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Items on this class as the base theme

9157indexing in mathematics facet analysis 88-12;325
Ion, Patrick, Sperber, Wolfram. Some facets of knowledge management in mathematics (Lang.: eng). - In: Facets of knowledge organization, pp. 365-366 (

8545indexing in mathematics automatic classification 88-12;348
Sperber, Wolfram, Ion, Patrick D.F. Content analysis and classification in mathematics (Lang.: eng). - In: Classification & ontology, [see 06.11-9-19/20], pp. 129-144.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

8666UDC indexing in cybernetics 42;88-17
Shapsheva, N. P. Proect razvitiya klassa UDK 007 Kibernetika [Draft development of the class UDC 007 Cybernetics] (Lang.: rus). In: Nauchno-tehnicheskaya informaciya, Serija 1(2010)12, pp. 22-26.

7976citation indexing conceptology concept formation 864;88-1/54
Mahdi, A.E., Joorabchi, A. A citation-based approach to automatic topical indexing of scientific literature (Lang.: eng). In: Journal of information science, 36(2010)6, pp. 798-811.

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