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11361998-0512tables of contents 834
Ihadjadene, M. Les tables de matières dans les catalogues en ligne : opportunités, méthodes et couts [Contents tables in online catalogues: opportunities, methods and costs] (Lang.: fre). - In: Bulletin d'Informations de l'Association des Bibliothécaires Français, (1998)178,p.85-88.

104181990-1-413tables of contents 834
Chizhakovskij, V.A. Automatic recognition of thema and rhema in the titles of scientific and technical articles (Lang.: rus). - Kishinev,SU, 1988. pp. 38.

11371998-0513tables of contents semi-automatic indexing methods 834;344
Jett, M., Reuse, B., Kessling, G. Implementation of an online database for tables of contents of books (Lang.: eng). - In: Electronic Library, 16(1998)2,p.123-130.

4331997-3-0433tables of contents evaluation criteria 834;392
Cavanagh, A.K. A comparison of the retrieval performance of multi-disciplinary table-of-contents databases with conventional specilised databases (Lang.: eng). - In: Australian Academic and Research Libraries 28(1997)2. p.142-154.

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