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Items on this class as the base theme

130301995-0581special terminology 78-236
Terminologie des couleurs [Terminology of colours] (Lang.: fre, spa, ger). - In: Terminologie et Traduction. No. 2. 1994. p.9-234. Nine contributions on terminology of colours in the languages German, French, English, Spanish, Greek, and Italian

100061995-0582special terminology pure chemistry 78-26
Polton, D.J. Chemical nomenclatures and the computer (Lang.: eng). - Taunton, U.K, Research Studies Press Ltd, 1993. pp. XII,264. ISBN: 0863801560. Book review by Gerald G. Vander Stouw in Terminology 1(1994)No.2, p.393-5

110611990-1-379special terminology pure chemistry 78-26
Kratochvil, P.; Suter, U.W. Definitions of terms relating to individual macromolecules, their assemblies, and dilute polymer solution (Recommendations 1988) (Lang.: eng). - In: Pure & Applied Chemistry.Vol.61.No.2.1989.p.211-241.

121341995-0583special terminology pure chemistry 78-26
Seaborg, G.T. Terminology of the transuranium elements (Lang.: eng). - In: Terminology. Vol. 1. No. 2. 1994. p.229-252.

100741995-0584special terminology 78-265
Kisakürek, M.V. (Ed.). Organic chemistry: Its language and its state of the art (Lang.: eng). - Basel-Weinheim, Verl.Helvetica Chimica Acta, VCH Publ, 1993. pp. VIII,196. ISBN: 1906390039. Book review by L.Mart in Terminology 1(1994)No.2, p.389-393

102921990-1-380special terminology 78-284
Konishi, O.; Miyahara, A. A computer-aided collection and construction system of terminology based on a statistically built knowledge base (Lang.: jap). - In: IPPZ-DT.No.138.1988. pp. 140.

105441996-0291special terminology 78-284
Launer, M.K.. A semantic analysis of Russian terms and descriptors for civilian nuclear power plant fluid system valves (Lang.: eng). - In: Standardizing and Harmonizing Terminology: Theory and Practice. p.126-138.Philadelphia, PA, Amer.Soc.Testing Materials, 1995.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

8432thesauri special terminology pure chemistry 214;78-26
Buxton, Andrew. Ontologies and classification of chemicals: can they help each other? (Lang.: eng). In: Classification & ontology, [see 06.11-9-19/20], pp. 109-127.

3451997-3-0344thesaurus construction special terminology physical sciences 235;78-2
Timotin, A., Tănăsescu, T. Structuri pentru un tezaur al terminologiei tehnice [Structures for a thesaurus of technical terminology] (Lang.: rom). In: Informarea documentară în teorie şi practică 19(1996)3. p.181-188.

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