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231997-1-0023KOS conceptual structures 221
Lopez-Huertas, M.J. Thesaurus structure design: A conceptual approach for improved interaction (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of documentation 53(1997)1, p.139-177.

1681997-2-0167KOS conceptual structures 221
Jarvelin, K. [et al.]. A deductive data model for thesaurus navigation and query expansion (Lang.: eng). - Tampere, Tampere University, 1996. pp. 669.(Finnish Information Studies ; 5). ISBN: 9514440889.

3431997-3-0342KOS conceptual structures 221
Casanova, P.G. Clasificaciones y definiciones : notas para un bibliotecario [Classifications and definitions : notes for a librarian] (Lang.: spa). - In: Investigacion Bibliotecologica: Archivonomia, Bibliotecologia, e Informacion 10(1996)20. p.3-8.

3441997-3-0343KOS conceptual structures 221
Rong-xian, F. The philosophy introspection of the classification retrieval language (Lang.: chi). - In: Journal of Information, Communication, and Library Science 3(1996)2. p.80-86.

17792000-0055KOS conceptual structures 221
Pole, T. Contextual classification in the Metadata Object Manager (M.O.M.) (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge: creation, organization and use: proceedings of the 62th annual meeting of the American Society for Information Science, Washington, DC, Oct.31-Nov.4,1999, p.194-202.

39492005-32-1-0026KOS conceptual structures 221
Will, L. Taxonomy: Classification by Another Name (Lang.: eng). - In: Legal Information Management, 4(2004)2, p.125-130.

39502005-32-1-0026aKOS conceptual structures 221
Zerweck, P., Lupp, C. Mehrdimensionale Ordnungssysteme im virtuellen Raum anhand eines Desktops [Multidimensional ordering systems in the virtual space on the basis of a Desktop system as example] (Lang.: ger). - In: Wissensorganisation und Edutainment [see 2005-32-1-0003], p.141-146.

44292006-33-2-0033KOS conceptual structures 221
Bauer, G. Die vielseitigen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten des Kategorienprinzipes bei der Wissensorganisation [The many-sided possibilities to use the principles of categorization in knowledge organization] (Lang.: ger). - In: Wissensorganisation und Verantwortung [see 2006-33-2-0002], p.22-33.

44302006-33-2-0034KOS conceptual structures 221
Fugman, R. Nützlichkeit von semantischen Kategorien auf dem Gebiet der Informationsbereitstellung [The usefulness of semantical categories in the field of provision of information] (Lang.: ger). - In: Wissensorganisation und Verantwortung [see 2006-33-2-0002], p.34-36.

7149KOS conceptual structures 221
Gnoli, Claudio. Levels, types, facets: three structural principles for KO (Lang.: eng). - In: Paradigms and conceptual systems in knowledge organization (, pp. 129-137.

7150KOS conceptual structures 221
Mazzocchi, Fulvio, Plini, Paolo. Refining thesaurus relational structure: implications and opportunities (Lang.: eng). - In: Kompatibilität, Medien und Ethik in der Wissensorganisation (, pp. 24-34.

7151KOS conceptual structures 221
Scognamiglio, Carlo. “Strata” and top categories for an ontologically oriented classification (Lang.: eng). - In: Paradigms and conceptual systems in knowledge organization (, pp. 138-151.

126081996-0983KOS conceptual structures 221
Papzoglou, M.P.. Unraveling the semantics of conceptual schemas (Lang.: eng). - In: Comm.ACM. Vol. 38, No. 9. 1995. p.80-94.

15772KOS conceptual structures 221
Smiraglia, Richard P.. Classification interaction demonstrated empirically (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge organization in the 21st century, pp. 176-183 (06.14-05-19/22).

16379KOS conceptual structures 221
Moraes, Miriam Gontijo . Organization Of Interdisciplinary Studies Of Substances Psychoactive (Lang.: p). - In: Informação: além das nuvens, expandindo as fronteiras da Ciência da Informação: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Encontro Nacional de Pesquisa em Ciência da Informação, (2014), pp. 584-600. Available at http://enancib2014.eci.ufmg.br/documentos/anais/anais-gt2

17657KOS conceptual structures 221
Lee, Yen‐Hsien; Wei, Chih‐Ping; Hu, Paul Jen‐Hwa. An ontology‐based technique for preserving user preferences in document‐category evolutions (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 62(2010)3, pp. 507-520.Hoboken, NJ, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2010. pp. 13. Available at http://https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/asi.21471 ISSN: 15322890

17721KOS conceptual structures 221
Dahiya, Naveen; Bhatnagar, Vishal; Singh, Manjeet. An empirical experimentation towards predicting understandability of conceptual schemas using quality metric (Lang.: eng). - In: Int. Journal of Big Data Intelligence, 2(2015)1, pp. 9 - 22.Olney, UK, Inderscience Publishers, 2015. pp. 13. Available at http://http://www.inderscience.com/info/inarticle.php?artid=67564

17750KOS conceptual structures 221
Zhang, Pengyi; Soergel, Dagobert. Process patterns and conceptual changes in knowledge representations during information seeking and sensemaking: a qualitative user study (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Information Science, 42(2016)1 pp. 59–78.Thousand Oaks, CA, SAGE Publications , 2016. pp. 19. Available at http://http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0165551515615834

15550KOS conceptual structures information science 221;111
Szostak, Rick. Classifying for social diversity (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge organization, 41(2014)2, pp. 160-169..

