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16724special KOS biological sciences 64
Charwat, Elaine; Böhme, Katrin. Carl von Linné – Natursystem und Vermächtnis: Das internationale Partner­Projekt „Linnaeus Link“ [Carl Linnaeus - Systema Naturae and legacy: The international partner project "Linnaeus Link"] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliotheksmagazin, (1)2016, pp. 64-67. Available at http://www.bsb-muenchen.de/fileadmin/imageswww/pdf-dateien/bibliotheksmagazin/BM2016-1.pdf

17793special KOS biological sciences semantics problems 64;721
Special issue on semantics for biodiversity (Lang.: eng). - In: Semantic Web Journal – Interoperability, Usability, Applicability 7(2016)6, pp. 577-667 = 90.Amsterdam, IOS Press , 2016. pp. 90. Available at http://http://www.semantic-web-journal.net/issues#2016 ISSN: 15705838

17970special KOS biological sciences museum indexing 64;878
Van Allen, Adrian. Bird skin to biorepository: making materials matter in the afterlives of natural history collections (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization,43(2017)7, pp. 529-544.Würzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2017. pp. 16. ISSN: 09437444; 2 Color Photographs

17971special KOS biological sciences museum indexing transfer of data in KO 64;878;917
Thomer, Andrea; Cheng, Yi-Yun; Schneider, Jodi; Twidale, Michael; Ludäscher, Bertram. Logic-based schema alignment for natural history museum databases (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization,43(2017)7, pp. 545-558.Würzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2017. pp. 14. ISSN: 09437444; 5 Diagrams

12951999-0090special KOS zoology 644
BIOSIS introduces new relational indexing scheme and additional information in 1998 (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Today 15(1998)4,p.11.

15411conceptology science and KO 644/6
Pierozzi Junior, Ivo et al. Sistema de Organização do Conhecimento sobre Intensificação Agropecuária: agregando valor às redes de conhecimento da Embrapa [Knowledge organization system on agriculture and cattle raising: adding value to the EMBRAPA knowledge networks] (Lang.: por). - In: Complexidade e organização do conhecimento: desafios de nosso século. Rio de Janeiro: ISKO-Brasil; Marília: FUNDEPE, pp. 289-295.

129481993-0724special KOS 6442
Lessard, S.. Pour la documentation en entomologie: LCC ou DDC [Entomological literature: LCC or DDC?] (Lang.: fre). - In: Doc.Bibl., CanadaVol. 39 No. 1. 1993. p.7-10.

118141994-0953special KOS 6451
Pelzer, N.L.. Veterinary subject headings and classification: A critical analysis (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. 18(1993)2,p.3-18. Monographic titles in the Iowa State University collection within the classification range of Veterinary Medicine were analyzed for appropriateness of assigned subject headings and for fit into the existing Library of Congress Classification Schedule "S" (Agriculture). Observations made during the study led to several suggestions on how improved access to monographic titles in the field of veterinary medicine might be provided by LCSH and the LC classification scheme.

48682007-0070special KOS agriculture 646
Liang, A., Salokhe, G., Sini, M., Keizer, J. Towards an infrastructure for semantic applications: methodologies for semantic integration of heterogeneous resources (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 43(2007) 3/4, p.73-84.

50862007-0319special KOS agriculture 646
Lauser, B. et al. AGROVOC Web services: improved real-time access to an agricultural thesaurus (Lang.: eng). - In: Quarterly Bulletin of the Institute of Agricultural Specialists, 51(2006)2, p.79-81.

57422008-0287special KOS agriculture 646
Sini, M., Lauser, B., Salokhe, G., Keizer, J., Katz, S. The AGROVOC concept server: rationale, goals and usage (Lang.: eng). - In: Library review, 57(2008)3, p.200-212.

7191special KOS agriculture 646
Sini, Margherita, et al. Smart organization of agricultural knowledge (Lang.: eng). - In: Paradigms and conceptual systems in knowledge organization (, pp. 322-326.

7192special KOS agriculture 646
Takezaki, A., Hosobami, T., Kurashima, A. Development and use of Japan Agricultural Thesaurus to assist in searching for agriculture research information (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of information processing and management, 52(2010)12, pp.710-717.

7392special KOS agriculture 646
Takezaki, A., Hosobami, T., Kurashima, A. [Development and use of Japan Agricultural Thesaurus to assist in searching for agriculture research information] (Lang.: jap). - In: JOHOKANRI: Journal of information processing and management 52(2010)12, pp. 710-717.

115701993-0725special KOS agriculture 646
Andre, P.Q.J.. Toward a unified agricultural thesaurus (Lang.: eng). - In: Q.Bull.Int.Ass.Agric.Libr.Doc.Vol. 37 No. 4. 1992. p.224-226.

