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Items on this class as the base theme

7028KO in Asia 935
Guishu Liang. [A history and background of the integration of classification and subject headings in China] (Lang.: chi). - In: Toshokan Jouhou Media Kenkyuu/Library, information & media studies, 5(2007)2, pp. 1-8.

8002KO in Asia 935
Ahmad, Hafiz Khubaib. The Pakistan National Bibliography: a source of bibliographical control in Pakistan (Lang.: eng). - In: International cataloguing and bibliographic control, 39(2010)4, pp. 75-76.

8234KO in Asia 935
Classification/Thesaurus/Indexing Group . Sinmonbukai (SIG): Bunrui/Shisorasu/Indexing Bukai no Katsudo [Activities of Classification/Thesaurus/Indexing Group] (Lang.: jap). - In: Journal of Information Science and Technology Association (Joho no Kagaku to Gijutsu), 60(2010)5, pp. 194-198.

17240KO in Asia 935
Chaikhambung, Juthatip; Tuamsuk, Kulthida. Knowledge classification on ethnic groups in Thailand (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & Classification Quartely, 55(2017)2, . Available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01639374.2016.1271074

15668bibliographic records 935(156);944
Liao, Yongxia. [Practice and thinking on FRBRization of the Chinese National Bibliography] (Lang.: chi). - In: Library and information service, 57(2013)17, pp. 102-108..

Prebor, Gila; Zitter, Nachum. Classification and indexing in Yeshiva libraries: analysis of the systems, their sources and development (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & classification quarterly, 50(2012)8, pp. 830-851.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

50352007-0264descriptors KO in Asia 226;935
Shimada, M. The revision of the National Diet Library List of Subject Headings (NDLSH), and its future (Lang.: jap). In: Journal of Information Science and Technology Association (Joho no Kagaku to Gijutsu), 57(2007)2, p.73-78.

9454KOS revision 274;935(156)
Lee, Changsoo. [Feature analysis of a Chinese library classification] (Lang.: kor). 5th ed. In: Journal of Korean library and information science society, 43(2012)3, pp. 101-120.

9485KOS standards 413;935(156)
Wang, Jun; Pu, Shuqing. [A study and design on the standard for the networked knowledge organization system] (Lang.: chi). In: Journal of library science in China, 38(2012)4, 39-45.

7201special KOS non-christian religion 698;935*586
Idrees, H., Mahmood, K. Classification of Islamic literature in Pakistani libraries: a survey (Lang.: eng). In: Library review, 59(2010)3, pp. 149-164.

8836online retrieval problems KO in Asia 751;935
Si, Li, Shi, Ruoyao, Chen, Bijuan. An investigation and analysis of the application of Web 2.0 in Chinese university libraries (Lang.: eng). In: Electronic library, 29(2011)5, pp. 651-668.

8229KO metadata KO in Asia 918;935
Taniguchi, Shoichi, Tokita, Takuya . Shoshi Joho to Metadata: Riron, Tsuru no Waga Kuni ni Okeru Hatten [Bibliographic information & metadata: a review of theories and tools development in Japan] (Lang.: jap). In: Toshokan-Kai/The library world, 61(2010)5, pp. 572-580.

7810record structure KO in Asia 945;935
Ghaebi, Amir, Shamsbod, Mahmood, Karimi-Mansoorabad, Elham. Investigation of MARC use in Iranian academic libraries (Lang.: eng). In: Electronic library, 28(2010)5, pp.702-708.

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