KO events in Russia

2021-04-27/29    online International Congress on Bibliography. 3
2020-09-14/17    Novosibirsk International Bibliographic Congress. 3: Bibliographic information in digital culture
2016-07-18/22    Moscow International Conference on Concept Lattices and their Applications. 13
2015-04-09/11    Yekaterinburg Analysis of Images, Social Networks, and Texts. 4
2014-04-22/25    Stavropol Young Scientists' International Workshop on Trends in Information Processing
2013-10-08/10    Novosibirsk KONT: All-Russian Conference Knowledge-Ontology-Theory. 4
2012-11-26/29    Moscow UDC methodological seminar. 6: Universal classifications for scientific knowlege: UDC, BBC, GRNTI
2009-07-26/31    Moscow  Conceptual structures: leveraging semantic technologies

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