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52182007-0451international KO activities 933
Steer, M.J. (Book review of) Beghtol, C., Williamson, N. J. - Knowledge Organisation and Classification in International Information Retrieval - New York & London: Haworth Press, 2003 - 243p. - (Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, v. 37, no. 1 / 2) - ISBN: 789031124 (Lang.: eng). - In: Catalogue & Index, 154 (2006), p.14-15.

9718international KO activities 933
International agreement of indexing societies (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 30(2012)4, pp. 151-152. The agreement, reached in July 2012 in Brighton, England, is between the Society of Indexers, the American Society for Indexing, the Indexing Society of Canada, the Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers, the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers, and the China Society of Indexers.

111611990-1093international KO activities 933
Danzig, P.B.; Li, S.H., Obraczka, K. Distributed indexing of autonomous Internet services (Lang.: eng). - In: Computing Systems.Vol.5.No.4.1992.p.433-460.

Czerni, S. International cooperation in lexicography (Lang.: eng). - In: Neoterm.No.9-10.1988.p.12-16.

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23112000-0588international KO groups international KO activities 926;933
Green, R., Mai, J.E., McIlwaine, I.C. The Sixth International ISKO Conference (Lang.: eng). In: Knowledge Organization, 27(2000)1/2,p.55-64. »» Summaries of papers and themes

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