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9675index representation 819
Reid, Robert F.. Classification with QR codes (Lang.: eng). - In: Catalogue & index, 168(2012), pp. 5-10.

128021996-1274index representation 819
Mehta, U.. The utility of business indexes for accessing sci-tech trade literature (Lang.: eng). - In: Science & Technol.Libr. Vol. 15, No. 2. 1995. p.35-56.

128031996-1275index representation 819
Miller, B.. A comparison of the academic index on CDROM with four Wilson indexes on the OPAC (Lang.: eng). - In: Online & CDROM Review. Vol. 19, No. 4. 1995. p.207-210.

15249index representation hierarchy 819;224
Julien, Charles-Antoine; Tirilly, Pierre; Dinneen, Jesse David; Gustavino, Catherine. Reducing subject tree browsing complexity (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 64(2013)11, pp. 2201-2223.

27542001-0412index representation KO metadata 819;918
Guidarelli, N.M. Subject data in the metadata record (Lang.: eng). - In: Library Collections, Acquisitions & Technical Services, 24(2000)p,499-500. »» Report on a discussion forum of the ALCTS SAC Subcommittee on Metadata and Subject Analysis

9535index representation KO metadata 819;918
Zeng, Xinhong. [Formal semantic description standard family for Chinese KOS (I): realizing full description for Chinese controlled vocabularies by expanding SKOS] (Lang.: chi). - In: Journal of library science in China, 38(2012)3, pp. 57-68.

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