31932002-0214KOS conceptual structures conceptual models 221;124
Smith, T.R., Zeng, M.L. Structured models of scientific concepts for organizing, accessing, and using learning materials (Lang.: eng). - In: Challenges in Knowledge Organization ...[see 2002-0188], p. 232-239.

3571997-3-0356KOS conceptual structures KOS use 221;217
Vickery, B.C. Structure and function of retrieval languages (Lang.: eng). - In: From classification to knowledge organization : Dorking revisited or past is prelude : a collection of reprints to commemorate the forty year span between the Dorking Conference (First international study conference on classification research 1957) and the Sixth International study conference on classification research (London, UK) 1997 [see 1997-3-353] p.23-34. Orig. publ. in Journal of Documentation 27(1971)4, p.69-82

9609KOS conceptual structures KOS components 221;222
Baek, Ji-Won. [An analysis of the characteristics of the subject-based classification system] (Lang.: kor). - In: Journal of the Korean Society for Library and Information Science, 47(2013)1, pp. 57-79.

12341999-0029KOS conceptual structures preconditions for construction relationships problems 221;231;241
Byrne, C.C., McCracken, S.A. An adaptive thesaurus empoying semantic distance, relational inheritance and nominal compound interpretation for linguistic support of information retrieval (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Information Science , 25(1999)2,p.113-131.

15291999-0323KOS conceptual structures relationships problems 221;241
Schmitz-Esser, W. Thesaurus and beyond : an advanced formula for linguistic engineering and information retrieval (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 26(1999)1, p.10-22. »» A new approach to thesaurus design and construction. Propose a number of new standard relations

Further items on this class as a particular theme

3391997-3-0338bases of concepts KOS conceptual structures 121;221
Vickery, B.C. Ontologies (Lang.: eng). In: Journal of Information Science 23(1997)4. p.277-286. Use of the term ontology in artificial intelligence research and comparison of ontologies with similar tools used in information science

6381998-0015theory of concepts KOS conceptual structures 122;221
Kuznetsov, V. On triplet classifications of concepts (Lang.: ). In: Knowledge Organization 1997(24)3,p.163-175.

34852004-0012conceptual models KOS conceptual structures 124;221
Smith, T.R., Zeng, M.L. Concept maps supported by knowledge organization structures (Lang.: eng). In: Knowledge Organization and the Global Information Society. Proceedings of the 8th International ISKO Conference [see 2004-0004], 23-28.

23662001-0024structure of science KOS conceptual structures 162;221
Gopinath, M.A. Paradigms, paradigm shifts and classification (Lang.: eng). In: Library Science with Slant to Documentation and Information Studies, 36(1999)2,p.73-77.

22082000-0484KOS theory KOS conceptual structures 211;221
Schmitz-Esser, W. Gedankenraumreisen - neue Thesaurusstrukturen, multimadial präsentiert, machen Anregung, Spielen, Lernen, Finden möglich für jedermann [Travelling in spaces of thoughts - new structures for thesauri, multimedial presented, make stimulation, playing, learning, finding possible for everybody] (Lang.: ger). In: Globalisierung und Wissensorganisation[see 2000-0457], p.197-210.

35182004-0045KOS theory KOS conceptual structures 211;221
Jacob, E.K. The structure of context : implications of structure for the creation of context in information systems (Lang.: eng). In: Knowledge Organization and the Global Information Society. Proceedings of the 8th International ISKO Conference [see 2004-0004], 85-90.

17624KOS typology KOS conceptual structures 212;221
Seshagiri Rao, V.A.. Step by step classification a formula based classification (Lang.: eng). New Delhi, IN, Ess Ess Publications, 2017. Available at http://http://www.essessreference.com/servlet/esGetBiblio?bno=695 9788193359792. set of two volumes

15374facets KOS conceptual structures special KOS christian religion 225;221;699
La Barre, Kathryn. Facets, views and frames: enhancing connectedness in information organization (Lang.: eng). In: Complexidade e organização do conhecimento: desafios de nosso século. Rio de Janeiro: ISKO-Brasil; Marília: FUNDEPE, pp. 228- 230.

33632003-0037relationships problems KOS conceptual structures 241;221
Speel, P.H., Schreiber, G., Van Joolingen, W., Van Heijst, G., Beijer, G. Conceptual modeling for knowledge-based system (Lang.: eng). In: Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science, (2002)71,p.16-42.

471997-1-0047hypermedia KOS conceptual structures 356;221
Arents, H.C., Bogaerts, W.F.L. Concept-based indexing and retrieval of hypermedia information (Lang.: eng). In: Encyclopedia of library and information science Vol.58 1996, , p. 1-29.

53342007-0571special KOS ecology KOS conceptual structures 649;221
Stirling, D. A. EPA glossaries: the struggle to define environmental terms (Lang.: eng). In: Government Information Quarterly, 24(2007)2, p.414-428.

58342008-0380museum indexing KOS conceptual structures 878;221
Isaac, A., Schlobach, S., Matthezing, H., Zinn, C. Integrated access to cultural heritage resources through representation and alignment of controlled vocabularies (Lang.: eng). In: Library Review, 57(2008)3, p.187-199.

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