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9761998-0352comparison of KO persons 923
Gruselle, J.-P. Two modes of automated domein analysis : multidimensional scaling vs. Kohonen feature mapping of information science authors (Lang.: eng). - In: Structures and Relations in Knowledge Organization : Proceedings of the 5th International ISKO Conference 25-29 August 1998 Lille, France. Würzburg : Ergon Verlag, 1998, p.57-63.

7293comparison of KO persons 923
De Beer, Carel S. The troubadour of knowledge: a knowledge worker for the new knowledge age (Lang.: eng). - In: Paradigms and conceptual systems in knowledge organization (, pp.430-437.

7802comparison of KO persons 923
Gnoli, Claudio. Due maestri [Two masters] (Lang.: eng). - In: Biblioteche oggi 28(2010)8, p. 66. On Brian Vickery and Jack Mills.

119031994-1135comparison of KO persons 923
Chung, Y.K.. Bradford distribution and core authors in classification systems literature (Lang.: eng). - In: Scientometrics. 29(1994)2,p.253-269.

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