124461996-0243special KOS agriculture 646
Edelblute, T.. A Pro-Cite authority file on a network (Lang.: eng). - In: Techn.Serv.Quart. Vol. 12, No. 3. 1995. p.29-40. Description of the creation of a subject authority file, using Pro-Cite bibliographic management software, for the US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research service and the agricultural Engineering Faculty at the University of Missouri at Columbia. (Author, abbr.)

132411995-0453special KOS agriculture 646
Raupp, J. Konzeption eines Standard-Thesaurus für Ökologischen Landbau [Design of a standard thesaurus for ecological agriculture (organic farming)] (Lang.: ger). - In: Nachr.Dok. Vol. 45. No. 6. 1994. p.343-348.

103311993-0727special KOS 646, 624, 213
Simonneau, D.. AGRI-TERM ELEC-TERM (Lang.: fre). - Paris, Min.Rech.& Esp. MRE-91 K 6432, 1992. pp. 18 .

115721993-0728special KOS 646, 759
Weintraub, I.. The terminology of alternative agricultural searching: AGRICOLA, CAB and AGRIS (Lang.: eng). - In: Q.Bull.Int.Ass.Agric.Inf.Doc.Vol. 37 No. 4. 1992. p.209-213.

15871999-0381special KOS agriculture DDC 646;043
Haughton, Buzz. The viticulture and enology library at the University of California, Davis University Library : an example of application of modified Library of Congress Classification and Subject Headings (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 26(1997)2, p.25-30.

47372006-33-4-0340special KOS agriculture computer supported construction 646;237
Navarretta, C., Pedersen, B.S., Hansen, D.H. Language technology in knowledge-organization systems (Lang.: eng). - In: The New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, 12(2006)1, p.29-49.

47382006-33-4-0341special KOS agriculture mapping 646;285
Liang, A.C., Sini, M. Mapping AGROVOC and the Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus : definitions, tools, procedures (Lang.: eng). - In: The New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, 12(2006)1, p.51-62.

25372001-0195special KOS agriculture KOS for patents 646;487
Berks, A.H. Current state of the art of Markush topolical search systems (Lang.: eng). - In: World Patent Information, 23(2001)1,p.5-13.

48672007-0069special KOS agriculture Internet gateways 646;752.3
Lauser, B., Sini, M. From AGROVOC to the Agricultural Ontology Service/concept server: an OWL model for creating ontologies in the agricultural domain (Lang.: eng). - In: International conference on Dublin Core and metadata applications; Metadata for knowledge and learning: DC-2006, Manzanillo, Mexico, 2006; ed. by M. Dekker, L. Feria. Colima, Universidad de Colima, 2006, p.76-88.2006.

118151994-0954special KOS 646.213
Krieger, C.; Schmid, H.. The thesaurus implementation for AGRIS on CD-ROM (Lang.: eng). - In: Quart.Bull.Int.Assoc.Inf.Spec.. 38(1993)4,p.185-189.

115711993-0726special KOS 646.232
Nwali, L.O.. Principles of agricultural thesaurus construction and utilization in Nigeria (Lang.: eng). - In: Q.Bull.Int.Ass.Agric.Libr.Doc.Vol. 37 No. 4. 1992. p.201-204.

104051990-2-228special KOS 6461
Lucas, M. Mise au point du thésaurus d'une banque de données statistique agricole [Updating of the thesaurus for an agricultural statistical database] (Lang.: fre). - Paris, INTD, 1989. pp. 33.

112511990-2-230special KOS forestry 647
Boterot, G. The multilingual evolution of PASCAL in relation to forestry (Lang.: eng). - In: Kempf, A.(Ed.); Int.Union of Forest Res.Organizations, SG S 06.03.Information Systems for Forestry-related subjects: Access, search techniques and user needs.Proc.1988.p.175-184.Birmersdorf, CH,

112521990-2-231special KOS forestry 647
Yerke, T.B. Preparing forestry terminologies for international compatibility in computerized information systems and databanks (Lang.: eng). - In: Kempf, A.(Ed.); Int.Union of Forest Res.Org., Subj.Group S 06.03.Inform.syst.f.forestry-related subjects: Access, search techn.and user needs.Proc.21-24 June 1988.1988.p.195-203.Birmersdorf, CH,

131201990-2-229special KOS forestry 647
Schrader, S. Ist das Oxford-System für den Einsatz in Computer-gestützten Systemen geeignet? [Is the Oxford-system capable of being used in computer-supported systems?] (Lang.: ger). - In: Mitt.Ges.Biblwes.u.Dok.Landbau.No.45.1989.p.5-16.

