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6694   2009-0814KOS for documentation486
Neville, Tina M., Henry, Deborah B. – Reference classification -- Is it time to make some changes? (Lang.: eng). - In: Reference & user services quarterly, 48(2009)4, pp. 372-383.

11012   1990-1-200KOS for documentation486
Jack, R.F. – Searching the PASCAL database.A user's perspective (Lang.: eng). - In: Database.Vol.12.No.4.1989.p.86-91.

11388   1993-0266KOS for documentation486
Exon, M.. – Keyword file titling and the GADM Thesaurus: implications for librarians (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloguing AustraliaVol. 16 No. 3-4. 1990. p.58-60.

11389   1993-0268KOS for documentation486
Hoo, M.D.; Cowcher, S.R.. – Keyword File Title Classification System: a critique (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloguing AustraliaVol. 16 No. 3-4. 1990. p.61-79.

15966   KOS for documentation486
Liu, Huamei. – “Zhongguo zhuticibiao” (Classified Chinese Thesaurus) zhutici SKOS hua miaoshu ji zidong zhuanhuan yanjiu (Lang.: chi). - In: Library development, 8(2014), pp. 29-32+36. – Available at http://www.cnki.net/KCMS/detail/detail.aspx?filename=TSGJ201408008&dbname=cjfqtotal&dbcode=CJFQ&urlid=&yx=&v=MjkyOTJwNDlGYklSOGVYMUx1eFlTN0RoMVQzcVRyV00xRnJDVVJMNmVaK2RtRnl2aFVMcklNVDdNWkxHNEg5WE0=

18109   KOS for documentation486
Mair-Gummermann, Elisabeth; Weber, Sarah. – Neue Herausforderungen an den Service: RFID-EinfĂĽhrung in der StadtbĂĽcherei Regensburg [New challenges for service: RFID introduction at the Regensburg City Library [Germany]] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliotheksforum Bayern, 12(2018)2, pp. 117-118. – Available at http://www.bibliotheksforum-bayern.de/fileadmin/archiv/2018-2/BFB-4-18_012_Neue_Herausforderungen_an_den_Service_Regensburg.pdf

18331   KOS for documentation486
JuvĂŞncio, Carlos Henrique; Rodrigues, Georgete Medleg. – The Genesis of Documentation in Brazil: Manoel CĂ­cero Peregrino da Silva and Paul Otlet (1900-1924) (Lang.: eng). - In: Advances in Knowledge Organization, 16(2018), pp. 240-247.

10771   1993-0267486 ch
Hong, Yi. – On the modernizational reforms and the developmental prospect of The Chinese Thesaurus (Lang.: chi). - In: J.Academic LibrariesVol. 10 No. 3. 1992. p.23-26.

10772   1993-0269486 ch
Pei, Xiaofeng. – Research on the Chinese Classified Thesaurus (Lang.: chi). - In: J.China Soc.Scient.& Techn.InfVol. 11 No. 6. 1992. p.433-440.



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