KO events 2008

2008-02-07/03-13    Ravenna Il catalogo e il sapere
2008-02-20/22    Konstanz German ISKO Conference
2008-03-05    London  Confronting the future
2008-03-10    London  Metadata and taxonomy
2008-04-02/04    Oslo  Topic maps
2008-04-10/14    Miami  Information architecture summit
2008-04-10    Frankfurt am Main  New perspectives on subject indexing and classification ...
2008-05-13/16    Dresden  Description logics
2008-05-28    Milan I thesauri
2008-06-05/07    Cosenza AssITerm conference
2008-06-19    Turin Applicazioni e tecnologie semantiche
2008-06-25    London  Agenda for information retrieval
2008-07-13/16    Madrid  Subject, self and soul. Exploring non-reduction and levels of reality
2008-07-16/18    Hamburg  Advances in data analysis, data handling and business intelligence
2008-07-21    London  Sharing vocabularies on the Web via SKOS
2008-08-05    Montréal  Northern American Symposium on KO
2008-08-05/08    Montréal  ISKO Conference
2008-08-10/14    Québec  Classification and indexing without language borders
2008-08-23    Manchester  Knowledge and reasoning for answering questions
2008-09-01/05    Turin DEXA. Dynamic taxonomies and faceted search
2008-09-03/05    Glasgow  Classification and subject retrieval in the 21st century
2008-09-05    Naples Knowledge organization on the Web
2008-09-11    Washington  New dimensions in KOSs
2008-09-16/19    Sydney  Knowledge representation and reasoning
2008-09-17    Florence Rinascita dei thesauri
2008-09-17    Stockholm  Semantic Web and libraries, archives and museums
2008-09-19    Aarhus  NKOS workshop
2008-09-22/26    Berlin  Metadata for semantic and social applications
2008-09-26/27    Amsterdam  European information architecture summit
2008-09-29/10-03    Acitrezza Knowledge patterns
2008-10-09    London  Making and organising knowledge in communities
2008-10-25    Columbus  ASIST Conference. Putting your taxonomy to work
2008-10-25    Columbus  ASIST Conference. User-centered taxonomy design
2008-10-25    Columbus  ASIST Classification Research Workshop
2008-10-26/30    Karlsruhe  Semantic Web
2008-10-31/11-03    Saarbrücken  Formal ontology in information systems
2008-11-03    London  Semantic analysis technology
2008-11-27    Milan Knowledge management forum
2008-11-30/12-03    Bali  SITIS: Signal-image technology & Internet-based systems
2008-12-02/04    London  Online information. Track 2.2: Order out of chaos
2008-12-03/04    Fairfax  Ontology for the intelligence community


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