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Items on this class as the base theme

16027indexing in information sciences 88-82
Pérez Ortiz, Guadalupe; Gónzalez Lozano, Francisco. El Archivo del Seminario Metropolitano San Atón de Badajoz: organización de sus fondos documentales [The archive of the saint Aton’s Metropolitan Seminary (Badajoz, Spain): organization of its archival holdings ] (Lang.: spa). - In: Ibersid, 8(2014), pp. 55-66.. Available at http://www.ibersid.eu/ojs/index.php/ibersid/article/view/4125/3780

1211997-1-0120indexing in 88-825
Eckelmann, S. Die Erschliessung historischer Quellen zur Geschichte des Buch- und Bibliothekswesens [Classing and indexing of historical sources for the study of the history of the book and the history of libraries] (Lang.: ger). - In: Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen und Bibliographie Vol.43, No.1 1996, p.1-8.

15866indexing in mass communication 88-86
García Gutiérrez, Antonio. Análisis documental de noticias de prensa en sistemas de información factual [Document analysis of news items for factual information systems ] (Lang.: spa). - In: Revista Española de Documentación Científica, 37(2014)2, e046, pp. 1-15. Available at http://redc.revistas.csic.es/index.php/redc/article/view/849/1114

105011990-1087indexing in 88-865
Mizermont, L.; Salleras, B. Application du thesaurus au plan de classement des dossiers de presse dans le cadre d une informatisation [Application of a thesaurus to the project for classifying press dossiers in an information science framework] (Lang.: fre). - Paris, INTD, 1990. pp. 95.((Mem.: Sci.Inf.)).

119001994-1132indexing in 88-865, 258-865
Lindley, D.; McDonald, C.; Tsang, P.. Classifying newswire databases using hierarchical cluster analysis (Lang.: eng). - In: Online Information 93. London, 7-9 Dec.1993. - Oxford, GB: Learned Information, Ltd., 1993. p.149-159.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

50162007-0245math in indexing in energy science indexing in information sciences 138;88-28;88-82
Yukimo Kobashio, N., Santos, R.N.M. Information organization and representation by graphic devices: an interdisciplinary approach (Lang.: eng). In: La interdisciplinariedad y la transdisciplinariedad en la organización del conocimiento científico [see 2007-0224], p.293-299.

117751994-0886indexing principles indexing in 311;88-828
Bearman, D.. Vocabulary control (Lang.: eng). In: Archives & Museum Informatics. 7(1993)4,p.6-8. Description of a workshop on vocabulary control given for the continuing education programme at Texas University at Austin, Nov.1993.

12671999-0062evaluation criteria indexing in information sciences 392;88-82
Iivonen, M., Kivimäki, K. Common entities and missing properties : similarities and differences in the indexing of concepts (Lang.: eng). In: Knowledge Organization , 25(1998)3,p.90-102. »» Comparison of the indexing in Library and Information Abstracts and in a Finnish database for Library and Information Science (KINF)

59692009-0089DDC indexing in information sciences 43;88-82
Sabzwari,G.A. Are we concerned with professional problems? (Lang.: eng). In: Pakistan Library & Information Science Journal, 39(2008)3, p.1.

57792008-0324online systems indexing in information sciences 755;88-82
Sluga, M. Google and information resources in library and information science: a comparative analysis (Lang.: slo). In: Knjižnica, 51(2007)3-4, p.23-40.

16511999-0446citation indexing indexing in information sciences 864;88-82
White, H.D., McCain, K.W. Visualizing a discipline : an author co-citation analysis of information, 1972-1995 (Lang.: eng). In: Journal of the American society for information science, 49(1998)4, p.327-355.

65822009-0702conceptology psychology in KO indexing in information sciences 88-2/5;88-8
Granata, G. I settori scientifico-disciplinari: una proposta per l'ordinamento delle raccolte nelle biblioteche universitarie [The Scientific-disciplinary Fields: a proposal for collection arrangement in university libraries] (Lang.: ita). In: ISKO Italia. Documenti, 2007. Available at http://www.iskoi.org/doc/filosofia3.htm Paper presented at the seminar Classificare le scienze umane: il caso filosofia, Padua, 2 February 2007

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