KO events 2009

2009-01-05/08    Waikoloa  HICSS. Classification of digital documents
2009-02-06    Florence I thesauri tra cataloghi e Web
2009-02-20/21    Forlì Architettura dell'informazione globale
2009-02-24/28    Mexico City  Intelligent text processing
2009-03-11/13    Valencia ISKO Spain Conference
2009-03-13/18    Dresden  [automatic] Classification as a tool for research
2009-04-03    Turin ISKO Italy Meeting. 4
2009-04-06    Rome CIDOC-RDM
2009-04-23    London  Human-machine symbiosis for data interpretation
2009-04-28    Vienna  Dewey goes Europe
2009-05-22/23    Milwaukee  The ethics of information organization
2009-06-10    Milan DC-social tagging
2009-06-12    Rome Documentazione, terminologia e scienze dell'informazione
2009-06-14/18    San José  Semantic technology
2009-06-18    online Introduction to the International association for ontology and its application
2009-06-18/19    Syracuse  North American symposium on KO
2009-06-22/23    London ISKO UK Conference. 1
2009-06-26/27    Lyon ISKO France Conference
2009-07-13/16    Las Vegas  Semantic Web and Web services
2009-07-26/31    Moscow  Conceptual structures: leveraging semantic technologies
2009-08-20/21    Florence IFLA Classification and indexing satellite meeting
2009-08-23/28    Koblenz  Multimedia semantics
2009-08-25    Milan UDC update session
2009-09-08/11    Trento Digital libraries and the Semantic Web
2009-09-16    London  Records and information management in transition
2009-09-25/26    Copenhagen  European information architecture summit
2009-10-01    Corfu  NKOS workshop
2009-10-05/06    Rome Environmental terminology
2009-10-12/16    Milan Knowledge management forum
2009-10-12/16    Seoul  Semantic interoperability of linked data
2009-10-19/21    Bonn German ISKO Conference
2009-10-22    Beltsville  KOS managing toward the future
2009-10-25/29    Fairfax  International semantic Web conference
2009-10-29/30    The Hague  Classification at a crossroads
2009-11-07    Vancouver  ASIST Classification research workshop
2009-11-09/12    Gramado  Metamodels, ontologies, semantic technologies ...
2009-11-09    London  Vocabulary mapping framework
2009-11-09    Sevilla  Mining social media
2009-11-11/13    Leipzig  Linked topic maps
2009-11-25    Darmstadt Semantische Wikis: die Zukunft im Unternehmen?
2009-11-29/12-05    Marrakech Ontology and Semantic Web Services for KM
2009-12-01    Melbourne Australasian Ontology Workshop
2009-12-03    Milwaukee The power to tag
2009-12-16/17    online Migrating metadata to the Semantic Web


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