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5153   2007-0386special terminologyagriculture78-46
Cuccurullo, L. – Kicked a heading lately? The challenge of establishing headings for buildings and other structures (Lang.: eng). - In: Art Documentation, 25(2006)2, p.55-59.

7749   special terminologyagriculture78-46
Pirumova. L. N., Pozdnjakov, V. K. – Rol’ lingvistiĂ„ÂŤeskogo obespeĂ„ÂŤenija v sozdanii edinogo informacionnogo prostranstva agrarnogo sektora ekonomiki [Linguistic basis in building common information space of the agricultural economics domain] (Lang.: rus). - In: Materliali’ nauĂ„ÂŤno-praktiĂ„ÂŤeskoj konferencii “SovrÅ¡enstvovanie informacionno-biblioteĂ„ÂŤnogo obsluĂ…Âľivanija APK”, Moskva 20-23 October 2008 g. Moscow, 2009, pp. 213-220.

9100   special terminologyagriculture78-46
Bartol, T. – Non-agricultural databases and thesauri: retrieval of subject headings and non-controlled terms in relation to agriculture (Lang.: eng). - In: Program: electronic library and information systems, 46(2012)2, pp. 258-276.

6533   2009-0653special terminologyagricultureonline retrieval problems78-46;751
Qingfeng, Wei, et al. – Study on classification and coding for Web Agricultural information based on China Library Classification (Lang.: chi). - In: Journal of the China Society for Scientific and Technical Information, 28 (2009)1, pp.28-33.

7243   special terminologyfood science78-48
Vakkarti, Pertti. – How specific thesauri and a general thesaurus cover lay persons’ vocabularies concerning health, nutrition and social services (Lang.: eng). - In: Paradigms and conceptual systems in knowledge organization (, pp. 299-307.

12135   1995-0585special terminologyfood science78-48
Pennington, J.A.T.; Smith, E.C., Chatfield, M.R., Hendricks, Th.C. – LANGUAL: a food-description language (Lang.: eng). - In: Terminology. Vol. 1. No. 2. 1994. p.277-289.

13029   1996-1254special terminology78-48, -6628:642
Glossaires: Alimentation [Glossaries on foodstuffs. Glossaries on bank law] (Lang.: fre, ger). - In: Terminologie et Traduction, No. 3. 1994. p.85-390. Eight glossaries in different language combinations (e.g.fr-en, fr-de, fr-es-de-en) with 6 on the following topics: Lebensmittelzusatzstoffe, La fabrication du whisky, Le traitement thermique du lait, Die Herstellung und Behandlung von Fruchtsäften, La clarification du vin, und Die Fachsprache des französischen Weinhandels as well as 2 glossaries on bank law: Scheck und Wechsel, Le marché des euro-obligations.

12790   1996-1255special terminology78-487
Pennington, J.A.T.. – Cuisine: a descriptive factor for foods (Lang.: eng). - In: Terminology. Vol. 3, No. 1. 1996. p.155-169.

12974   1994-1079special terminology78-488
Fierobe, N.. – Les mots du champagne.II [The champagne words. II] (Lang.: fre). - In: Banq.mots. (1993)46,p.57-93.

5380   2007-0617special terminologyecology78-49
Chen, Z. et al. – Semantic integration of government data for water quality management (Lang.: eng). - In: Government Information Quarterly, 24(2007)4, p.716-735.

13909   1993-0059special terminologyecology78-49
Hernandez, A.; Rey, J., Martin, M.J. et al.. – Terminologie scientifique des sciences de l'enironnement dans la bibliographie espagnole (Lang.: ). -

12476   1996-0293special terminology78-495
Chapman, C.B.. – Ecoepidemiology: Etymons, definitions, and usage (Lang.: eng). - In: Terminology. Vol. 2, No. 2. 1995. p.273-291.



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