

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