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67842009-0904abstract indexing 863
Blatt, Eli M. Differentiating, describing, and visualizing scientific space: a novel approach to the analysis of published scientific abstracts (Lang.: eng). - In: Scientometrics, 80(2009)2, pp. 385-406.

7973abstract indexing 863
Koltay, Tibor. Abstracts and abstracting: a genre and set of skills for the twenty-first century (Lang.: eng). - Cambridge, Chandos, 2010. pp. 236. ISBN 9781843345176.

103761994-1119abstract indexing 863
Gorman, G.E.; Mills, J.J.. Guide to current indexing and abstracting services in the Third World (Lang.: eng). - London, GB, Bowker-Saur, 1992. pp. 278. The volume provides a guide to the contents of more than 120 indexing and abstracting services from the Third World.

51732007-0406abstract indexing indexing in matter science 863;88-22
Kuppahalli, C. Content organization of a subject in a classification scheme and organizing knowledge in the digital environment ontology (Lang.: eng). - In: La interdisciplinariedad y la transdisciplinariedad en la organización del conocimiento científico [see 2007-0224], p.423-429.

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