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61022009-0222ergonomy in KO 915
Seckman, C. Ergonomics and indexing (Lang.: eng). - In: Key Words, 16(2008)4, p.121-123.

7786ergonomy in KO 915
Kim, Dong Suk. Using the balanced scorecard for strategic operation of cataloguing department (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & classification quarterly, 48(2010)6/7, pp. 572-584.

7990ergonomy in KO 915
Deng, Sai. Optimizing workflow through metadata repurposing and batch processing (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of library metadata, 10(2010)4, pp. 219-237.

8221ergonomy in KO 915
Bermejo, P. et al. Study of context influence on classifiers trained under different video-document representations (Lang.: eng). - In: Information processing & management, 47(2011)2, pp. 215-226.

15870ergonomy in KO 915
Sapoh-White, Richard. E-book cataloging workflows at Oregon State University (Lang.: eng). - In: Library resources & technical services 58(2014)2, pp. 127-136.

16030ergonomy in KO 915
Bennett, Rick; O'Neill, Edward T.; Kammerer, Kerre. assignFAST: an autosuggest-based tool for FAST subject assignment (Lang.: eng). - In: Information technology & libraries, 33(2014)3, pp. 34-43.

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