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208   1997-2-0207general thesauri • 483
Kelm, B. – The subject authority file in Germany (Lang.: eng). - In: International cataloguing and bibliographic control 25(1996)3. p.62-67.

692   1998-0069general thesauri • 483
Lahary, D. – Que faire de RAMEAU? [What to do with RAMEAU?] (Lang.: fre). - In: Bulletin d'Information de l'Association des Bibliothecaires Français 1997174,p. 60-62.

1055   1998-0431general thesauri • 483
Rousseaux, O. – RAMEAU ... a la croisée des chemins? [RAMEAU ... at the crossroads?] (Lang.: fre). - In: Bulletin d'Informations de l'Association des Bibliothécaires Français, (1998)178,p.44-46. RAMEAU is an universal authority list of precoordinated subject headings with a precise systax. It is used at all French University Libraries

1056   1998-0432general thesauri • 483
Burlat, J.M. – Les biblithèques spécialisées : des besoins differents [Special libraries: different needs] (Lang.: fre). - In: Bulletin d'Informations de l'Association des Bibliothécaires Français, (1998)178,p.48-49. RAMEAU is unsuitable for special libraries

1057   1998-0433general thesauri • 483
Turquet, B. – Que faire de RAMEAU? : Ou comment faire avec RAMEAU? [What to do with RAMEAU?: Or how to work with Rameau?] (Lang.: fre). - In: Bulletin d'Informations de l'Association des Bibliothécaires Français, (1998)178,p.96,98,101.

1581   1999-0375general thesauri • 483
Sandner, M. – Neues aus der Kommission für Sacherschliessung [News from the Committee for subject cataloguing] (Lang.: ger). - In: Mitteilungen der Vereinigung Österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare, 51(1998)3/4, p.17-18.

3707   2004-0233general thesauri • 483
Hajdu Barát, A. – General information retrieval language dictionary in the Széchényi National Library (Hungary) (Lang.: ). - In: Tendencias de investigación en organización del conocimient : IV Cologuio Internacional de Ciencas de la Documentación ; VI Congreso del Capítulo Español de ISKO = Trends in knowledge organization research / J.A. Frías, C. Travieso (Eds.) (Lang.: eng; por; spa). - Salamanca : Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2003. - 821 p. - ISBN: 8478007091 - p.463-468.

4459   2006-33-2-0063general thesauri • 483
Williamson, N.J. – Knowledge structures and the Internet : progress and prospects (Lang.: eng). - In: Knowledge Organization for a Global Learning Society [see 2006-33-2-0003], p.213-224.

4863   2007-0065general thesauri • 483
Bélair, J-A., Bourdon, F., Mingam, M. – Le répertoire de vedettes-matière et RAMEAU: deux languages d’indexation en français: un luxe nécessaire [RVM and RAMEAU: two French indexing languages: a necessary luxury] (Lang.: fre). - In: International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control, 35(2006)2, p.33-35.

4864   2007-0066general thesauri • 483
Dolbec, D. – Le répertoire de vedettes-matière: outil du XXIe siècle [RVM: 21st century tool] (Lang.: fre). - In: Documentation et bibliothèques, 52(2006)2, p.99-108.

10623   1990-1-196general thesauri • 483
Sedelow, S.Y.; Mooney,D.W. – Knowledge retrieval from domain-transcendent expert systems.Part 2: Research results (Lang.: eng). - In: Borgman, C.L.et al.; Amer.Soc.Inform.Sci.Inform.and technol.: Planning for the 2nd 50 years.Proc.51st Ann.Meeting, Atlanta, GA, Oct.23-27, 1988.1988.p.209-212.Medford, NJ, Learned Inform,

12985   1995-0246-bgeneral thesauri • 483
Gascon, P.. – Le répertoire de vedettes-matière de la Bibliothèque de l'Université Laval. sa genèse et son évolution. II [The Subject-Headings List of the University of Laval. its beginning and its evolution"] (Lang.: fre). - In: Doc.Bibl., Canada. 40(1994)1, p.25-32.

15209   general thesauri • conceptual models • 483;124
WΓ…β€šodarczyk, BarΓ…β€šomiejl. – Topic map as a method for the development of subject headings vocabulary: an introduction to the project of the National Library of Poland (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging & classification quarterly, 51(2013)7, pp. 818-829.

3853   2004-0378general thesauri • indexing problems • 483;811
Tartaglia, S. – Authority control and subject indexing languages (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 39(2004)1/2, p.365-377.

