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Items on this class as the base theme

28332001-0491KOS in special environments 218
Wagner, L. Slovenska bibliografija : prikaz stanja glede na priporocila UNESCO za izdelavo tekocih nacionalnih bibliografij [The Slovenian bibliography: implementation of UNESCO guidelines for the compilation of current national bibliographies status report] (Lang.: slo). - In: Knjiznica, 44(2000)1/2, p.113-120.

59152009-0035KOS in special environments 218
Bourdon, F., Landry, P. Best practices for subject access to national bibliographies: interim report by the Working Group on Guidelines for Subject Access by National Bibliographic Agencies (Lang.: eng). - In: International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control, 37(2008)4, p.63-65.

62012009-0321KOS in special environments 218
Dahlström, Mats, Hansson, Joacim. On the relation between qualitative digitization and library institutional identity (Lang.: eng). - In: Culture and identity in knowledge organization [see 2009-0262], pp. 111-117.

64112009-0531KOS in special environments 218
Stroud, Rod. AIATSIS thesauri recognised internationally (Lang.: eng). - In: inCite, 29(2008)9, p.31.

7356KOS in special environments 218
Rolle, Massimo. Il Thesaurus Regionale Toscano: dalla prima alla seconda edizione [Thesaurus Regionale Toscano; from first to second edition] (Lang.: ita). - In: I workshop di Teca: 8 focus per le biblioteche; ed. by Waldemaro Morgese & Maria A. Abenante. Rome, AIB, 2010. 373pp., pp. 243-246.

9799KOS in special environments 218
Eito-Brun, Ricardo. SatTerm experience: vocabulary control and facet analysis helps improve the software requirements elicitation process (Lang.: eng). - 2013. Available at http://www.iskouk.org/conf2013/papers/EitoBrunPaper.pdf Paper presented at Knowledge Organization – Pushing the Boundaries, ISKO UK biennial conference, 8th-9th July 2013, London.

129101993-0121KOS in special environments 218
Chaumier, J.. Du bon usage du thésaurus avec le CD-ROM [To make good use of a thesaurus with a CD-ROM] (Lang.: fre). - In: I.D.T.Information Documentation Transfert des Connaissances. 9 Congrès, Bordeaux, 1991-05-28. 1991. p.269-270.Bordeaux, FR,

136541995-0137KOS in special environments 218
Jurcackova, Z.. Theoretical aspects of an information retrieval language application (Lang.: slo). - In: Kniznice a Informacie. 24(1992)10,p.425-428.

136861994-0860KOS in special environments 218
Ardö, A.; Koch, T.. Lund University's electronic library II: Gopher, World Wide Web (WWW). Planned projects (Lang.: swe). - In: Tidskr.Dok.. 48(1993)3,p.73-90. Methods for libary classification were used to group all information sources on Internet: the facets by type, by location and by subject. The UDC has also been used to organize a subject tree and to use its linking possibilities to other places.

15946KOS in special environments 218
Al-Aama, Arwa Yousuf. Technology knowledge management (TKM) taxonomy: using technology to manage knowledge in a Saudi municipality (Lang.: eng). - In: VINE: The journal of information & knowledge management systems, 44(2014)1, pp. 2-21.

15948KOS in special environments 218
Zhu, Xiao-mei; Zhou, Jie; Dong, Wei. [Research on the application of thesaurus in knowledge management] (Lang.: chi). - In: Information science, 7(2014), pp. 29-32+138.

16449KOS in special environments 218
Pinheiro, Lena Vania Ribeiro. Do Instituto Internacional de Bibliografia ao Instituto Brasileiro de Bibliografia e Documentação: as bibliografias como memória do conhecimento e reflexos das ideias de Otlet no Brasil [From the international institute of bibliography to Brazilian institute of bibliography and documentation: bibliographies as memory of knowledge and reflexes of Otlet’s ideas in Brazil ] (Lang.: por). - In: Informação&Informação, 20(2015)2, pp. 63-85. Available at http://www.uel.br/revistas/uel/index.php/informacao/article/view/23125/pdf_60

16450KOS in special environments 218
Crippa, Giulia. Cassiodoro e as Institutiones Divinarum Litterarum como fonte histórica para a discussão sobre práticas bibliográficas e organização do conhecimento ["Cassiodorus and the Institutiones Divinarum Litterarum as an historical font for discussion on bibliographical practices and knowledge organization"] (Lang.: por). - In: Informação&Informação, 20(2015)2, pp. 86-117. Available at http://www.uel.br/revistas/uel/index.php/informacao/article/view/23126/pdf_61

