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18502000-0126grammatical problems 745
Green, R. Automated identification of frame semantic relational structures (Lang.: eng). - In: Dynamism and Stability in Knowledge Organization : Proceedings of the 6th International ISKO Conference 10-13 July 2000. - Würzburg : Ergon Verlag, 2000,p.193-199.

131991994-1004grammatical problems 745
Rauhut, F.. Aspekte der Passivanalyse [Aspects of passive analysis] (Lang.: ger). - In: Wiss.Z. Martin-Luther-Univers.. 41(1992)2,p.62-64.

102241994-1003745, 01
Campe, P.. Case, semantic roles and grammatical relations. A comprehensive bibliography (Lang.: eng). - Amsterdam, NL, Benjamins, 1994. pp. VII,644. ISBN: 9027228116.

33862003-0061grammatical problems relationships problems 745;241
Bean, C.A., Green, R. Improving subject retrieval with frame representation (Lang.: eng). - In: Subject Retrieval in a Networked Environment, [see 2003-0003], p.114-121.

5851997-4-0586grammatical problems semantic networks 745;725
Reimer, U. Neue Formen der Wissenrepräsentation [New forms of representation of knowledge] (Lang.: ger). - In: Buder, M., Rehfeld, W.. Seeger, T., Strauch, D. (Eds.). Grundlagen der praktischen Information und Dokumentation. 4th. ed. - München : K.G. Saur, 1997. ISBN: 3598113099. p.180-207.

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