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17786   geology taxonomies • 53
Albertoni, Riccardo; De Martino, Monica; Quarati, Alfonso. – Integrated quality assessment of linked thesauri for the environment (Lang.: eng). - In: EGOVIS 2016: Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 9831(2016).Switzerland, Springer, Cham, 2016. – Available at http://https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-44159-7_16 – 9783319441580.

17947   geology taxonomies • 53
Xuan Zhen Liu; Hui Fang. – Performance of reference analysis on papers in single subject category journals (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization,43(2016)7, pp. 517-529.WΓΌrzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2016. – pp. 13. ISSN: 09437444; 1 Chart, 4 Graphs

9294   534
Veefkind, V., et al. – A new EPO classification scheme for climate change mitigation technologies (Lang.: eng). - In: World patent information, 34(2012)2, pp. 106-111.

6240   2009-0360conceptual models • 534;124
Olson, Hope A. – Wind and rain and dark of night: classification in scientific discourse communities (Lang.: eng). - In: Culture and identity in knowledge organization [see 2009-0262], pp. 235-241.

12855   1993-07205354
Dean, Sh.W.. – Classifying atmospheric corrosivity. A challenge for ISO (Lang.: eng, fre). - In: ISO Bull.Vol. 23 No. 12. 1992. p.2-7.

12443   1996-024053652.725
Garvie, L.A.J.. – A semantic net representation for the classification of minerals (Lang.: eng). - In: Computers and Geosciences. Vol. 21, No. 3. 1995. p.387-396.

12444   1996-02415366
Dumitrescu, D.; Pop, H.F., Sarbu, C.. – Fuzzy hierarchical cross classification of Greek muds (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Chem.Inform.& Comput.Sci. Vol. 35, No. 5. 1995. p.851-857. Analysis of the data relating to a set of Greek muds from 8 different locations reported in an article about the chemical and mineralogical characteristics of greek muds and pelloids, using a divisive fuzzy hierarchical cross classification algorithm toclassify the muds. Concludes that the fuzzy clustering algorithms are capable of being successfully applied to the classification of the 23 chemical and mineralogical characteristics of these muds. (Authors)



Further items on this class as a particular theme

17869conferences • 06;53;728
Wu, Yejun; Yang, Li. – Construction and evaluation of an oil spill semantic relation taxonomy for supporting knowledge discovery (Lang.: eng). – In: Knowledge Organization,42(2015)4, pp. 222-231.WΓΌrzburg, DE, Ergon-Verlag, 2015. – pp. 10. ISSN: 09437444; 2 Charts

7872thesauri • 214;539
Couclelis, H. – Ontologies of geographic information (Lang.: eng). – In: International journal of geographical information science, 24(2010)12, pp. 1785-1809 .

8543cartography indexing • mark-up languages • multilingual KOS • 876;357;536;796
Ma, X. et al. – A SKOS-based multilingual thesaurus of geological time scale for interoperability of online geological maps (Lang.: eng). – In: Computers and geosciences, 37(2011)10, pp. 1602-1615.

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