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11601998-0536slides indexing 874
De Coster, G. De ontsluiting van partijarchief : ervaringen met een archiefconglomeraat van Antwerpse politieke verenigingen [Indexing the archives of a political party: experiences with a collective archive of political parties in Antwerp] (Lang.: dut). - In: Bibliotheek- en Archiefgids, 74(1998)1,p.6-15.

110821990-1-437slides indexing 874
Prins, J. The classified slide collection and subject access - a practical approach using existingtools (Lang.: eng). - In: Art Documentation.Vol.8.1989.p.23-24.

121681995-0637slides indexing 874
Holt, B.; Hartwick, L. Retrieving art imagesby image content: The UC Davis QBIC Project (Lang.: eng). - In: Aslib Proc. Vol. 46. No. 10. 1994. p.243-248.

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