3854   2004-0379general thesauri • indexing problems • 483;811
Di Geso, M.L. – Subject indexing in the Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 39(2004)1/2, p.379-388.

3775   2004-0302general thesauri • news indexing • 483;844
Retti, G., Stehno , B. – The Laurin thesaurus : A large, multilingual, electronic thesaurus for newspaper clipping archives (Lang.: eng). - In: Journal of Documentation, 60(2004)4, p.289-301.

3382   2003-0057general thesauri • bibliographic records • 483;944
Buizza, P., Guerrini, M. – A conceptual model for the new Soggettarion : subject indexing in the light of FRBR (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 34(2002)4,p.31-45. »» Soggettario: Subject headings for Italian libraries

3776   2004-0303general thesauri • bibliographic records • 483;944
Buizza, P., Guerrini, M. – Un modello concettuale per il nuovo Soggettario : l'indicizzazione per soggetto alla luce di FRBR [A conceptual model for the new BNCF subject headings: subject indexing in the light of FRBR] (Lang.: ita). - In: Bollettino AIB, 41(2001)3, p.327-336.

3855   2004-0380general thesauri • bibliographic records • indexing problems • 483;944;811
Lucarelli, A. – Semantic authority control and new soggettario (Lang.: eng). - In: Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 39(2004)1/2, p.353-364. »» On renewal of the Subject Headings for Italian libraries

693   1998-0070general thesauri • authority files • 483;998
Glowacka, T. – Organizacja i koordynacja prac nad kartoteka hasel wzorcowych jezyka KABA [Organisation and co-ordination of work on the KABA language authority headings] (Lang.: ). - In: Bibliotekarz 19974,p. 6-10.

13289   1996-0232483.243
Gödert, W.. – Import der Schlagwortnormdatei und Darstellung von Schlagwortbeziehungen in bibliographischen Datenbanken [Introduction of the Standard Reference File and the representation of subject relationships in bibliographic databases] (Lang.: ger). - In: Bibliothek. Forsch.& Praxis. Vol. 19, No. 2. 1995. p.207-216. The Schlagwortnormdatei (Standard Reference File), a controlled vocabvulary for subject entries, is offered by the Deutsche Bibliothek in machine-readable form, but without any retrieval software. Demonstrates how the data can be linked to the software packages BISMAS and Allegro as a local database. Shows how cross referencing is integrated into the CD-ROM versions of the Deutsche Nationalbibliographie and CDMARC Bibliographie, the CD-ROM version of the Library of Congress catalogue.



Further items on this class as a particular theme

3851997-3-0385UDC • general thesauri • 42;483
Zakrzewska, E. – GOO of UDC? : twee systemen voor inhoudelijke ontsluiting vergeleken [GOO or UDC? : two systems for subject indexing compared] (Lang.: dut). – In: Informatie professional 1(1997)3. p.19-22. Comparison between indexing with the UDC and with the Dutch Common Subject Indexing System. Both have weak and strong points, a combination gives the best results

11261998-0502terms form • geography • general thesauri • 772-39;483
Geisselmann, F. – Verbannen Bibliothekare deutsche Ortsnamen aus ihren Katalogen? : Zur Ansetzung ehemals deutscher Orte nach RSWK [Are librrians banning German places-names from their catalogues: The use in headings of former German place-names according to RSWK] (Lang.: ger). – In: Bibliotheksdienst, 32(1998)3,p.503-506.

11271998-0503terms form • geography • general thesauri • 772-39;483
Unte, W. – Zur Ansetzung deutscher Ortsnamen nach RSWK 202 [German place-names in headings according to RSWK 202] (Lang.: ger). – In: Bibliotheksdienst, 32(1998)3,p.499-502.

9532terminological work • general thesauri • 773;483
Fan, Wei; Zou, Qing. – [An exploratory study on terminology web service of Chinese Classified Thesaurus: taking subject authority data as an example] (Lang.: eng). – In: Library and information service, 56(2012)14, pp. 40-46.

7761998-0152use of subject catalogs • general thesauri • 986;483
Buch, H. – Wie zufrieden sind Sie mit dem Schlagwortkatalog?: Benutzungsuntersuchung am Schlagwortkatalog der Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Münster [How content are yoy with the subject headings catalogue? User study on the subject headings catalogue of the Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Münster] (Lang.: ger). – In: Bibliotheksdienst 1998(32)2,p. 233-240.

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