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1007   1998-0383history of indexing193
Piggott, M. – Dorking : a retrospective and an update (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 20(1997)4,p.215.

1767   2000-0043history of indexing193
Weinberg, B.H. – Indexes and religion : reflections on research in the history of indexes (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 21(1999)3,p.111-118.

1768   2000-0044history of indexing193
Gramsbergen, E., Konings, K. – De onderwerpsgids van de bibliotheek TU Delft [The subject index of Delft Technical University library] (Lang.: dut). - In: Informatie Professional, 3(1999)5,p.22-25.

2206   2000-0482history of indexing193
Neuhofer, M.D. – Cataloging and classification in Catholic college libraries of the 19th and 20th centuries : a case study (Lang.: eng). - In: Catholic Library World, 69(1999)4,p.22-33.

3699   2004-0225history of indexing193
Osuna Alarcón, R. – Catálogos, índices e inventarios en los siglos XVIII y XIX o los antecedentes de una disciplina [Catalogues, indexes and inventories in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, or the forerunners of a discipline] (Lang.: ). - In: Tendencias de investigación en organización del conocimient : IV Cologuio Internacional de Ciencas de la Documentación ; VI Congreso del Capítulo Español de ISKO = Trends in knowledge organization research / J.A. Frías, C. Travieso (Eds.) (Lang.: eng; por; spa). - Salamanca : Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2003. - 821 p. - ISBN: 8478007091 - p.387-393.

5902   2009-0022history of indexing193
Maron, M. E. – An historical note on the origins of probabilistic indexing (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Processing & Management, 44(2008)2, p.971-972.

5903   2009-0023history of indexing193
Rooney, P. – A brief history of the American Society for Indexing (Lang.: eng). - In: Key Words, 16(2008)4, p.135-137, 142.

7855   history of indexing193
Martinho, Noemi Oliveira, Fujita, Mariângela Spotti Lopes. – La catalogaciĂłn de materias: apuntes histĂłricos sobre su normalizaciĂłn [Subject cataloguing: historical notes on its standardization] (Lang.: por). - In: Scire: representaciĂłn y organizaciĂłn del conociemento, 16(2010)2, pp. 61-70. Portuguese title: “A catalogação de assunto: apontamentos histĂłricos e a sistematização de regras”. Lead title in Spanish, but text in Portuguese

8068   history of indexing193
De Keyser, Pierre. – Indexing: from thesauri to the semantic web (Lang.: eng). - New York, Neal-Schumann, 2011. – pp. 200. – ISBN: 9781843342922.

8766   history of indexing193
Willoughby, James. – The Secundo Folio and its uses, medieval and modern (Lang.: eng). - In: Library, 12(2011)3, pp. 237-258.

10588   1996-0971history of indexing193
Kaskus, M.A.. – Indexing in theory and practice (Lang.: eng). - In: Festschrift: Technical services management 1965-1990. p.241-258.Binghampton, NY, Haworth Press, 1996.

10589   1996-0972history of indexing193
Piggott, M.. – Some post-war development in indexing in Great Britain (Lang.: eng). - In: Festschrift: Technical services management 1965-1990. p.259-272.Binghampton, NY, Haworth Press, 1996.

11321   1993-0117history of indexing193
Guthrie II, L.S.. – An overview of medieval library cataloging (Lang.: eng). - In: Cat.& Classif.Quart.Vol. 15 No. 3. 1992. p.93-100.

11506   1993-0596history of indexing193
Kilgour, F.G.. – Locating information in an Egyptian text of the 17th century B.C. (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Amer.Soc.Inform.Sci.Vol. 44 No. 5. 1993. p.292-7.

11760   1994-0854history of indexing193
Bourke; L.; Salmond; R.. – From bibliographer to cataloguer: subject access to early printed books (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloguing Australia. 19(1993)3/4,p.160-6.

13394   1996-0973history of indexing193
Serrai, A.. – Johann Michael franke e il Catalogo della Biblioteca Bunaviana (1750-1756) [Johann Michael Franke and the catalogue of the Bunau Library (1750-1756)] (Lang.: ita). - In: Bibliotecario, No. 2. 1995. p.43-102.

13633   1996-0169history of indexing193
Ruchimskaya, E.M.. – Development of the subject catalogue theory in Russia during 1920-1960 (Lang.: rus). - In: Nauchn.-tekhn.Biblioteki, No. 5. 1995. p.62-69.

15753   history of indexing193
Cevolini, Alberto. – Indexing as preadaptive advance: a socio-evolutionary perspective (Lang.: eng). - In: The indexer, 32(2014)2, pp. 50-57.

16284   history of indexing193
Plieninger, JĂĽrgen. – Ă„nderungen bei der Internetrecherche: Was tut sich bei den Suchdiensten? [Changes in Internet searching: What is going on at the search services?] (Lang.: ger). - In: BuB – Forum Bibliothek und Information, 66(2014),11/12, pp. 798-799. – Available at http://www.b-u-b.de/pdfarchiv/Heft-BuB_11_2014.pdf#page=1&view=fit&toolbar=0&pagemode=bookmarks

487   1997-4-0488history of indexingthesauri193;214
Joyce, T., Needham, R.M. – The thesaurus approach to information retrieval (Lang.: eng). - In: Readings in information retrieval San Francisco : Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., 1997. xv, 589 p. ISBN: 1558604545 [see 1997-4-0487] p.15-20. Orig. publ. in: American documentation 9(1958)p.192-197

17817   history of indexingKO metadata193;918
Liu, Ying-Hsang. – University metadata and retrieval: the death of the library catalog? (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 43(2017)4, pp. 9-12.Hoboken, NJ, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2017. – pp. 4. – Available at http://https://www.asist.org/publications/bulletin/aprilmay-2017/university-metadata-and-retrieval-the-death-of-the-library-catalog/ ISSN: 15322890



Further items on this class as a particular theme

34882004-0015classification historyhistory of indexingcataloging191;193;942
Joachim, M.D. – Historical aspects of cataloging and classification (Lang.: eng). – New York, Haworth Information Press, 2003. (NIST Special Publication, 500-251). * Also published as Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 35(2002/'03)1/2 and 35(2002'03)3/4 »» Contents: from 2004-0016 to 2004-0042

27602001-0418book indexing problemshistory of indexing851;193
Weinberg, B.H. – Book indexes in France : medieval specimens and modern practices (Lang.: eng). – In: Indexer, 22(2000)1, p.2-13.

55762008-0119book indexing characteristicshistory of indexing854;193
Blake, D. – Some thoughts on the early days of indexing (Lang.: eng). – In: The Indexer, 25(2007)4, pp.230-231.

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