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67092009-0829synonymy 724
Stana, Dana. Omonimia şi paronimia în bibliologie (1, 2, 3) [Homonymy and paronymy in library science] (Lang.: rom). - In: Biblioteca, 19(2008)8/9, pp. 255-256; 19(2008)10, pp. 289-290; 19(2008), 11/12, pp. 333-336.

8126synonymy 724
Lin-Chih Chen. Term suggestion with similarity measure based on semantic analysis techniques in query logs (Lang.: eng). - In: Online information review, 35(2011)1, pp. 9-33.

100661994-0990synonymy 724
Way, E.C.. Knowledge representation and metaphor (Lang.: eng). - Oxford, GB, Intellect, 1994. pp. XX,267. ISBN: 1871516390. The book has the following nine chapters: The literal and the metaphoric. Views of metaphor. Knowledge representation. Representation schemes and conceptual graphs. The dynamic type hierarchy theory of metaphor. Computational approaches to metaphor. The nature and structure of semantic hierarchies. Language games, open texture and family resemblance. Programming the dynamic type hierarchy. Subject index. (The book had previously been published in 1991 by Kluwer Academic Publishers)

118361994-0988synonymy 724
Kendall, J.E.; Kendall, K.E.. Metaphors and their meaning for information systems development (Lang.: eng). - In: European J.Inform.Syst.. 3(1994)1,p.37-47. Includes an identification of four key attributes of the metaphors and key attributes of six different types of information systems.

123031995-0858synonymy 724
Engel, G. Unambiguity and (not) ambiguity (Lang.: eng). - In: IITF Journal. Vol. 5. No. 1. 1994. p.1-9.

124541996-0260synonymy 724
Nkwenti-Azeh, B.. The treatment of synonymy and cross-references in special-language dictionaries (SLDs) (Lang.: eng). - In: Terminology. Vol. 2, No. 2. 1995. p.325-350. For Semantic Nets (725) see 0240

133591993-0302synonymy 724
Priano, M.. La quasi sinonimia nel Soggettario [Quasi-synonymy in the Soggettario] (Lang.: ita). - In: Boll.AIBVol. 32 No. 1. 1992. p.43-53.

136131994-0989synonymy 724
Podkolsina, T.A.. Mmetaphors and the typology of a terminological system (Lang.: rus). - In: Fil.Nauki - Moskva. (1992)3,p.90-100.

136741994-0987synonymy 724
Borges, N.J.. Adjetivos sincategoremáticos: um problema para a semántica [Syncategorematic adjectives: a problem for semantics] (Lang.: spa). - In: Cadernos de estudos ling.. (1992)22,p.109-126.

123021995-0857724, 772
Cabré, M.T. On diversity and terminology (Lang.: eng). - In: Terminology. Vol. 2. No. 1. 1995. p.1-16. It is argued that contrary to what might be common belief, the goal of absolute uniformity of scientific terms is not desirable as it reflects an artificial and utopian process. (from the authors's summary)

Further items on this class as a particular theme

12331999-0028thesauri special KOS humanities synonymy online retrieval problems 214;69;724;751
Knapp, Sara D., Cohen, Laura B., Juedes, D.R. A natural language thesaurus for the humanities : the need for a database search aid (Lang.: eng). In: Library Quarterly , 68(1998)4,p.406-430.

3701997-3-0370classing synonymy 332;724
Achiri, M. Aspecte alle sinonimei în catalogul de cuvinte-cheie [Aspects of synonymy in key-words catalogues] (Lang.: rom). In: Biblioteca 8(1997)1. p.18-21.

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