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9762economising KO 973
McMaster, Max. Preparing the indexing quote (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 30(2012)2, pp. 100-102.

106671995-0985economising KO 973
Owen, P. Structured for success: the continuing role of quality indexing in intelligent information retrieval systems (Lang.: eng). - In: Raitt,D.I.et al. Online Information 94. Proc.18th Int.Online Inform. Meetg., London, 6-8 Dec.1994. p.227-2231.Oxford - Medford,NJ, Learned Information, 1994. Argues for detailed subject indexing, although substantially more expensive to produce, yet the increasedd costs are more than justified by the improved ease of finding information

128401996-1330economising KO 973
Gorman, M.. An administrator's view: factors influencing organized subject access (Lang.: eng). - In: Technicalities. Vol. 15, No. 10. 1995. p.1, 12.

128691995-0986economising KO 973
Kautto, V. The time required to classify and catalogue books (Lang.: fin). - In: Signum. Vol. 26. No. 1. 1993. p.11-14. The results of the investigation showed that on the average it takes 6 minutes to understand the contents of a document and another 6 minutes to class and to catalogue it

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