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311   1997-2-0310KO teaching aids955
Irving, H.B. – Computer-assisted indexing training and electronic conversion at NAL (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge organization 24(1997)1. 4-7. Project of the National Agricultural Library (USA) to move from the traditional one-to-one method of training novice indexers to a computer-based, largely self-directed training program called CAIT (Computer-Assisted Indexing Tutor)

312   1997-2-0311KO teaching aids955
Fourie, I., Snyman, D. – Distance teaching in online searching (Lang.: eng). - In: Online Information 96 : Proceedings of the 20th International Online Information Meeting, London, 3-5 December 1996 (1996) ed. by D.I. Raitt and B. Jeapes . – Oxford : Learned Information Europe Ltd, 1996. p.85-91.

4549   2006-33-2-0153KO teaching aids955
Zillen, N. – Nächste Folie, bitte! der Einsatz von Präsen-tationsprogrammen zur Wissensvermitlung und Wissensbewahrung [Next sheet, please! de use of presenation programs for knowledge mediation and preservation] (Lang.: ger). - In: Wissensorganisation und Verantwortung [see 2006-33-2-0002], p.159-168.

12496   1996-0328agriculture955, 333, 88-46
Irving, H.. – cait: Computer-assisted indexing tutor, implemented for training at NAL (Lang.: eng). - In: Agric.Libr.& Inform.Notes. Vol. 21, No. 4-6. 1995. p.1-5. A computer assisted training programme in subject indexing was developed by the Indexing Branch of the US National Agricultural Library (NAL) for the AGRICOLA bibliographic database. The contribution describes its possibilities for a high quality training and use of the system to reduce the time needed for experienced indexers to train novices. Novice indexers are guided to existing information sources and the selection and application of the CAB Thesaurus terms, AGRICOLA subject Category Codes, etc.

4550   2006-33-2-0154KO teaching aidsKM955;149
Semar, W. – Kollaborative Leistungsevaluation beim Einsatz von Wissensmanagementssystemen in der Ausbildung [Collaborative evaluation of the performance by the use of knowledge management systems in education] (Lang.: ger). - In: Wissensorganisation und Verantwortung [see 2006-33-2-0002], p.169-177.

12199   1995-0684955.387
Devadason, F.; Devadason, R. – TEPACIS: a teaching package on CDS/ISIS (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Development. Vol. 10. No. 4. 1994. p.269-272. The widely-used software package CDS/ISIS, has a reputation for being difficult to learn. A new computer-assisted instruction package, TEPACIS, aims to make the task easier



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7170indexing methodsKO teaching aids313;955
Spotti Lopes Fujita, Mariângela. – Abordaje cognitivo de la lectura documentaria en la formación inicial del indizador: uso del protocolo verbal en la investigación de estrategias de enseñanza [A cognitive approach to documentary reading in the indexer’s initial education: using the verbal protocol to research teaching strategies] (Lang.: spa). – In: Scire: representación y organización del conocimiento 15(2009)2, pp. 25-38.

10501998-0426UDCKO teaching aids42;955
Cabero, M.M., Arévalo, J.A., Castro, C.C. – Metodología para la elaboración de un manual de aprendizaja de uso de la CDU [Methodology for elaborating a UDC use handbook] (Lang.: spa). – In: Organización del Conociemto en Sistemas de Información y Documentación, 2(1997),p.149-157. General factors influencing learning to use UDC. Analysis of different UDC guides and handbooks. Proposal how a good handbook should be organized

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