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34322003-0107book indexing characteristics 854
Van der Meij, H. Styling the index : is it time for a change? (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Information Science, 28(2002)3, p.243-251.

51702007-0403book indexing characteristics 854
Bell, H. K. Subject indexes to poetry: historical: (See Patriotism.) (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Scholarly Publishing, 38(2007)3, p.162-168.

54062007-0643book indexing characteristics 854
Kunze, H., Dahlberg, I. (Book review of) Fugmann, R. - Die Buchregister: Methodische Grundlagen und praktikische Anwendungen [The book index: methodological foundations and practical applications] - Frankfurt: Frankfurt am Ma DGI, 2006 - 136p. - (Reihe Informationswissenschaft der DGI, Bd. 10) - ISBN: 9783925474590; 3925474595 (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization, 34(2007)1, p.60-61.

54072007-0644book indexing characteristics 854
Matthews, D. Indexing (Lang.: eng). - In: Author, 18(2007)2, p.61-62.

65572009-0677book indexing characteristics 854
Leise, Fred, Mertes, Kate, Badgett, Nan. Indexing for editors and authors : a practical guide to understanding indexes (Lang.: eng). - Medford, N.J, Information Today, 2008. pp. X, 148. ISBN:9781573873345 (pbk.).

7504book indexing characteristics 854
Schiebel, Edgar et al. An advanced diffusion model to identify emergent research issues: the case of optoelectronic devices (Lang.: eng). - In: Scientometrics, 83(2010)3, pp. 765-781.

9359book indexing characteristics 854
Humphreys, Nancy K. The world's oldest profession: indexing? (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 49(2011)4, pp. 161-165.

121551995-0620book indexing characteristics 854
Diodato, V. Duplicate entries versus see cross-references in back-of-book indexes (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer. Vol. 19. No. 2. 1994. p.83-87.

55762008-0119book indexing characteristics history of indexing 854;193
Blake, D. Some thoughts on the early days of indexing (Lang.: eng). - In: The Indexer, 25(2007)4, pp.230-231.

19582000-0234book indexing characteristics online retrieval problems 854;751
Stelmach, M. The application of index entries to search and retrieval of books and book content (Lang.: eng). - In: Indexer, 21(1999)3,p.127-131.

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