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4391997-3-0440book indexing evaluation 859
Lavallee, C.R. Indexation manuelle et indexation assisté par ordinateur : comparaison de la performance de deux index d'une monographie [Manual and automated indexing: a comparison of the performance of two indexes of a monograph] (Lang.: fre). - In: Documentation et Bibliotheque 42(1996)4. p.175-178.

19622000-0238book indexing evaluation 859
Wyman, P. Medical indexes reviewed (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 21(1999)3,p.124-126.

40132005-32-1-0089book indexing evaluation 859
Lee, D. Judging indexes : the criteria for a good index (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 22(2001)4, p.191-194.

51712007-0404book indexing evaluation 859
Berson, J. S. The 'sin of classification' and an example thereof (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 25(2007)3, p.187-190.

60532009-0173book indexing evaluation 859
Shuttleworth, C. Indexes reviewed (Lang.: eng). - In: The Indexer, 26(2008)3, p.138-42.

63322009-0452book indexing evaluation 859
Johncocks, B. Indexing by numbers: is there scope for metrics in index evaluation? (Lang.: eng). - In: The indexer, 26(2008)4, pp. 158-162.

63332009-0453book indexing evaluation 859
Sassen, C. Indexes in books awarded the Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction, 1962-2008 (Lang.: eng). - In: Key Words, 17(2009)1, pp. 26-31.

7084book indexing evaluation 859
Sassen, Catherine. Reference book indexes reviewed (Lang.: eng). - In: The indexer, 28(2010)1, pp. 26-29.

111471990-1071book indexing evaluation 859
Liddy, E.D. The art of back-of-the-book indexes (Lang.: eng). - In: Annual Rev.OCLC Res.1991-2.p.34-36. An index quality study was undertaken to find out whether differences were discernable among indexes according to the status who created them

111481990-1072book indexing evaluation 859
Ramesh Babu, B. An investigation into the treatment of personal names in book indexes (Lang.: eng). - In: IASLIC Bull.Vol.36.No.2.1991.p.77-80.

121561995-0622book indexing evaluation 859
Diodato, V. User preferences for features in back of book indexes (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Amer.Soc.Inform.Sci. Vol. 45. No. 7. 1994. p.529-536.

121571995-0623book indexing evaluation 859
Robertson, M. Foreign concepts: Indexing and indexes on the continent (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer. Vol. 19. No. 3. 1995. p.160-172.

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