16451KOS in special environments 218
Araújo, André Vieira de Freitas. Pioneirismo bibliográfico em um polímeta do séc. XVI: Conrad Gesner [Bibliographical pioneering in a polymath of the 16th Century: Conrad Gesner ] (Lang.: por). - In: Informação&Informação, 20(2015)2, pp. 118-142. Available at http://www.uel.br/revistas/uel/index.php/informacao/article/view/23127/pdf_62

16492KOS in special environments 218
Hänel, Petra; Schamberger, Anja. Zeitgemässe Klassifikationen: Ein Praxisbericht der Stadtbibliothek Heidenau und Stadtbibliothek Auerbach/Vogtland [Timely classification systems: An experience report of the public libraries of Heidenau and Auerbach/Vogtland [Germany]] (Lang.: ger). - In: BIS: Das Magazin der Bibliotheken in Sachsen, 8(2015)2, p. 132. Available at http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:bsz:14-qucosa-173847

16630KOS in special environments 218
Santos, Paloma Maria; Rover, Aires José. Representação do conhecimento por meio de ontologias: uma aplicação no domínio da democracia eletrônica [Knowledge representation through ontologies: an application in the electronic democracy field] (Lang.: eng). - In: Perspectivas em Ciência da Informação, 21(2016) 2, pp. 188-214. Available at http://portaldeperiodicos.eci.ufmg.br/index.php/pci/article/view/2523

16637KOS in special environments 218
Mendonça, Fabrício Martins; Almeida, Maurício Barcellos. OntoForInfoScience: a detailed methodology for construction of ontologies and its application in the blood domain (Lang.: eng). - In: Brazilian Journal of Information Studies: Research Trends, 10(2016)1, pp. 12-19. Available at http://www2.marilia.unesp.br/revistas/index.php/bjis/article/view/5426

16831KOS in special environments 218
Santos, Paloma Maria; Rover, Aires Jos. Knowledge representation through ontologies: an application in the electronic democracy field [Knowledge representation through ontologies: an application in the electronic democracy field] (Lang.: eng). - In: Perspectivas em Ci?ncia da Informa??o, 21(2016)3, pp. 22-49. Available at http://portaldeperiodicos.eci.ufmg.br/index.php/pci/article/view/2523/1786

18169KOS in special environments 218
Dobreski, Brian; Kwaśnik, Barbara. Changing Depictions of Persons in Library Practice: Spirits, Pseudonyms, and Human Books (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 44(2017)8, pp. 656-667.

18759KOS in special environments 218
Bayer, Ulrike. 50 Jahre nationalbibliographische Erfassung der Drucke des 16. Jahrhunderts im deutschen Sprachraum [50 years of national bibliographic recording of 16th century prints in the German-speaking countries] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliotheksmagazin, 15(2020)2, pp. 65-68. Available at http://www.bsb-muenchen.de/fileadmin/pdf/publikationen/bibliotheksmagazin/bm_2020_2.pdf

129591994-0861218, 715
Blasco, P.. Madicia: 30 thesaurus conceptuels: Les nouveaux outils de la veille technologie [Madicia: 30 conceptual thesauri: New tools of an old technology] (Lang.: fre). - In: Nouv.technol.inf.(1993)48,p.20-21. The conceptual thesauri elaborated in the company Madiscia with the methods of artificial intelligence serve as data filters which respond to a certain problem.

126071996-0982218, 756
Lambert, N.. Of thesauri and computers: reflections on the need for thesauri (Lang.: eng). - In: Searcher. Vol. 3, No. 8. 1005. p.18-23.

136511993-0122218, 985
Jurcackova, Z.. Theoretical aspects of an information retrieval languages application (Lang.: slo). - In: Kl, Kn. Inform.Vol. 24 No. 10. 1992. p.425-429.

18356KOS in special environments KOS testing 218;293
Guedes, Roger de Miranda; Moura, Maria Aparecida. Semantic warrant, cultural hospitality and knowledge representation in multicultural contexts: experiments with the use of the EuroVoc and UNBIS thesauri (Lang.: eng). - In: Advances in Knowledge Organization, 16(2018), pp. 442-449.

48342007-0028KOS in special environments DDC 218;43
Landry, P. The use of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) for the organization of national bibliographies in Switzerland, Germany and Austria (Lang.: eng). - In: International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control, 35(2006)3, p.59-62.

