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6252   2009-0372linguistic structures716
Tennis, Joseph T., Jacob, Elin K. – Toward a theory of structure in information organization frameworks (Lang.: eng). - In: Culture and identity in knowledge organization [see 2009-0262], pp. 262-268.

7207   linguistic structures716
Hohmann, Georg. – Die Anwendung des CIDOC-CRM für die semantische Wissensrepräsentation in den Kulturwissenschaften [The use of CIDOC-CRM for semantic knowledge representation in the humanities] (Lang.: ger). - In: Wissensspeicher in digitalen Räumen (, pp. 210-222.

9300   linguistic structures716
Portier, Pierre-Edouard, et al. – Modeling, encoding and querying multi-structured documents (Lang.: eng). - In: Information processing and management, 48(2012)5, pp. 931-955.

17745   linguistic structures716
Masters, Christine L.. – Women's ways of structuring data (Lang.: eng). - In: Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media & Technology, 8(2015).2015. – pp. 9. – Available at http://http://adanewmedia.org/2015/11/issue8-masters/



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