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8253indexing standardisation 997
Hughes, A. V., Rafferty, P. Inter-indexer consistency in graphic materials indexing at the National Library of Wales (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of documentation, 67(2011)1, pp. 9-32.

123711995-0992indexing standardisation 997
Andersen, J.D. Standards for indexing: Revising the American National Standards Guidelines Z39.4: Perspectives on ... Indexing (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Amer.Soc.Inform.Sci. Vol. 45. No. 8. 1994. p.628-636. Description of the current draft of the NISO Guidelines for Indexes in information retrieval in terms of three fundamental requirements: syntax, vocabulary management, and comprehensive planning and design. Comments on the nebulous concept of good or acc. urate indexing and whether and how standards can be used advantageously. (Author, abbr.)

129081990-2-356indexing standardisation 997
Gavin, P. La collaboration dans l'indexation matières [Collaboration in subject indexing] (Lang.: fre). - In: Hors-texte.No.23.1987.p.5-7.

16089indexing standardisation 997
Combs, Michele; Ream, David K.. Understanding the IDPF EPUB3 indexes specification (Lang.: eng). - In: The indexer, 32(2014)3, pp. 121-129.

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19572000-0233book indexing methods indexing standardisation 853;997
Bakewell, K.G.B. Indexing after the millennium 6 : Standards and good practice (Lang.: eng). In: Indexer, 21(1999)3,p.106.

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