KO events 2007

(Covering from the end of August to the end of the year.)

2007-08-23    Durban  IFLA Classification and indexing session
2007-08-24    Durban  Knowledge transfer for the future
2007-08-27/29    Mexico City  KO: bibliotecología y terminología
2007-08-27/31    Singapore DC 2007: Application profiles
2007-09-03/05    Bangalore  IKONE: KO in the networked environment
2007-09-04    London ISKO UK seminar
2007-09-05    Graz  KOST: KO and semantic technologies
2007-09-06    Regensburg  FIND 07. Dynamic taxonomies and faceted search
2007-09-11    Rimini L'informazione sulle scienze della Terra
2007-09-21    Budapest  NKOS workshop
2007-09-21/22    Barcelona  Europe's information architecture summit
2007-09-27/29    Bolzano Levels of reality
2007-10-03/04    Saragozza  Ontologies for IR
2007-10-11/12    Corfu  Metadata and semantics research
2007-10-20    Milwaukee  ASIS&T Classification research Workshop
2007-11-02/05    Silicon Valley  Web intelligence
2007-11-05    London  Ranganathan revisited: facets for the future
2007-11-16/17    Trento Summit italiano di architettura dell'informazione
2007-11-27/28    Milan Knowledge management forum
2007-11-28/29    Columbia  Ontology for the intelligence community
2007-11-29/30    Helsinki  The challenge of the electronic environment to KO
2007-12-16/19    Shanghai  Signal-image technology


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