28342001-0492KOS in special environments LCSH 218;448
Heiner-Freiling, M. Survey on subject heading languages used in national libraries and bibliographies (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 29(2000)1/2, p.189-198.

7357KOS in special environments 218;934(380)
Filograno, Anna. Applicazione del Thesaurus Regionale Toscano: dall'attivita` di indicizzazione alle attività di front office:alcune riflessioni [Applying the Thesaurus Regionale Toscano: from indexing to front office work: some considerations] (Lang.: ita). - In: I workshop di Teca: 8 focus per le biblioteche; ed. by Waldemaro Morgese & Maria A. Abenante. Rome, AIB, 2010, 373pp., pp. 337-340.

15947KOS in special environments use of thesauri 218;985
Borchert, Friederike; Keidel, Petra. Und sie bewegt sich doch! Der Einsatz eines Thesaurus zur Unterstützung der Sacherschliessung in einem Discoverysystem [And yet it moves! Using a thesaurus to support subject access in a discovery system] (Lang.: ger). - In: B.I.T. online: Zeitschrift für Bibliothek, Information und Technologie, 17(2014) 5, pp. 456-463.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

16163various universal KOS biological sciences KOS in special environments 048-4;218
Martín-Moncunill, David; García-Barriocanal, Elena; Sicilia, Miguel-Angel; Sánchez-Alonso, Salvador. Evaluating the Practical Applicability of Thesaurus-Based Keyphrase Extraction in the Agricultural Domain: Insights from the VOA3R Project (Lang.: eng). In: Knowledge Organization, 41(2014)6, pp. 76-89.

17860various universal KOS biological sciences KOS in special environments 048-4;218
Martín-Moncunill, David; García-Barriocanal, Elena; Sicilia, Miguel-Angel; Sánchez-Alonso, Salvador. Evaluating the practical applicability of thesaurus-based keyphrase extraction in the agricultural domain: insights from the VOA3R project (Lang.: eng). In: Knowledge Organization,42(2015)2, pp. 76-89.Würzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2015. pp. 14.

17861various universal KOS biological sciences KOS in special environments 048-4;218
Beaudoin, Joan; Ménard, Elaine. Objects of human desire: the organization of pornographic videos on free websites (Lang.: eng). In: Knowledge Organization,42(2015)2, pp. 90-101.Würzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2015. pp. 12.

1771997-2-0176indexing for purposes KOS in special environments KO research in 318;218;188
Efthimiadis, E.N., Afifi, M. Population groups : indexing, coverage, and retrieval effectiveness of ethnically related health care issues in health sciences databases (Lang.: eng). In: Bulletin of the Medical Library Association 84(1996)3. p.386-396.

7176semi-automatic indexing methods DDC KOS in special environments 344;43;218
Reiner, Ulrike. Automatische DDC-Klassifizierung: Bibliografische Titeldatensätze der Deutschen Nationalbibliografie [Automatic DDC classification of bibliographic records of the German National Bibliography] (Lang.: ger). In: Dialog mit Bibliotheken. 22(2010)1, pp.23-29.

9880various NBM indexing KOS in special environments 879;218
Hlava, Marjorie M.K.. Using a taxonomy for your database or website: a look behind the scenes (Lang.: eng). In: Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 39(2013)5, pp. 48-51.

16479KO organization KOS in special environments 93;218
Boiger, Wolfgang. Entity Facts – ein neuer Dienst der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek [Entity Facts – a new service of the German National Library] (Lang.: ger). In: B.I.T. online, 18(2015)4, pp. 329-338.

7034bibliographic records KOS in special environments 944;218
Pisanski, Jan, Žumer, Maja, Aalberg, Trond. Frbrisation: towards a bright new future for national bibliographies (Lang.: eng). In: International cataloguing and bibliographical control, 39(2010)1, pp. 3-6.

36982004-0224use of indexing practices KOS in special environments KOS for libraries 983;218;485
Oliveira, R.M. A organizaçao do conhecimento nas bibliotecas portuguêsas [Knowledge organization in Portuguese libraries (Lang.: ). In: Tendencias de investigación en organización del conocimient : IV Cologuio Internacional de Ciencas de la Documentación ; VI Congreso del Capítulo Español de ISKO = Trends in knowledge organization research / J.A. Frías, C. Travieso (Eds.) (Lang.: eng; por; spa). - Salamanca : Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2003. - 821 p. - ISBN: 8478007091 - p.379-386.

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