KO events 2022

2022-01-06    uk KOS Workshops. Practical thesaurus construction. 1
2022-01-13    online KOS Workshops. Practical thesaurus construction. 2
2022-01-20    online KOS Workshops. Practical thesaurus construction. 3
2022-01-24/28    Blois Conférence francophone sur l'extraction et la gestion des connaissances. 2022
2022-01-25    online KO Meetup. The evolving role of metadata
2022-01-25    online ICD11 webinar for dermatology
2022-01-26    online KO Research Observatory. KO and indigenous knowledge
2022-01-27    online Wikidata and libraries: faceted classification, bibliographic data and authority data
2022-02-03    online Exploring IR. IR models: from theory to practice
2022-02-10    online Exploring IR. The role of AI in search application
2022-02-17    online Exploring IR. Evaluating search performance
2022-02-22    online ISKO UK Meetup. E-commerce search is broken
2022-02-23    uk What is living and what is dead in Ranganathan's contributions
2022-02-24    online Exploring IR. Using Google's family of databases
2022-03-03    online Exploring IR. User-centred design of search applications
2022-03-08    online ISKO UK Meetup. Basic steps in creation of structured vocabulary
2022-03-10    online Exploring IR. Paths to discovery: metadata and findability
2022-03-17    uk Exploring IR. Is search better with metadata?: a real life experience
2022-03-24    uk Exploring IR. Information seeking behaviour
2022-03-31    uk Exploring IR. Linked Data and information discovery
2022-04-12    uk ISKO UK Meetup. Keywording creative content
2022-04-27    uk KO Research Observatory. Doing bibliometrics responsibly
2022-05-15/18    Hutchinson Island Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference. 35
2022-05-18    online AgroVoc and the value of the Swahili content
2022-05-19    Firenze Modellare la conoscenza: standard archivistici e bibliografici a confronto
2022-05-19    online Recent developments in genre and form vocabularies
2022-05-22/27    Tallinn CIDOC. 2021
2022-05-23    Cremona Ranganathan's multiple facets (50th anniversary of Ranganathan's death)
2022-05-25    online KO Research Observatory. Bibliometric transparency and impact
2022-05-26    online Centering relationality in indigenous KO (DCMI)
2022-05-29/06-02    Hersonissos Extended Semantic Web Conference. 19
2022-05-29/06-01    Oslo CoLIS: Conceptions of library and information science. 11
2022-06-01/03    Chambéry TOTh: Terminology & ontology: theory and applications. 2022
2022-06-07    Firenze Presentazione della 2a edizione del Nuovo Soggettario
2022-06-08/10    Palaiseau Grapholinguistics in the 21th century: from graphemes to knowledge. 3
2022-06-08    online Meeting of the International Network on Ethics in Social and Human Sciences. 2
2022-06-14    online ISKO UK Meetup. Why graphs?: the limits of hierarchical thinking
2022-06-20/23    Seoul SciDataCon-IDW. 2022. Scientific vocabularies
2022-06-20    Marseille Terminology in the 21st century: many faces, many places (LREC)
2022-06-20/24    Cologne Joint Conference on Digital Libraries. 2022
2022-06-23    online European NKOS Workshop. 20
2022-06-29    online KO Research Observatory. Bibliometric experiment with full text
2022-07-00    Samatan CIRCLE: Joint Conference of the Information Retrieval Communities in Europe. 2
2022-07-06/08    Aalborg International ISKO Conference. 17
2022-07-08/09    Ulaanbaatar Terminology in science and technology development
2022-07-12    online ISKO UK Meetup. Vocabs editor and taxonomies for confluence
2022-07-19/23    Porto Conference of the International Federation of Classification Societies. 17
2022-07-23/24    Vienna Formal concept analysis for AI. 10: What can FCA do for AI?
2022-07-24/28    Dublin IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 87
2022-08-12    online On 130th birth anniversary of Padma Shri Dr. SR Ranganathan
2022-08-15/19    Jönköping Joint Ontology Workshops. 7
2022-08-24    online Terminology standardization and DB standards under a microcontent perspective
2022-08-25/26    online Colóquio em organização, acesso e apropriação da informação e do conhecimento. 6
2022-08-26/28    Beijing KO Forum (Annual Conference of China Information Science)
2022-08-31    online KO competencies and skills
2022-09-07/09    Birmingham Metadata and discovery. 2022
2022-09-12/13    Lisbon Languages for specific purposes. 23: Shaping knowledge through language
2022-09-12/15    Tarbes Formal ontologies meet industry. 12
2022-09-13/15    Vienna Semantics in the era of knowledge graphs
2022-09-13    online ISKO UK Meetup. How to build a knowledge graph
2022-09-25/28    Ann Arbor International Conference on Biomedical Ontology. 2022
2022-09-26/29    Bozen EKAW: Int'l Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management. 23
2022-09-28    online Relevance of Ranganathan's approaches: announcement of winners at 9:30AM UTC
2022-09-29/10-01    East Lansing US Semantic Technologies Symposium. 4
2022-10-03/05    Zaragoza IberSID: Encuentros internacionales sobre sistemas de información y documentación. 27
2022-10-03/14    online Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. 2022
2022-10-06/07    online NKOS Workshop. 2022
2022-10-10    online ISKO UK Meetup. How taxonomies can solve complex business problems
2022-10-12    online Bite-sized Taxonomy Boot Camp London
2022-10-17/20    Hyderabad International Conference on Conceptual Modeling. 41
2022-10-17/18    Berlin Continental connections: international indexing conference
2022-10-23/27    Hangzhou International Semantic Web Conference. 21
2022-10-27/29    online International Joint Conference on Knowledge Graphs. 11
2022-10-29/30    Tbilisi Terminology: heritage and modernity. 6
2022-11-07/11    London Metadata and Semantics Research Conference. 16
2022-11-09    online Where do we meet? Perspectives on creating machine learning projects
2022-11-22/25    online OntoBras: Seminar on Ontology Research in Brazil. 15
2022-11-22/23    Madrid Knowledge Graph and Semantic Web Conference. 4
2022-11-24    Taipei Cognitive aspects of the lexicon. 7
2022-11-24    online KO Meetup. Data discovery at Wiley
2022-11-28/12-02    online Semantic Web in libraries. 14
2022-11-30    online KO Research Observatory. Governance and alignment of taxonomies
2022-12-07/11    Abu Dhabi Empirical methods in natural language processing. 2022


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