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3791997-3-0379comparison of indexes 399
Stalker, J.C., Murfin, M.E. Frequently asked questions : an effective way to store and retrieve reference information? (Lang.: eng). - In: Reference Services Review 24(1996)4. p.31-40. FAQ's can be a valuable approach but keyword and subject searching are also needed for maximum retrieval

5561997-4-0557comparison of indexes 399
Watson, D. Is this software after your job? (Lang.: eng). - In: Library association record 99 (1997)7. p.364-365.

25252001-0183comparison of indexes 399
Efremenkova, V.M., Kamenskaya, M.A., Khutoretskii, V.M. Sootnoshenien klassifikatsionnykh sistem bazy dannykh Chemical Abstracts i sootvetstvuyushchikh ei chastei sistemy baz dannykh VINITI [Comparison of classification systems used by Chemical Abstracts and by the All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information in the corresponding section of the VINITI database] (Lang.: rus). - In: Nauchno-Tekhnicheskaya Informatsiya. Series 1, (1999)12,p.20-24.

50652007-0294comparison of indexes 399
DeLong, L., Di, S. Subscribing to databases: how important is depth and quality of indexing? (Lang.: eng). - In: Acquisitions Librarian, 19(2007)37/38, p.99-106.

113761993-0243comparison of indexes 399
Giral, A.; Taylor, A.G.. Indexing overlap and consistency between the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals and the Architectural Periodicals Index (Lang.: eng). - In: Libr.Resources & Techn.Serv.Vol. 37 No. 1. 1993. p.19-44.

124301996-0220comparison of indexes 399
Pant, S.; Smith, G.S.. Database index design based upon request importance and the reuse and modification of similar existing indexes (Lang.: eng). - 1995. (US Patent No.5404510).

3801997-3-0380comparison of indexes various NBM indexing 399;879
Tegenbos, J. My kingdom for an agent? : evaluation of autonomy, an intelligent search agent for the Internet (Lang.: eng). - In: Online and CD-ROM Review 21(1997)3. p.139-148.

3811997-3-0381comparison of indexes various NBM indexing 399;879
Perkins, M. Why don't search engines work better? (Lang.: eng). - In: Information Outlook 1(1997)5. p.40-41.

Paijmans, H. Comparing the document representation of two IR-systems: CLARIT and TOPIC (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Amer.Soc.Inform.Sci.Vol.44.No.7.1993.p.383-392.

Paijmans, H.. Comparing the document representation of two IR-systems: CLARIT and TOPIC (Lang.: eng). - In: J.Amer.Soc.Inform.Sci.. Vol. 44. No. 7. p.383-392.

Further items on this class as a particular theme

13521999-0147online access comparison of indexes 753;89ch;399
Leong, M.K., Zhou, H. Preliminary qualitative analysis of segmented vs bigram indexing in Chinese (Lang.: eng). In: The sixth text retrieval conference (TREC-6), (1998),p.551-557.

13531999-0148online access comparison of indexes 753;89ch;399
Rajaraman, K., Lai, K.F., Changwen, Y. Experiments on proximity based Chinese text retrieval in TREC 6 (Lang.: eng). In: The sixth text retrieval conference (TREC-6), (1998),p.559-566.

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