621997-1-0061special KOS ecology 649
Weihs, W. Zur Klassifikation umweltbezogener Daten im Rahmen des Bayerischen Umweltinformationssystems an Hand eines objektorientierten Ansatzes [The classification of environmental data in the context of the Bavarian Environmental Information System using a object-oriented approach] (Lang.: ger). - In: Nachrichten für Dokumentation Vol.47, No.6 1996, p. 350-367.

118161994-0955special KOS ecology 649
Little, K.. Constructing a thesaurus of environmental protection terms (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloguing Australia. 19(1993)3/4,p.222-232.

135201990-1-205special KOS ecology 649
Nadezholina, M.E. On environmental protection descriptor vocabulary compilation features (Lang.: rus). - In: Nauchno-tekhn.inform.,Ser.2.No.5.1989.p.18-19.

139101993-0060special KOS ecology 649
Lavieter, L.de; Deschamps, J.A., Felluga, B.. A multilingual environmental thesaurus: Past, present, and future (Lang.: ). -

16585special KOS ecology 649
Thies, Hans. Improving the Exchange of Environmental Information in the Supply Chain (Lang.: eng). - Universität St. Gallen St. Gallen, Switzerland, Universität St. Gallen , 2014. Available at http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:ch:bel-417459

53342007-0571special KOS ecology KOS conceptual structures 649;221
Stirling, D. A. EPA glossaries: the struggle to define environmental terms (Lang.: eng). - In: Government Information Quarterly, 24(2007)2, p.414-428.

136851993-0729special KOS 6497
Flittner, S.v.. Mapping of the subject covered by Finnish biotechnology research as shown by the material in 4 international databases (Lang.: swe). - In: Svensk Biblioteks Forskning No. 1-2. 1992. p.54-59.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

7640KOS management special KOS ecology 213;649
Naumis-Peña, Catalina, Vargas-Suárez, Verónica . Normalización de la terminología mexicana sobre el agua [Standardization of Mexican terminology on water] (Lang.: spa). In: Investigación bibliotecológica, 23(2009)49, pp.125-148.

9443thesauri special KOS food science 214;648
Padmavathi, T.; Krishnamurthy M. Ontological representation of knowledge for developing information services in food science and technology (Lang.: eng). In: Categories, contexts and relations in knowledge organization (06.12-08-6/9).

9610facets special KOS food science 225;648
Chung, Yeon-Kyoung. [A study on structure of a faceted classification for organizing Korean food information] (Lang.: kor). In: Journal of the Korean Society for Library and Information Science, 47(2013)1, pp. 15-37.

9250KOS maintenance special KOS agriculture 272;646
Caracciolo, C. et al. Thesaurus maintenance, alignment and publication as linked data: the AGROVOC use case (Lang.: eng). In: International journal of metadata semantics and ontologies, 7(2012)1, pp. 65-75.

37692004-0296UDC special KOS forestry 42;647
Holder, B. Updating the Global Forest Decimal Classification (GFFC) (Lang.: eng). In: Extensions and corrections to the UDC, 26(2004), p.42-43.

9490DDC special KOS botany 43;643
Green, Rebecca; Martin, Giles. A rosid is a rosid is a rosid ... or not (Lang.: eng). In: Advances in classification research online, 23(2013)1, pp. 9-16. Available at http://journals.lib.washington.edu/index.php/acro/article/view/14228 Paper presented at the 23rd ASIST SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop, October 26, 2012, Baltimore, MD, USA

12831999-0078DDC special KOS agriculture 43;646
An analysis of the inadequate treatment of African staple crops literature by Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (Lang.: eng). In: African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science 8(1998)1,p.23-30.

13971999-0192search engines special KOS zoology 757;644
Lo, M.L. Recent strategies for retrieving chemical structure information on the Web (Lang.: eng). In: Science - Technology Libraries 17(1997)1,p.3-17.

4511997-3-0452indexing in biological sciences special KOS biological sciences 88-4;64
Schultz, J.L., Wilks, E.S. Improved indexing of Chemical Abstracts Services post-treated polymers (Lang.: eng). In: Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences 37(1997)3. p.436-442.

4521997-3-0453indexing in biological sciences special KOS biological sciences 88-4;64
Schultz, J.L., Wilks, E.S. Hierarchical polymer registration and source-based / structure-based correlative search capability via a 'hub concept (Lang.: eng). In: Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences 37(1997)3. p.425-435.

9585information use special KOS agriculture 981;646;936(012)
Bernaoui, Radia; Hassoun, Mohamed. User expectations, reality and delineation of agricultural information systems in the Maghreb (Lang.: eng). In: Categories, contexts and relations in knowledge organization (06.12-08-6/9).

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