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957   1998-0333dictionary indexing861
Akaichi, J., Losfeld, G. – Domain knowledge organization for encyclopaedia design : an object oriented approach (Lang.: eng). - In: Structures and Relations in Knowledge Organization : Proceedings of the 5th International ISKO Conference 25-29 August 1998 Lille, France. Würzburg : Ergon Verlag, 1998, p.409-412.

5172   2007-0405dictionary indexing861
Levinson, D. – Anthropology, taxonomies, and publishing (Lang.: eng). - In: Online, 30(2006)4, p.28-30.

12158   1995-0624dictionary indexing861
Crystal, D. – Some indexing decisions in the Cambridge encyclopedia family (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer. Vol. 19. No. 3. 1995. p.177-183. The paper explains the reasoning behind the extensive index in The Cambridge factfinder, describes the automatic indexing of the encyclopedia database, and discusses the relative merits of word-by-word and letter-by-letter indexing in this genre.(Author. abbr.)

12484   1996-0310dictionary indexing861
Hüser, C.; Reichenberger, K., Rostek, L., Streitz, N.. – Knowledge-based editing and visualization for hypermedia encyclopedias (Lang.: eng). - In: Comm.ACM. Vol. 38, No. 4. 1995. p.49-51.

12811   1996-1288dictionary indexing861
Weinberg, B.H.. – The body of a reference work in relation to its index: an analysis of Wordsmanship (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer. Vol. 20, No. 1. 1996. p.18-22.

17705   dictionary indexing861
Haider, Jutta; Sundin, Olof. – Changing orders of knowledge? encyclopaedias in transition (Lang.: eng). - In: Culture Unbound - Journal of Current Cultural Research, 6(2014)3, pp. 475-481.Linköping, SE, Linköping University Electronic Press, 2014. – Available at http://http://www.cultureunbound.ep.liu.se

17749   dictionary indexing861
Rivano Eckerdal, Johanna; Sundin, Olof. – Relocating the owl of wisdom: encyclopaedias in a life-historical perspective (Lang.: eng). - In: Nordisk tidsskrift for informationsvitenskab- og kulturformidling, 4(2015)3, pp. 21-34.Lund, SE, Lund University, 2015. – pp. 13. – Available at http://http://portal.research.lu.se/portal/en/publications/relocating-the-owl-of-wisdom(09f9e5df-51b2-4129-9997-950bfd0383d3).html



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