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8744subject catalogues standardisation 996
Panchyshyn, Roman S. Benefits of batch reclamation: the Kent State University Libraries experience (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & classification quarterly, 50(2012)1, pp. 3-16.

99861993-0423subject catalogues standardisation 996
Petersen, T.; Molholt, P. (Eds.). Beyond the book: Extending MARC for subject access (Lang.: eng). - Boston, MA, Hall, 1990. pp. IX+275. ISBN: 0816119244.

113101990-2-355subject catalogues standardisation 996
Chan, L.M. A subject cataloging code? (Lang.: eng). - In: Cat.& Classif.Quart.Vol.10.No.1-2.1989.p.199-202.

114701993-0424subject catalogues standardisation 996
Rawson, S.. Book review of 0423 (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Doc.Vol. 47 No. 4. 1991. p.409-410.

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